Online Reputation Management Tools: BrandsEye - Digital Marketing Case Study

Uploaded by QuirkTv on 27.06.2011

BrandsEye Application
BrandsEye is an Online Reputation Management application, which finds conversations on the Web and provides insights in real time.
This allows businesses to manage opportunities and risks associated with their brand.
Built on a Software As A Service model, the service uptime of the application is critical and the user’s experience is paramount in delivering insights.
The client wanted to make the software more engaging, appealing and fluid for users to interact with compared to the previous version.
We crafted a new game-like interface by improving the software itself, so BrandsEye 2 could compete with the world leaders in the Online Reputation Management industry.
By infusing the latest in HTML 5 technology and full User Experience Optimisation, we created a sophisticated interface which positioned the software on a global scale.
In fact, our Engineers had to start developing the tool using versions of the browsers that hadn’t even been released yet.
New functionality included; full sentiment automation. A series of algorithms provided users with immediate insights into brand perceptions.
Full data automation, allowing users to ascertain the relevance of mentions and decrease human investment in overhead -
- allowing large groups to collaborate on the resolution of reputation crises.
And Social Media engagement, which means that users can engage directly with their communities from within the app itself.
In the first 71 hours following the launch, users increased from 26 countries to 89 counties.
BrandsEye received over 700 tweets, coverage in over 30 press sites; it tripled the service load and doubled the business turnover between February and March.
The PR ad value equivalent for online was upwards of 350,000 in the first 72 hours.
Since launch, BrandsEye is yet to proactively contact a client as all leads are coming through referral.
Our testing shows that this algorithm is also now performing on par with the global ORM Industry leader, Radian6.