The Diet Geek reviews the new Slim Fast 3 2 1

Uploaded by thedietgeek on 15.05.2010

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Hello, and welcome to the diet geek. I am Christina, the diet geek and this week I did
Slimfast 321. That’s the new slimfast meal plan and it
has the same claims as before that it curbs your cravings and helps you lose weight fast.
I went to the website, ,created an account, it told me I needed 3 snacks,
2 meal bars or shakes from slimfast , and one 500 calorie meal.
And I tried creating more than one account, it’s the same for everyone 1200 calories,
321. It’s still just as easy and convenient and
chocolaty. I was having chocolate cravings. So that’s why I decided it was time to do
the slimfast diet.. to help battle those chocolate cravings, and that worked.
But, I didn’t like that it has less calories. I had low energy and felt hungry, which I
didn’t the first time on the optima that gave me 1700 calories a day.
And I actually lost more weight on the slimfast optima.
I lost 1.4% body fat, gained 0.2 lbs, but then the day after lost 2 lbs, so I think
it might have been water weight And I only worked out burning 1500 calories
on the optima. So I didn’t have to work that hard for it.
Whereas, on this plan I had 500 calories less a day and I only lost 1 lb, 0.5% body fat
and I worked out burning 2800 calories this week.
So a lot more work for a lot less results. I am really glad that they changed up the
ingredients to the first one being whey, but I don’t like the meal plan, just my opinion.
So I give this diet a 6 out of 10. Alright, I will see you next time, and maybe
next time, you’ll see a little bit less of me.