Boy Catches Thief Using iPad, Girl Gets New Lung, 3 Buck Painting Sells For 190K!

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bjbj Find out how iPads can solve crime Tommy: By lowering their bloody prices? A Mom and
Dad save daughters life with their lungs FoSho: Wasn t heavy breathing how she got here in
the first place? Plus a painting that jumped from 3 bucks to 6 figures virtually overnight!
Jock: The Jock is not impressed. Now if it hops, skips and jumps This Just Zen Intro
m Cory Tyler The Happy News Dude and This Just Zen. This guy may look like a regular
8 year old but don t let the Nike t-shirt wearing, m just lounging on a Saturday morning
watching Sponge Bob disguise, fool you. s Landon Crabtree, gumshoe detective extraordinaire
FoSho: What is so extraordinary about a kid with gum on his shoe? ll explain. Mild-mannered
he may seem but equipped with his partner-in-crime an iPad, little man is catching criminals
from the comfort of his own home. FoSho: Kids today are so lazy. In my youth we had to leave
the house to fight crime. Well, actually the criminal was in Crabtree s families home.
That s where all this started. The family returning home, only to find that a laptop,
hedge trimmer and 2 of their iPads were stolen. Tommy: I could care less about the iFad , those
hedge trimmers are hard to come by, bloymee. And the burglar woulda gotten away clean if
it weren t for Langston Crabtree and his iPad. The young guy simply got online, searched
for find ipads and learned that this trusty device could locate the two stolen tablets.
FoSho: Like the third Kardashian who says hey let s all get flour bombed, why should
Kim have all the fluff! The Find my iPad App found the 2 pads at some seedy hotel just
miles down the way. Langston said Dad look! The dad said Police look! , the Police said,
Hey, is that an iPad? I ve always wanted one And then the kid said, Jock It doesn t matter
if you ve wanted an iPad, I found our stuff you freak! But the story gets even better.
Tommy: They found the hedge trimmer? Turns out the thief, John Doherty, is no stranger
to stealing. When dude was caught another cop who was investigating a series of crimes
as far as Virginia and Florida thought the description of Doherty sounded a tad too familiar.
FoSho: I am starting to think this dude was hired by Microsoft. Who else would want so
many iPads? Doherty was connected to a whole slew of crimes and thanks to one tech savvy
8-year old Tennesean, there is one less criminal on the loose. Tommy: I guess you can say if
you need a youngster to fight crime there s a chap for that. You get it. Fosho: I got
it and now I m going to give it back. ve all heard that Eve came from a man s rib, not
just any man but Adam. Tommy: For which the classic brewski Samuel Adams is named after
which goes great with ribs by the way. Well whether you believe Woman is a descendant
of man or an improved software upgrade of man, how about this one 15-year old girl with
cystic fibrosus get s a new lung made from tissue from her dad and mom saving her life!
In an amazing 9-hour procedure, the parents of Tugce Basar each gave part of their lungs
for a live donor transplant to save their daughter's life. The sticker price for the
surgery? $270 thousand dollars. Tommy: Did they try Ebay first? 80 thousand of which
was raised by supporters from this brave girl s soccer club. The father said, quote "I am
thankful to God that my baby can now breathe clean air and is experiencing how to breathe
and live for the first time in her life." Fosho: But inside he was thinking, This Father
s Day, I am going to clean up! But after the procedure, I m told Basar and her folks are
recovering well and the youngster can t wait to watch some soccer. Tommy: Because the black
and white patches on the soccerball reminder her of her patchwork lungs and what? How s
that in poor taste? So a guy walks into a Goodwill FoSho: Is this like one of those
so a guy walks into a bar jokes And he ends up buying a random painting for 3 bucks FoSho:
A painting of three bucks. Were they playing poker? But something in the back of his mind
says there is more to this painting than meets the eye...So he has his daughter take it to
an arthouse, only to find out that the piece dates back to the 1650s and ends up selling
for Lets see, three dollars times a three hundred and sixty two year old painting carry
the one Did they have numbers back then? That comes to one hundred and ninety thousand dollars
FoSho: That s the most expensive paint by numbers artwork I ve ever heard of! Cory:
And now our Sage of the Day. When life gives you lemons Make lemonade and sell that ish
for 190 Grand! ~Fosho Has anything like in today s stories ever happened to you or someone
you know. Did they miraculously get some prized possessions back, healed through an amazing
procedure or come across some seeming junk that ended up being worth jillions Jock: And
Jillions! Please Comment, Share and subscribe to the show, Follow Us, Fan Us The Links Are
Below. m Cory Tyler for this Just Zen, because Happy Tommy: Spot me 3 bucks will ya, I m
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