Florence + the Machine | Shake It Out Behind The Scenes

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Hello…Vevo. I’m Florence from Florence and the Machine and we are on the set..well,
in the house that my new video’s being shot.
>>[flirtatious growl] >> [Giggle]
#(Shake It Out) Given half the chance...#
It’s kind of about, like, regret I guess and wanting to shake off, like, the past and
feeling, like, kind of haunted and wanting to sort of, I don’t
know, exorcize certain demons. But then at the end of it you don’t
know whether it’s best to just, kind of, give in to it all…I think.
#And it’s hard to dance, with a devil on your back to shake him off#
Well I think, this video, um, I've got a real thing about just having lots of people in
it. I really enjoy having lots of different characters doing things and reacting to the
song in their own way. I think it's like a thing of not...me not wanting to be in it
so much! I always think if there's like...other people
in shots, the less I'm in it the better!
[laugh as Florence falls to the ground]
Hi, my name's Grace and I am Florence's little sister, um, and we are on the set of Shake
It Out with our entire family. This here, dashing young fellow is Sylus who's
our cousin and this even hansomer man who looks like Florence without the red hair is
JJ who is our young brother. >>Yeah, yeah literally. There was a big table
and...the lights were dimmed and they had candles everywhere. It's really cool. It's
quite a transformation actually.
It has to be a visual representation of the emotions you are trying to portray in a song
and I think, you know alot of my music feels so strongly about the images that kind of
come up. It's a very important part of it.
We are all friends of Flo's, yeah. >>I'm in Florence's band. So...yeah. I'm her
friend by default. I wanted a speaking part...
Downstairs, they're setting up. Yeah, downstairs is completely different-
- the final scene which I think it gonna be a party scene.
[Music plays as director records party scene] #And all of the ghouls come out to play#
#And every demon wants his pound of flesh# #But I like to keep some things to myself#
#I like to keep my issues drawn...#
#oh, oh. Oh, oh#
CUT [Clapping]
All passed the audition