Tamra, the island 12 03

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Is this me?
I look ugly.
Why do you say that you're not pretty?
You do that on purpose because you want to hear you are pretty from me, right?
I trusted that you would come to see me
even though Park, Gue told me that I would never see you again.
We shouldn't be apart from each other.
Where am I, William?
Sometimes people in England cure themselves in places where there are hot stones.
So it would be better for you to be here, Park, Gue.
Is there something like this in your country?
We have it, in HanYang, too.
In HanYang, too?
HanJungSo, built by SeJong the Great, is a healing place through sweating.
Wow. There are lots of curious things in HanYang.
By the way, My head is too hot.
Look pretty.
Oh? William. What are those?
Aren't those eggs?
It's so hot here that they might be baked.
William, you are so amazing.
It might be quicker to let them hatch than to have them baked.
Wow. It's already baked.
You first, sir, for you are ill.
William, that's yours. And this is mine.
Minister for Culture and Education, do not worry so much.
had any mishaps, we would already know of them.
He must be on his way to HanYang,
but he cannot keep in touch with us for some reason.
That's what I believe but ¡¦.
But he is known to be so smart that nothing will happen to him.
Suppose that something has happened, he may have been found on the spot.
Bandits wouldn't drag the body over their base, right?
That's really inappropriate!
I didn't mean it¡¦.
Lately, I'm leading a meeting that studies advanced civilization,
wouldn't you join us?
Advanced? I hate to call things 'advanced' outside of this country.
The world is changing and we'd better keep pace with it.
I don't want to ignore the changes in the world,
but it's not appropriate to unconditionally call things from abroad 'advanced'.
These are days of change, so we are expected to think it over ¡¦.
Minister of War! I'll keep my eyes on you if say the same thing in the King's presence.
My kid, Gue, has to come back safely even if an envoy is sent for him.
What's my husband doing?
My kid encountered bandits¡¦.
How could it happen?
I can only eat boiled rice because it's impossible for me to eat steamed rice.
Madam, you will get an upset stomach.
Ok, I got it. I should be healthy to protect my child.
Madam, your husband's home.
Oh, my kid! My poor kid, Gue!
I'm so worried about her, she hasn't eaten since the day before yesterday.
My poor kid, Gue! I would be very grateful if the great King allows us to send guards for you!
Is the potter reliable?
He knows who I am and has even protected us from the sword, so I think he is trustworthy.
Do you have any idea how to get the foreigner out of here?
It was difficult in Tamra, that is a very closed island,
but it's not here, so I can come up with lots of ideas.
I'm in a coma after being attacked by bandits.
And I have no idea how the foreigner disappeared,
including with whom and where ¡¦.
Virgeen, she is leaving ¡¦ Is that OK?
Very thoughtful of you. It would be good for you to send her far from here
Not for me¡¦ but for her.
Leave here as soon as possible.
I like your golden hair very much ¡¦
I like black hair like yours.
All black hair here, as you see, so the golden hair makes you special.
Virgeen, Even though my hair color is different, I'm nobody but William,
so please do not be unhappy.
I know that very well. I just feel sorry for that.
Great¡¦ I can feel the foreigner's soul.
What made you come here?
Will you search for a seaport that has a ship for Japan?
Don't worry about it. Japan still needs Chosun's pottery.
You can go to Japan with the pottery merchants group.
Pottery merchants group?
Wow, William you look different.
Really? Do I look like Chosun people?
Park, Gue! How does my hair look?
In a bamboo hat, no one will recognize that he is a foreigner.
Why did you do that? Both of you will leave here soon¡¦
You've already decided to forget her, right?
You should apply medicine.
I did it.
What do you mean? He and I will leave soon?
You came here to leave with him, right?
You are¡¦¡¦ right.
Are you confident to live abroad?
Under the circumstances, you have to be a foreigner.
I have no idea¡¦.
Couldn't you find Park, Gue?
I heard that he is severely wounded so he cannot hide for long.
It is unlike my brother not to be able to solve a problem like this quickly.
I don't think they will come again because they were here before¡¦
¡¦ but wouldn't it be better to get help from the military?
It won't happen.
Oh, that's right.
The foreigner didn't leave yet.
There's nothing I can do for now.
Not until they leave this country.
Sir, you are trying to take good care of the foreigner.
Please don't worry about it. Even if they come back,
my wit will work again.
You saw that.
You better get ready, we're leaving early tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow? Leaving? Where to?
At first, to Nagasaki.
You don't have to leave if you don't want to.
Yann, Don't talk to her like that. She should be with us.
But what about Park, Gue¡¦
He is seriously ill, and we're leaving?
Do not worry. The decision was made by us.