Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Take a Stance in Mixed Martial Arts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.01.2008

ED WEDDING: Okay. So I'm going to over the basic stance that fighters use, most of the
fighters is kind of Muay Thai boxing stance mixture, okay? First I want to have my hands
up about nose eye level, about 6 to 10 inches away from my face. Okay, I want my front foot
to be facing my opponent, pretending you're my opponent, okay? Basic punching that I can
use on my opponent is the jab, right cross, hook, uppercut, just some basic offensive
punches. As far as my elbows, I can use horizontal elbows, coming across just like this, okay?
And going down to my lower body, my legs, I can use knees. Okay, this first knee that
I'm going to use is called the switch knee where I make a little hop putting my left
leg in the back and bringing my knee up, this would be directed toward the--most likely
the stomach or abdomen of my opponent, okay? The same with my right, okay, my right knee
is going to come up without the switch though because I have my leg in the back already
so I have the distance for power, mm, just like this. So here's my left and here's my
right, okay. One of the kicks that they use in mixed martial arts and Muay Thai, which
is involved a lot in mixed martial arts, is the front push kick it's called or "teep"
okay? This is executed like this, raising my leg and pushing out, this is used primarily
to keep my opponent away. If he's coming in at me, I'm going to raise my leg and push
kick him away. Okay, I can do that with either leg, right or left, okay? Now, as far as my
"bomb", so to speak, kick, my powerful kick, I'm going to execute my roundhouse kick. This
is the Muay Thai roundhouse kick. Shh, just like that, that was kind of slow; I'm just
slowing it down for you. My left foot would be on my switch step again, shh, okay. These
roundhouse kicks are directed to the leg of my opponent, to the body, or to the head.