Baking Old Fashioned Gingerbread : Shaping Dough for a Gingerbread Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going to show you how
to make gingerbread. It's been two hours. Here's our dough. It's going to be nice and
hard which means it's going to be a little difficult to work with, but it won't be impossible
to work with. What we'll do now is grab our rolling pin. What we're going to do now is
roll it in the pan. Start in the middle. With it being firm like this, it will be a little
harder to roll out. You want to make sure that you keep your thickness of whatever you're
rolling out the same, so apply even pressure as you roll it. This doesn't necessarily have
to go all the way out to the edges. We just want to get it to where it goes to the thickness
we're looking for. Depending on what you're doing with it, You want to go anywhere between
a quarter of an inch and a half an inch. Right now, we're at half an inch. I'm going to go
down to a quarter, because half is a little bit big for what I'm doing with it. We're
just going to keep working it out. Something else you can do; you can actually get a dowel.
It measures the diameter that you're working toward. Put that dowel in your pan, so you
can see when you reach the depth that you're looking for. You'll be able to see it easier.
We want to move fairly quickly as we do this, because as it starts to warm up, it gets a
lot tackier, or stickier; it becomes harder to roll. You also want to make sure that when
you roll, you roll all the way over your edges, too. You don't want to stop before your edges,
and put a lip on the edge. I think we're pretty much done for rolling it out. You just want
to get a nice even layer here on the top, and you see, I didn't go the whole length
or width of the pan because I didn't need to. This is the time in which you would cut
the shapes out that you're looking for, unless you just want to do big pieces of gingerbread,
like this. What I'm going to do is take a knife know what, because I don't
want to hurt my pan, I'll just take a spatula, and we're going to cut this in half, and go
from there.