Stake Your Claim at UNC Charlotte: Spring 2011

Uploaded by unccharlottevideo on 17.05.2011

Welcome to UNC Charlotte!
I stake my claim at Robinson Hall!
Home to the departments of dance, music, and theatre,
Robinson Hall is where the performing arts come alive at UNC Charlotte!
More than 100 performances take place each year,
featuring UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and guest artists right here on this stage.
But Robinson Hall is more than just a venue.
It’s a place of learning, a place of discovery,
a place where everyone can stake their claim to the arts at UNC Charlotte.
I Stake My Claim in the Atkins Library!
There are lots of places to study in the Library.
Like the collaborative work areas and 15 group study rooms.
And when we need a break – there’s the Library Café!
Wi-Fi access is all around -
and if I didn’t bring my computer, I can check out a laptop or work at a computer workstation.
And when I need help with a research assignment,
I can visit, email or even i-Chat with a research librarian
In fact, there’s a research librarian assigned to every subject taught at UNC Charlotte
It’s a great academic research library, and it’s right here in Charlotte.
I stake my claim in the Alan Kuilwicki Motorsports Lab!
In the College of Engineering, we do projects. In motorsports engineering, we do car projects.
The equipment we have here can be found in all of the top race shops.
We even have a complete engine shop where we can build and test our own engines.
Some of our projects include a drag car, NASCAR Car of Tomorrow, Legends cars…
And a Formula SAE Car that is completely designed and built by students.
This is the Alan Kulwicki Motorsports lab. And this is where I stake my claim!
I WILL stake my claim right here – the future site for the 49ers football complex.
We have already started recruiting players, and in 2012 we’ll have our first 49ers football class.
On August 31st 2013 we’ll kick off RIGHT HERE for the first time,
and I look forward to seeing you at the game!
I Stake My Claim in the Student Union!
The Student Union was built with student fees, and is operated with student fees.
So everything in this 196 thousand square foot building was designed with students in mind.
There are lots of places to eat, shop, meet, and hang out!
The Student Union is also home to student government, over 325 student organizations, and other student activities
It’s a great place where I can drop by, get involved, and stake my claim!
Stake your claim!
Stake your claim!
Stake your claim!
Stake your claim at UNC Charlotte!