Homemade pizza with homemade tomato sauce! 1# (danish language, but with english subtitles!)

Uploaded by TheJuliaOlsen on 05.12.2012

Hey, welcome to my foodblog here on youtube.
It´s my first video post and today we will try to make pizza with beef and vegetables.
And ham and fresh mozzarella.
Yes, now we are ready to make the tomato sauce for the pizza.
I'm gonna use onions,
Garlic, sweet chili
Pepper, salt
Oregano and canned tomatoes.

I cut the onions into small cubes.

I press the garlic into small pieces.
i'm gonna use some oliveoile for the onions.

The olie is now very hot and I just put the onions in and the the canned tomatoes.
The canned tomatoes and the onions are now heated through.
I forgot to say that I also use sugar for the sauce.
just to sweet'n up the taste. Now I put the oregano in and sweet chili.
Then the pepper, salt and sugar. Now it's time for the bread, I'm gonna use 2 kinds of flour, yeast, salt and a bit hot water.
And now i'm gonna role out the dough.
The tomatoe sauce is now ready.
I squeeze the juice out, and that is now my sauce.
we are now ready to put the ingredients on the pizza.
I'm using fresh peppers, corn
the sauce, oregano, beef and mozzarella cheese.

And then the other pizza.

I'm using fresh mozzarella, ham, the sauce and oregano.
And now the results!

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