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Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
It's been a day since my last confession.
Serena. Father, please.
It hasn't been a day; your last confession was first thing this morning.
I impersonated a nun today. A Poor Clare. Why?
I fashioned her a little after Teresa of Avila, the Spanish saint. Saint Teresa was Carmelite not a -
Well she was my creation. I made her the nun I wanted her to be.
It was the nun that she most likely wanted to be.
That's my theme, I realized. I want to play women who prevail. Who fought for what they wanted.
Serena. I have things to do. Pretending to be a historical figure is not a sin. Are you done?
My Saint Teresa was naughty.
Well first it was wonderful walking around, being looked at with respect. Never had I had so many doors opened for me.
People addressed me as sister everywhere I went, with such affection.
A warm familiarity.
On the subway, a man who was my boss a couple of years back stood up and offered me his seat and didn't even recognize me.
I almost said, it's me. Remember me?
Remember the night after Margene's wedding, with the plastic bag and the dog strap?
But I let him off the hook, I didn't say anything.
I didn't want to put him on the spot, you know?
Others hearing that he'd had sex with a nun.
So, I let him think I was someone else.
I lied, Father.
Serena, I'm beginning to get a little annoyed. These are not sins; these are childish pranks.
You should talk to a friend about them, or a therapist not-
Therapy is for hysterics.
You are taking up my time and that of people who truly need the relief that confession can bring them. Hardly anyone comes to confession, Father. They most certainly do.
How many people have been here today? All told? Six? Seven? That is not your business.
What were their sins? Taking the Lord's name in vain?
Coveting some little this or that? Someone cheated on her husband in her mind?
I once kidnapped a child in exchange for sex with a father.
Sex that was unnatural, using the wrong body parts for the wrong things. Creatively.
I don't believe you.
About what? The kidnapping or the body parts? Any of it.
Are we done?
You're right. It didn't happen. Forgive me father, for I have sinned, I lied in confession.
Say ten Hail Mary's. Ego te-
Have you thought any more about what we talked about last week?
Really? Not at all?
No. Not once?
It has crossed my mind of course. I have the thoughts and preoccupations. Preoccupations?
Now the thoughts and preoccupations of my flock are permanently in my mind.
That's a total non-answer. It's very manly of you. You are a man after all.
Yes I am.
I'm also your pastor.
I was kidding before about the subway, and the wedding and the man with the leash.
I thought you might be.
You see right through me.
Do you go to confession, Father?
Of course.
What I would give to listen to your confession.
Everything I have, it's not much it's true, but I'd give it.
I'm sure you'd find my confessions very boring. Because you are not a sinner?
We're all sinners.
But you're good at controlling yourself. Maybe you confess sinful thoughts. I'll never know.
Serena, this has to stop. I have things to do.
You say that every day and yet here you are.
I cannot walk away from a person's confession.
You have to tell me when you're done. Are you done?
I haven't even started.
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
I am in love with a man. He is-
He knows it I think, but we haven't spoken about it.
I have fantasies about him. Not all of them are sexual but I have those too.
My fantasies are about the smell of his breath.
His hands. He has great hands.
On my belly, or rubbing my feet. Fixing him a meal, watching him sleep.
That he would protect me. I love that idea.
To be the object of care.
I've seen him swimming at the YMCA.
He's a great swimmer. He swims long and patiently, slowly.
He's fit. He's beautiful but he's not vain.
I love that about him. He's cultured. He's interested in everything.
He's polite but he's funny too.
I have heard him tell off-colored jokes and they take you by surprise and he loves that it takes you by surprise.
It's delightful to watch him laugh but it's a generous laugh. He's a generous man.
That's what I love the most.
I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.
Near and far. I want him to let me in. I want him to let me love him, let me do things to him.
Things of love.
For him and I to be one.
That's all. I'm done.
Is there a sin somewhere in there?