Time For Some Culture!

Uploaded by TheLivingDinosaur on 12.07.2012

I’ve heard that there’s this contest on, To see who’s poems have most aplomb,
But it seems there’s something wrong, Because the ones I’ve have come upon,
Are best described as far from strong.
This left me in a little plight, From which I tossed and turned all night,
Because it seemed it wasn’t right, To let the theists take delight,
In thinking that the best and bright-est, Atheists upon this site,
Simply cannot rhyme for shite.
So I suggest we doff our hats, To these so-called ode aristocrats,
For making themselves look like pratts, By excreting such iambic splats:
A sad collection of useless twats, And a red-neck bint with fat-assed cats.
And so it seems it falls to me, To godlessly do my duty,
To demonstrate how it should be. To show that those whose thoughts are free,
Of magic and sky wizardry, Can turn their hands to poetry,
With the same ecstatic glee, We get from fucking Ian Juby.
Because, in case it’s news to you, This isn’t what I usually do,
In fact it’s more my preference to, Trawl the YouTube fucktard zoo,
Looking for dumb-fucks to screw: Creationists to beat black and blue,
While mopping up their cranial spew, And ramming it up their kazoo.
And so I think my point is made, And my time’s now freeing up in spades,
So I’m no longer being waylaid, From plying my offensive trade,
And getting on with my crusade, Of finding fuckwits to degrade,
So creatards should be afraid, Of the new pwnage parade.
Hi everyone. Once again, apologies for my prolonged absence, but life’s been unusually
busy for the past few months and I just haven’t had anywhere near enough to spare on creating
new content. Anyway, it looks like that’s coming to an end soon, and so I thought I’d
get back into the swing by joining in the fun.
During my absence, I’ve been asked to help publicize a few things, so now that I’ve
gotten off my Arse and made something new, I thought I’d take the opportunity to live
up to my promises. Firstly, the User formerly known as TheRationalizer
who’s retired from regular video making has asked me to plug his new channel, ThisIsTheTruthUncut,
which is exclusively aimed at conducting interviews of with the scientists who’ve been quote-mined
by the dishonest Islamic apologist group, ThisIsTurth.org and getting their real views
on the record. The more views he can get on the four interviews he’s already made, the
more chance he has to persuade the other victims of this fraud against science to take part,
so please see what you can do to help. Secondly, bdwilson1000 has asked me to mention
the user Underlings’ website which is a veritable treasure trove links to the best
anti-evolution and pro-science and atheism videos on the internet. If you’re unaware
of it, you really should check it out. Finally, the user gugaberg123 is a struggling
artist who is working on an intriguing, albeit somewhat destructive, project and is looking
for ideas from everyone. If that’s something that might interest you, then check out the
link in the description.