Staff Spirit - Ep: 59

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 29.10.2012

Lizzie: It's been three days
three days since Fitz told me that Darcy
broke up Bing and my sister. And
three days since I have said anything about it to anyone.
Not even Charlotte, because Darcy is Charlotte's
boss's boss's consultant or
something and I can't
let her hate him the way I do.
And I do.
Hate him.
More than ever.
I didn't even know that was possible.
My name is Lizzie Bennet
and I can't hold it in anymore

Lizzie: So for the last few days Charlotte's
been swamped with Ricky Collin's latest brain child:
staff spirit development.
Basically this involves
not mandatory
but highly encouraged
goofy office events like:
mustache day and
wear plaid like it's 1992 day.
Culminating into tonight's Halloween party
at the restaurant across the street.
The upshot of this is
Charlotte has been too busy to watch,
let alone edit my last few videos.
So, she remains blissfully ignorant.
I don't think she could stand
to be in the same room with him
if she knew.
I know I can't.
Part of me wants to yell in his face
and tell him he is a jackass.
I'm afraid that if I
did I'd end up trying to ring his neck.
Which would be bad
considering he's Charlotte's
[Knock on door]
Charlotte: Hey Lizzie you ready?
Where is your costume?
Lizzie: I don't think I'm going to make it.
Charlotte: Wait why?
Lizzie: I have a headache?
Charlotte: Oh come on!
If I'm forced to
go as a giant condiment,
the least you can do
is be a cat for
five minutes!
Lizzie: I just don't think
I can manage dressing up and
making small talk right now.
Charlotte: Ahh, Darcy.
Avoiding him really isn't the
best way to--
Lizzie: Charlotte please don't
press me on this.
Charlotte: Okay.
It's no big deal.
I'll make your excuses.
Ricky Collins: Oh Miss Lu!
We must retreat immediately
across the boulevard.
The employees have gathered
and are eagerly awaiting
the announcement of
which costume has
won the 25 dollar gift
certificate to the fast food
franchise of their choice!
Miss Bennet are you not
Charlotte: Oh Lizzies really tired
Ah, delayed.
Jetlagged. She's
going to sit this one out.
Ricky Collins: Oh but
Miss Bennet you couldn't possibly
Charlotte: The time, Mr. Colins!
We can't be late for our own announcement.
Ricky Collins: Oh right as always
Miss Lu!
Oh, feel better Miss Bennet.
Lizzie [mouths]: Thank you.
Lizzie: Charlotte's right about one thing
I am really tired.
Tired of having my life
overshadowed by a
cloud of misery named
William Darcy.
Who is he to
have such influence over
my life and the lives of the people I love?
Just to torture myself I
decided to reread all
the postcards, emails and texts that
Jane has sent me since
she has moved to
Los Angelos.
And you know what Darcy?
She's not happy.
Here's the one from
the care package she sent me.
I haven't seen Bing yet
but I'm sure he'll get the message
that I left him.
He works so hard.
New job is great.
Hoping to make friends with
my coworkers;
it can get lonely out here.
Saw Caroline finally.
She says Bing is so busy
with a new study partner that
he can't even answer her emails.
We were then supposed to meet up for lunch
earlier but she forgot the day.
Oh well.
You know in hindsight
I would have thought that if anyone had
a stake in who Bing dated, it
would have been Caroline doing
the influencing.
After all,
she does have to be
sister to whoever Bing ends up
with. And it does
explain why she dropped Jane like
a hot potato.
But why in the hell should
Darcy care?
I guess that's the point.
He doesn't.
He doesn't care who
he hurts or what damage
he causes. If he doesn't
like you. If he thinks
you are somehow less
than him;
he will toss you aside.
It's probably a good thing
that I am avoiding him
because if I did try to strangle him
right now
I could probably
finish the job.
So for his own sake
If I never see that
slimy, unfeeling, sociopathic
robot again
it will be too soon.
[Knock, knock]
William Darcy: Excuse me Lizzie.
Lizzie: Darcy.
[Mouths] What?