How to Set-up & backup iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using iCloud HD

Uploaded by AbdullahAkron on 22.10.2011

Hello YouTube This is AbdullahTech Today I am going to0:00:13.839,0:00:18.960 how to back up your device using iCloud. iCloud is the new Servise from Apple
to store and backup your device
with you Apple ip 0:00:24.159,0:00:29.749 you'll get a free 5 gigabytes all your apps, Music, Videos, Books, Mails, Contacts
Bookmark, Notes , Photos 0:00:32.650,0:00:36.170 and Setting will be backed Up automatically when 0:00:36.170,0:00:39.990 your iDervice plugged in, locked and
connected to a WiFi
if 4GB is not enough you can buy more storge
however 5BG should be good
to back up go to the setting
then iCloud
choose whatever you wanna backup then click click storge & backup 0:00:59.310,0:01:02.560 now you'll see what is availible
and now click manage0:01:03.999,0:01:05.750storage
to have more options
now go back
you buy more storge if necessary
make sure iCloude backup is on
then click on back up now 0:01:24.400,0:01:28.310for the 1st backup its going to take a long time. it took me an hour 0:01:28.310,0:01:31.430as you see now my device is backed-up
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