Moodle Gradebook Lesson 3

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Well, hi everybody, and welcome to video number three in our Moodle Gradebook series. In our
last episode, we looked at the Category and Items view, and we had a full Gradebook
to play with. In this episode, we're looking at an empty class, and we're going to create
Categories and Grade Items.
So to begin, let's go to the Gradebook, let's move to the left-hand column,
and either go to Course Menu and Gradebook or the Gradebook tab at the top.
Okay, what we see here is basically empty when compared to our last example. Let's go to the
at the top, or, in the upper left-hand corner,
the drop-down, and choose our Categories and Items.
Here we are...
what you have here is a default category.
You see, when you create anything in your course that is
it automatically gets added to the Gradebook and, by default, there is one category just
like this one with a course title. That's where all the information will go,
unless you make some changes.
I'm finding an increasing number of professors prefer to create their Categories first
and then populate each category with specific assignments.
Okay - to make a new grade category, let's come to the bottom of the page
and click that button called
"Add a Category."
This takes you to the new category view where you can set the details.
You should put in a descriptive name -
let's use Quiz for example - and if you've decided that it has a particular value, for example
25% of the grade, it's a good practice to add it to the description
although it has no impact on the calculations, it just helps make it clear.
Now this next session, labeled Grade Item, is a misnomer. Please don't change any of the
settings under this screen. This section refers to your category total settings and you shouldn't
change it.
What you should do is come down just a little farther
and make sure you click Save Changes at the bottom.
let's talk about creating Grade Items.
Turns out this is a bigger deal that is supposed to be because a Grade Item can be created
in two different ways.
One method is to create the entry directly in the Gradebook.
The other: created on our front page of our Topic section with editing turned on,
and used to create assignments.
Any entries you create may be moved within the Gradebook after you enter them,
but anything that you create here in the Gradebook will not sort alphabetically,
will not appear in the Assignment block on the front page - you must grade them the Gradebook.
You can't use
Quick Grade.
To show you what I mean,
let's select Add a grade item.
Let's create Quiz #1, worth
100 points.
Now select the grade type you'd like. Your options are to choose Value if you want it to be a numerical
or scale if this is a credit/no credit assignment.
If i want the assignment to be credit/no credit I then select scale from the Grade dropdown
type, and then credit/no credit from the scale dropdown.
For reasons
I can't even begin to explain, they're worth 2 points by default
and we can't change it.
We are, however,
working on that.
If you want the assignment to be for a numerical value, I select Value from the Grade
and then enter the appropriate number into maximum grade.
You can change the minimum, although, realistically
the minimum should be zero.
Further down the screen you'll see that you can hide this item by checking that box.
If the box is checked it means students can't see their score for this Grade item.
And do make sure
to save changes
at the bottom. That's method number one.
Now let's go back to our main page
of our course. Okay, we're going to come to the upper right-hand corner,
we're going to turn our editing on,
we're going to come down the right column and choose Blocks,
and from Blocks were going to choose
That'll appear right on top of the Blocks choice.
Let's use our arrows and move them to the lefthand column - it gets so crowded over there on the right -
and notice we only see forums in the Activities
column. There is no mention of Quiz #1.
Let's come over to Topic #1, Topic Outline One, and add an activity
using our dropdown arrow. We'll add an offline activity - we'll call this Quiz #2.
We're going to put some descriptive copy here - I'm going to copy and paste.
(it's a very useful feature). Here's where we set our grade. Now here in the drop down
we can go from one
to two hundred and fifty points,
credit/no credit or satisfactory, and even a No Grade value.
I'm going to choose
one hundred points.
We have the ability to set a deadline so I'm going to disable both of those,
and there are a number of other choices you can make. We'll go into further detail as I
in other videos.
What we do want to do now is come down to the bottom,
Grade Category (use the dropdown),
and we have created a quiz category.
Let's put it in Quiz.
Save and return,
and when we come to the front page,
we're going to see
that in the Activities blocks, we have Assignments.
Let's select Assignments.
There's Topic One, the name of the activity,
all this information, you can actually go to Quiz #2 and here's where that descriptive
is so important to you
and to your students.
Let's come to the upper right-hand corner. You can make an update to this assignment
or notice it says "no attempts have been made."
Let's give it a click
Make sure your editing was turned on and Quick Grading in the lower right hand corner
is checked,
save the preferences, and you should be able to see
your students and,
in this case,
grades of from one to one hundred points. Seems our first person got a 99, so in my Comment
I'm going to enter
Well done! (It was a hard test.)
Let's go back to our front page,
and let's go back to our Gradebook, and let's go back to
Categories and Items.
So here we have it - the beige area represents your basic
course default. The blue area
is your Categories and the Items in white
are the activities for
each category. We're going to get into greater detail in our next video.
If you get into trouble before then,
give us a call here at 3633 or stop by Library 315
we are here to help.