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The Community and Public Health programme covers a whole range of health, and health
issues and what affects health.
I chose this course because I knew I wanted to go into an area of health but I wasn’t
sure what aspect.
My favourite aspect of the course is the diversity in the modules, you cover every aspect of
We’ve had students that go into maternity services, drug and alcohol services, local
government. They can work for NHS organisations.
The teaching staff are lovely, they are very supportive always there when you need them.
All the people who teach on the programme have worked in health in the past.
The lecturers are really fascinating the way they give the lecture.
We have personal tutors for every student who follows them throughout the three years.
We have speakers coming in from the NHS, local council services, the voluntary sector.
The Sciences Complex now gives us the opportunity to do innovative new teaching and learning
strategies. One of the main things we have looked at is problem based learning in which
we look at the creation of knowledge rather than the consumption of it.
The teaching facilities are excellent.
We have two masters programmes the MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice was designed for
health care practitioners of any discipline. The Masters in Public Health is aimed towards
any health care professional who wishes to further develop their skills in Community
and Public Health.
What came across from the students was they said it's bit like being part of a large family.
Everyone was really friendly and our class just seemed to mix straight away and we all
get along really well.
Distinctive, innovative and inclusive
Fun, educational and informative
Diverse, interesting and brilliant