MLP FiM - AJ & Pinkie bake Muffins in German (English and German Subs)

Uploaded by swainize on 23.09.2011

Alright, I'll get the sugar and the eggs. Could you get the chocolate chips?
Er... What was that?
Chocolate chips!
Chips? Oh, of course. Potato chips... They might be a little salty. Okey dokey.
What's next?
Baking soda!
What? Soya? Nice, that'll slacken the dough and give it a good taste.
- Now what? - A little bit of lemonjuice.
Four liters of lemonjuice? Wow, that's gonna make the dough somewhat sour. Well, sour sounds fun.
- What's next, Pinkie? - The last thing is... grains of wheat.
Ugh... Worms of wheat? Ah, that must be an expression for earthworms!
- Now those muffins are gonna be delicious! - Well... If you say so...