POWER ON TEXAS: Irving ISD's Commitment to Technology Helps Serve Challenging Population

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>>Irving ISD pioneered the use of one to one computing in Texas
in 2001, and the district has been at the leading edge
of digital learning every since.
One of the motivations for early adoption,
was Irving's diverse population of students,
now numbering roughly thirty-four thousand,
75% are low socio- economic, 39% are ELL.
>>A student that comes from, to Irving, may come from Central
or South America, with limited opportunities for education,
so differentiation
of instruction is very important to us.
>>For example, when serving the unique needs of ELL students,
technology provides a variety of ways to learn
and express language, such as acting out stories on video.
>>The technology's a really great tool
to help internalize the language,
a little bit better than they write it.
They're having to read it and speak it, and they're going
to hear it again when they're editing video,
it's so much more engaging.
>>One of the philosophies
that keeps this award-winning district
at the leading edge is a commitment
to continuous learning.
>>Keep learning and be that model of learning
for our students as well.
>>To help teachers keep up with the latest technology
and applications,
the Instructional Technology Specialist,
assigned to each campus, meets regularly with teachers,
and teachers also share their successes.
>>Its easier to have, when we do them, to have teachers
from different subjects, so like, in the room we're in,
we have Math, Science, History, Geography, so everyone can kind
of bounce ideas off each other to see,
because what I might use it for in History, is going,
maybe going to be different than what they use it for in Math.
>>Another key philosophy is the idea
that teachers must prepare students to be global citizens
in the 21st Century, and there's no better preparation
than having them collaborate with students
on another continent, like this global warming project underway
with a class in India.
>>Technology has helped my students, who have not traveled
at all or don't have much technology in their environment
or in their communities, appreciate
and become tolerant of other cultures.
>>The moment that I realized that education is being impacted
and transformed by technology,
is the first time I saw kindergarteners talking
to students in another country,
they were using it for as great as good.
>>And I think that, that's our task, as schools.
That we consider it as an investment for the future
of our kids, so that they can compete in this global economy,
and we need to prepare them for their future, and not our past.
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>>To find out more about how Irving ISD joined the digital
learning revolution, go to powerontexas.com.
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