Chevrolet Camaro HID - How to Install (Bi-Xenon) 2010+

Uploaded by XenonSupply on 25.05.2011

Hi Phil with
today we have 2011 chevy camaro we'll be installing HDs on
let's go ahead and pop the hood and get started
what we have here is Xenon Supply H13-3
Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit
today we are using the 6000K crystallite color bulbs
inside the package we have the installation manual the H13-3 wiring harness
the two Bi-Xenon bulbs
upgraded premium slim ballast and the eight zip ties included in the kit
let's go ahead and remove the old halogen bulb
on the driver's side of the vehicle
pull back on the red clip
press down on the green connector with your thumb and pull back to remove
once the connectors been removed you can rotate the bulb counterclockwise to release it from
the socket and pull away gently
now with the halogen bulb removed we can insert the new Bi-Xenon HID bulb
make sure the grounding strip on the bulb is facing up
and that you turn the bulb clockwise after inserting to lock the bulb in place securely
let's take a look at the H13-3 harness we'll be using
with the Bi-Xenon HID installation
as you can see here
we have one already laid out across the vehicle chassis for demonstration
the power wire has a 25 amp fuse and as you can see we've modified the ring connector
to widen it so it fits around the positive terminal
we've made two cuts to allow the stock ring connector to expand around the larger post in your fuse
the power wire connects to the accessory post in your fuse box
you'll be unscrewing the nut and attaching the positive terminal to the post and tightening it down
on the passenger side you have the H13-3 connector with Xenon Supplies exclusive
reconfigurable wiring harness
we'll be connecting this one to the stock headlight connector
on the passenger side you have one wire that goes to the ballast
one that goes to the vehicle chassis for ground
and the smaller signal connector for the Bi-Xenon bulbs
the connections are similar for both the passenger and the driver's side
let's go ahead and connect this system together
let's find a place to mount our premium slim ballast to the chassis
we first need to connect the power wire from the accessory wire harness to the ballast
we also need to connect the male and female AMP style connectors from the ballast to HID
now that everything has been connected
we can mount the ballast between suspension mount and the fender wall and use the included zip ties to secure it
in place
you can also use the included double-sided foam pads to mount the ballast to the side of the chassis
if you're using a different style ballast
you'll need to find a different mounting location depending on its size
the driver's side factory H13 connector
will no longer be used with this HID setup as signals being provided by the passenger side
you can wrap this connector in electrical tape to avoid water damage
on the passanger side we're going to mount the premium slim ballast to an existing wiring bundle
that runs alongside the side of the chassis make sure to connect both the HID power wire to the accessory wiring harness
as well as the AMP style connectors
from the HID ballast to the bulb
you can use the included double-sided foam pads to mount the ballast to the frames as well
if you're using a different sized ballast you'll need to install it in an alternate location depending
on size
now that you have the kit installed installed it's time to tidy up your wiring
use the extra zip ties included in the kit to die down any loose wiring to the chassis
make sure you still have access to the 25 AMP fuse and that you keep all wiring tucked away from any rotating engine
make sure you do not tie down components directly to the radiator or the engine itself to avoid
if you have questions regarding this installation you can email us at
or call our toll free number at 1-800-840-3240
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