The Bourne Supremacy (3/9) Movie CLIP - Escaping in Naples (2004) HD

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You're coming out ofTangier. Is that correct?
What's the, uh, nature of your visit to Naples?
Look, I don't know what you did, and I don't know who you're working for.
But I promise you this--
you're gonna play ball one way or the other.
[ Exhales ] This is Nevins.
This is Tom Cronin, C.I. Operations Officer calling from Langley, Virginia.
- Do you have a Jason Bourne in custody? - Yes, I do.
Listen, he's an agency priority target.
Call me back as soon as he's secure. I understand.
He's been detained. Here's the number.
- He's being interrogated by a field officer out of the consulate. - [ Line Ringing ]
- [ Engine Starts ] - [ Cell Phone Ringing ]
- Hello. - This is Pamela Landy, C.I. supervisor.
Where do we stand?
- I, uh, think he got away. - [ Exhales ]
Damn it.
- Have you locked down the area? - Locked it down? No. No.
This is, uh-- This is Italy. They don't exactly lock down--
- How long have you worked for the agency? - Me? For four years.
If you ever wanna make it to five, you're gonna listen to me real close. Bourne is armed and extremely dangerous.
Last week in Berlin he assassinated two men-- one a highly experienced field officer.
I want you to secure that area. I want any evidence secured, and I want it done right now.
Is that clear? Yes, sir-- ma'am.
I'm getting on a plane to Berlin in 45 minutes, which means you're gonna call me back in 30.
And when I ask you where we stand, I had better be impressed.