How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Dinosaur

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now, we've made a whole range of animals. Bee, swan, a flower, but we haven't made any
dinosaurs. My little boys just love them. I've stretched the balloon a little bit. See,
it's a little longer than it normally is. That's because I need good, long length for
the dinosaur to get the long tail at the end. We're going to start with the dinosaurs head,
so pinch and twist. We got quite a decent size nose and face and just start to bend
it just a little bit. Make a little bit of a curve. Then begin to come down to his legs,
his front legs. We're keeping the legs fairly short. The reason being, is because we're
going to put a whole load of humps down the dinosaurs back and a long tail as well. Twist
a portion of his legs. Now come to those humps. We're going to do six humps and that means
controlling six bubbles. That's the first one, pinch and twist it. If you twist it several
times, it will less likely come undone. The other hand should hold them steady. They should
not come undone. The left hand can control these bubbles. As you can see, I'm bring the
bubbles back down, back down to the top of the legs where they lock twisted in to position.
Now come down his back. Pinch twist the back of his back there and drop the humps into
the space there. Now, you want the humps on his back, so just swivel it around. Now, we're
coming down to the back legs of the dinosaur. One, then his other, mirror it size for size.
Pinch twist and lock twist them together a bit. Now, on to the tail. We got one last
hump to put on, one last pinch twist bubble. There it is, the seventh and final bubble.
We're going to grab it, pinch it tight. Twist it like an air twist, or a pinch twist. Then
you start to shake the dinosaurs tail, I just got enough to make it there. Come around front
and I'm going take my pen and put the eyes on and I like to draw his teeth on. He looks
a little more fearful when he's got his teeth on. The second eye, one hairy scary dinosaur.