Sadhguru & Shekhar Kapur - The Guru

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he he he he
let me just
so sadhguru
let's start this you know
a large part of the problem people have when they think about a guru
is a guru's alive
and if you look at the world everybody keeps everybody worships people that have
passed away
and so is why is it so difficult for people
now I've known you as a friend I hug you as a friend
but I can touch your feet
because you're a realized man you're a guru
how do people make the difference
how do they then say
well he's a man after all and why is he claiming to be a realized man
because we believe all realized men only become realized men that go-they have to be dead
they have to be dead yeah I'm tring to not use that word but yeah they have to be dead
and that's a big problem so let's talk about that
anything that's good has to be dead
he he he i know unfortunately
see this is because uh if you have to see value
with what's here now
you need a certain intelligence you need a certain awareness
you have to employ your own intelligence
now uh
somebody was here a thousand years ago or two thousand years ago
to say that he was great and worship him
is very easy because a million people are saying so everybody
is fascinated by the past because
generations of people have said so
so you don't have to employ your intelligence or awareness to know what is the truth
so even when a Krishna was alive
how many people really recognized him
Duryodhana clearly said
that he's a rogue
you know you know what Duryodhana said in his own words he said
this guy can play with a child
fight with a man
make love to a woman
he can gossip with old woman
and this is no god this is a rogue
so that's how they would have seen him
now thousands of years later
it's very easy
because everybody is saying Krishna is god you also join of the gang and say it
you're just joining a gang you're not
seeing anything about Krishna as such
similarly everybody else
but today if you have to recognize something that's alive in front of you you need
capabilities certain awareness certain intelligence
so when Jesus was alive you know what horrible things they did to him
now you know
half the world wants to worship him
it doesn't mean anything actually
because when he was there
only a handful of people get it
after he's gone everybody do it this is just a fan club this is not disciplehood
so what is then
so let's talk about the concept of guru
what is a guru and how does one find a guru
and why is it that different people have different gurus why is it like there's one God
there could be one guru right so okay everybody goes there you're wrong in India we have
thirty six million Gods and Godesses
ha ha ha so what is a guru
the word guru
literally means gu means darkness
mean's dispeller
one who dispells your darkness is a
guru you can call him a lightbulb if you want ha ha ha he's on that's all
so what you cannot see
he's able to make you see
so that's a guru
or to put it in other terms
essentially because you're trying to make a journey
and you're seeking a guru
he's like a road map
he's like a live road map
when you want to travel
unchartered terrain
you will find it's extremely important roadmap is more than gold
so you will see in the tradition guru is greater than God all this they are saying because
because a live road map
is more important than anything when you're lost in a
unknown terrain
so can't I find my way without a guru that's always the question
this question is coming from a certain egotistic standpoint
why can't I do it myself
we'll do one thing
using a watch right
i'll give you all the parts
for the watch
you build your own watch
let me see something it's very simple I'm not asking you to build a
computer or a spacecraft I'm just saying a simple thing like a watch
most people have gotten rid of their watches today because their looking at time in their
cell phones or computers
so an obsolete instrument like this i'll give you all the parts
you put it together let me see
you may take a lifetime I'm saying
something so simple
so you got your watchmaker for the watch
so what's your problem
going to a guru for
something that you do not know
yeah but there's something different here
now when I walk around Isha
as we'll see soon
what I notice among most people is
the closest I can describe it is devotion
some people would call it worship
now when you find a guru it's not an intellectual i mean it's not uh making a watch could be
an intellectual exercise yet
finding yourself or finding something divine or living in the divine
how much what what is this considered the difference
where do you come in with
devotion and worship can you can you're guru help you
without a sense of
divinity that you find in the guru
so I've used three words worship devotion ha ha
and non intellectual yes
so uh
yes I don't know how to make a watch but I could transend
my present limitations and go into other dimensions why do I
need to seek that kind of support a subjective support
a watch is something else
the guru is dealing with you
ok because you are the subject here
not uh another object
the devotion that you see around
you must understand one thing
at no point
are we teaching devotion
are we encouraging devotion
but why do people seem to be
so overwhelmed
by the whole thing is
see suppose you were in a desert
and uh
let's say you are
really thirsty
so thirsty that you thought you will die
and if somebody gave you a glass of water
would it be not natural for you to bow down to him
you don't have thoughts oh this is God this is that that is if you are trained that way
otherwise simply as a
human being just out of gratitude wouldn't you be overwhelmed and bow down to him
so what you see here is just that
nobody has taught them that they should bow down nobody has taught them they should
be this way or that way
that is not at all encouraged
but because of what they have received
the overwhelming nature of what they have received
that sense of overwhelming
experience is happening within a human being
to bow down is a very very natural thing
why is it I want to ask you this question
why is it
the moment somebody begins to
think that he's an intellectual
he's against devotion
I'm asking you
you're a film maker
could you make a good film
without being devoted to it no
there's no passion there's no devotion there's no film you then nothing beautiful happens in
your life
so now the devotion is not
exactly towards me as a person
but the devotion is towards
me as a possibility in their life
not me as a person
so nobody creates anything truly worthwhile
without being absolutely devoted to it it cannot happen