EFIA Chemistry SL Med&Drug Advertisement - ibuprofen

Uploaded by PaulER26 on 27.02.2012

Have you ever had that sleepless night with sinus inflammation
or gastritis at work that takes away your concentration
and distracts you from your daily task like this guy.
Also take a look at this guy with a massive headache.
Looks like you in the morning trying to figure out
where you parked last night. Remember that time you had a nasty fever at
work from the cold you caught in the new years
We've all had these days when the days are just not ours,
when the pain takes control over your system.
So try ibuprofen! The universal non-steroidal pain reliever
that also treats inflammation and fever effectively.
Composed of a benzene ring, two extra methyl groups, and a carboxylic acid group,
it makes you feel better by inhibiting the prostaglandins
from being produced and released at the site of the injury.
The medication may have side effcts such as stomach bleeding and blood thinning.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is safe for you to take this medication if you have:
heart disease, asthma, liver or kidney disease.
Get back out there and do what you enjoy.