Handmade Journals : Handmade Journal Sizes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Now we want to decide how big our book is going to be. So, what I have done, is I had
a really nice picture of the ocean and I really liked the size. It was a magazine clipping
that I got. So, I am going to size my cardboard to be about that size, that length. And, you
know, you want to cut it out of your thick board. And so, that is where I had gotten
that from. And then, what you want to do is set that down and take your ruler and measure
an inch away from the edge. And, we are going to mark that. This is what is going to be
the flap where your screws will go, and you want to go that on both pieces. Measure one
inch. Then, as soon as we get that done we want to start cutting out our paper. And,
your paper should be one eighth of an inch smaller on every single side. So, cut your
paper to be that size. And, for that process, that is when I get out my big cutting board.
It is a lot easier to cut many pieces of paper at once and you can be sure to get it straight
that way. And, it also has a measuring system on there so you can you know say, I want this
to be four inches wide. Line it up, chop it, and you are done. And then, you want to start
making the holes that your screws will go through. So, when you line your paper up on
your cardboard you want to... I am sorry. First, let us, we want to get these holes
on here. You want to put it in between that one inch mark. So, on the half inch mark and
one inch in, we are going to make the mark. First one and then the second one. And then,
take your paper that you have cut and set it right underneath there. And, with your
awl. If you do not have an awl or you can always use a pen. And, just take that and
put a little dot on there so you know where your hole punch needs to go. In each one of
those. Right there and right there. And be sure that is, you know, about one eighth of
an inch underneath there. Because remember, your paper is a little bit smaller than this.
And then, we have got our dots on there. Here and here. We are going to take our hole punch
and start punching our paper.
And, as soon as you have got all of those done, you are ready to go. You have got the
beginning phases of your book.