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I can’t believe where the time has gone. Is it really a year since I presented Nash Tackle Revolution 2011?
Well apparently it is I’m certainly another year older
I don’t know if I’m any wiser but there you go but for me it’s been an amazing year
I’ve caught some pretty good fish as well along the way
and indeed some of the lads up and down the country and throughout Europe
They’ve had some stunning catches you’ll see some of them on this DVD
and the gear that’s what it’s all about really last year we showed you some real blockbusters
The Sirens
Well the Sirens continue to fascinate me I’m learning so much about carp because of them
and they’ve caught me a lot of extra carp this year but more of that later
I mentioned another Blockbuster last year the Titan Brolly
In fact here she is still behind me
To my mind it’s bob-on It’s like anything you bring out though
You can’t please all the people all the time and some lads wanted a waterproof infill
So we’ve made another version basically
and what else has happened? Well the bait what can I say?
We launched the Chain Reaction a little secret weapon we were working on for a couple of years
and what a chain reaction that’s caused up and down the country and throughout Europe
anglers have got on it big time and had amazing catches
Backed up of course with the Monster Squid and the little secret we held back and surprised you with in the middle of the year the Black Squid
I was on the Black Squid the whole theory of black baits that are inconspicuous has been a major edge for those that have got on it this year
and I’m certainly sticking on it next year as I’m sure many others will as well
Well let’s review the year you don’t want to see me all day I’m sure
So over to some of the lads and the seasons they have had and maybe I’ll catch up with you all later
One of the things I love most about my job at Nash Tackle
is when the lads come in in the morning after a session out the night before
Hearing about their successes and their lows their disasters a lovely story comes to mind that unfolded through the year
A youngster in the warehouse a young lad call Mike Harding
I got talking to him and to my amazement I found out he wasn’t even an angler when he joined us
I started to take an interest in him trying to help him he’d had a couple of fish but he really was struggling
I think the first thing I pointed out to him that made a big difference was that he was jumping from water to water
So I explained to him just focus on one water I made it really clear to him how important watercraft was
I tried to pass my experience on to him where to find them at various times day and night
Where he was most likely to find them in the harsh conditions of winter
and get him to really understand that number one in successful carp fishing is watercraft and then the next one is bait
He was changing his bait each week because he hadn’t caught and the next week he’d be on a different bait
‘No Mikey No’ I explained to him stick to the same bait
Keep it going in so the carp start looking for it and recognizing it as a food source
Give them free bait at the end of each session I told him put the bait in that’s when its most important
not when its got a hook in it and so when they find your bait with a hook in it they are confident to eat it
and you’ll catch them and the final part of the Big Three is rigs
I had to teach him the basic mechanics of rigs and it was amazing to see the development
He started catching regularly mainly doubles at first the club lake he had selected was known to have a beautiful common in it
around thirty eight pounds and a mirror around the same weight that no-one thought about much
as it was rarely caught
I thought the way this lad is developing it can’t be long before he gets one of the big girls
I’ll never forget it I was on holiday when I got a desperate text from Mikey
He had hooked the big common and lost it we had run out of stock of our famous Bullet in fifteen pound breaking strain
so he had taken a spool of ten pound Bullet to spool up he hooked a big fish and it ploughed through some marginal brambles
and cut through the line a guy down the bank gets a take and it turns out to be the fish Mikey had hooked
trailing his tackle and it was the Big Common at thirty eight pounds
Mikey was almost in tears when I spoke to him on the phone but I thought ‘he’s got to learn' he messed up
I wasn’t going to be soft on him I just said ‘Mikey it was your fault mate' because there is no point doing all this time
that you’ve done all this effort learning the water and bait if you are going to mess up by using inadequate tackle so learn from it lad’
And he certainly did the results that happened over the next few weeks were quite amazing
The big mirror rarely visits the bank it generally only comes out every two to three years
I had located a spot about ten yards out form the rushes where new silkweed was growing through
After locating this area I decided to prebait with Monster Squid and Soluballs
Monster Squid because I had really been doing well on them and Soluballs as an added carpet of bait
and they had never seen something like that in here before
I knew it wouldn’t be long before they would be feeding down there
After speaking to Kevin I realized that I had to be using the right rig setup for the right area of the lake
I knew that there was new fresh weed growing on this spot
so the chod rig seemed to be the perfect way to present my bait
Kevin had showed me a new way to tie the chod rig with a Twister hook I already had great confidence in this hook so I was more than happy to use it
I had been using the Monster Squid red and black but for my choice of hook bait I used a white Monster Squid pop-up
just to see if I could trip that big mirror up
All the pieces of the jigsaw had finally come together watercraft bait and rigs
I’d gone and caught the biggest mirror from the lake I’d put a lot of time and effort into coming down to bait up
and finally I had banked it myself
It weighed forty pounds and two ounces and was definitely the most impressive fish I had ever caught
So now all I had to do was to catch the Big Common
Whats the story Mikey?
Well I saw a few fish topping about seventy yards out between the bushes through there
So I cast out one of these new chod rigs and ten minutes later it screamed off
Nice one good angling
and it’s the common yeah?
Yeah it is the common
So what’s this the first twenty four hours of your five day session Mike?
Yeah first six hours
Don’t worry about the filming!
If you want to come and see your boy’s fish come and see it Mum
That’s how you know it is the Big Common it has that little scaly pattern there
This is the fish you lost?
This is the fish I lost about a month and a half ago
just over in that swim over there
It's looking big!
Look at me Mike and smile big smile
Forty one? Forty one
Is it forty one? Yeah
Nice one! Forty one Mum!
Tell me about it Mike forty one pounds go on
Forty one pounds the new Monster Squid done the trick just on a little choddy and its in the bag
What is Diffusion Camo?
In our opinion it is the very best in end tackle concealment
Instead of selling a variety of differently coloured terminal tackle components
to match to a particular lakebed
Nash spent years perfecting a range of terminal tackle in one translucent green colour
This unique green colouration is camouflaged over any type of lakebed
From leaders tubing beads and lead clips through to hair stops and hook beads
Nash offer a wide range of products in this Diffusion Camo colouration
Without doubt the biggest selling products in the range are the Diffusion Camo leaders
which are now available in both 0.75 and 1.5 metre lengths
and in four pre-assembled lead attachment setups
Safety Bolt Bead, Weed Safety Bolt Bead, Running Rig or Helicopter Rig
So exactly what do they look like at the bottom of a lake?
In the first of our underwater comparisons a Nash Diffusion Camo leader
is placed alongside another brand of Polyfused leader
As you can see the difference is clear
The Diffusion Camo leader is almost invisible
With the addition of some Cling-on tungsten putty along its length
the Diffusion Camo is pinned flat to the lakebed out of the way of any feeding carp
Here we are comparing another manufacturers camo leadcore alongside a Diffusion Camo leader
Note how well the Diffusion Camo lead clip blends in
when compared to the solid green coloured version next to it
In our last comparison we looked at another manufacturer’s rig tubing
The underwater footage revealed air pockets trapped inside the rig tubing
causing it to lift up off the lakebed
Hardly the ideal presentation
The Diffusion Camo leader however just seems to disappear again
Nash Diffusion Camo
Leaders in Concealment
Last spring this swim made history it’s the swim where Jerry Hammond caught his fifty plus common
Why do I believe it made history? Because of how he caught it the presentation
Jerry and I both have a colossal interest in the zig rig and we believe there is a lot of potential in it
You’ve got all those fish that have never really been fished for from the bottom to the surface
So that’s where I think its all to happen in the future why are they there and what are they eating?
They don’t eat a zig rig because it’s a piece of black foam I believe anyway
I think they eat it because it is imitating an insect so its bugs that we’ve been playing around with
and Jerry caught his massive common on basically an imitation fly that’s what made the history
The first fifty pound carp ever to be caught on a fly
Right here’s something that we’ve been working on at Nash over the last year or so
If you come closer and have a look what we’ve got here
This is something I’ve been working with Kevin on over the last year or so to try and develop
We haven’t quite got it on the hook yet that’s straightened out a bit but the reason for that being that I’ve just caught a new PB
and that would account for me being soaking wet just shy of fifty one pounds common absolutely made up!
So theres the proof this is what I used
I turned up yesterday and the sun was out for the first time this spring
and the fish were cruising in the little channel between the bank and the island and first time down I put one of these little babies on
I cast to the area I could see them cruising backwards and forwards to be honest I had my rods laying on the floor
I wasn’t expecting such a quick result I was half asleep and I woke up to the sound of the clutch spinning
I had a real cracking twenty four and a half pound mirror so that was proof enough for me to put one of these on for the night
No joy during the night last time out I had three on black foam
So we’ve gone a bit further and turned it into a proper beetle this time so one bite instantly then in the middle of the morning this morning
I was away with a fifty one pound common
Have it!
Get in!
Jerry's got the bug
Yeah I’ve got the bug
Oh it looks like Jezza is in and we’ll be in the swim in just one minute
Lets see what’s going on
What’s going on this time?
Well its another one on a zig but its been really powering around
It’s just started slowing down and plodding about
Looks like a pretty one
Gorgeous fish isn’t it?
Here she comes over the net cord get in well done Jerry
Cheers geezer
Get that Reed
Nailed on the bug
Man I’ve got the bug!
Do you want a picture of that?
No you’re alright
Gorgeous this sides wicked!
Turn him around?
So then Jerry tell us about how it happened
Well mate there’s not a lot to tell really apart from the fish are obviously up in the layers cruising about
and I applied another beetle zig and third time lucky mate what a cracker
Dorsal up
You happy with that boys?
Get in!
Bigger than we thought
How big?
Thirty one four
Oh my word!
Thirty one four
Get in!
It is bigger than I thought I thought it was about twenty five pounds
Good angling
A little wave with the old pec there saying bye
We are going to bring out our own range of Zig Bugs this spring and I believe they are massively going to increase the catch rate on lakes
It makes sense doesn’t it? Carp are eating tadpoles beetles and flies all day long
Now you will be able to imitate these and go after them
and later on I’ll show you a new bait that can massively enhance your catches on the Zig Bugs
It’s this Riser Pellet
When I was a boy I used to think my dad had the best fishing rods in the world
He told me he could cast to the moon and back with them but still play a fish like nothing else around
As far as I was concerned they were just perfect
But dad always knew best and he would say to me
‘son no-one has ever made the perfect rod and I doubt they ever will’
But that never stopped me from trying
Ok there are three rods in the NR range
There is a three pounder, a three and a half and a thirteen foot three and a half
This is the rod that I use for all my long range fishing it is the thirteen foot three and a half
It is rung with fifty millimetre rings which I use for all my long range fishing
The action of the rod is as a result of my days on a tournament field I’ve designed it for overhead casting
which is very important as a lot of rods have got really soft tips which don’t work for overhead chucking
So this is a semi fast action rod it has got a lot of power in the butt
It has got a firm tip but it is not overly firm so the fish playing action is still really good
The firm tip is important so that we load the rod early in the cast
This year we have put a 1k weave through the rod this stiffens up the rod and makes it stronger but it also helps the cast
because the recovery is so much faster
It’s an expensive weave and its really light as well so it has added to the rods performance a lot
Ok so let me show you the fittings that we have got on the rod
We have got a Fuji reel seat which speaks for itself Fuji is some of the best out there
We have got a stop here as well that is whipped on to the rod if you are fishing against snags this stops the rod from sliding into the lake
Its been really good since I started using it
The line clip has been placed further up the rod than most line clips
We have found that with your hangers here it adds to the sensitivity of the bite detection which has worked really well for me
I was surprised because I wasn’t a line clip user really
Custom Options
We have come up with four standard custom options
these being the standard model with the bare carbon butt
the full length Duplon which is a very nicely finished piece of Duplon
the cork handle again low diameter and a nice appearance
and the full-length shrink rubber being the most durable of all of them
Other custom options will be positioning of the line clip
Colour options are endless
The standard trim colours the reds greens blues silvers gold are readily available
The writing on the rods could be anything that doesn't take up half the butt section I suppose
I could stand here all day and speak to you about how good these rods are
but what I am going to do is take John and show him how to use this rod to the best effect and then you will see the rod in action
Hi John mate alright?
Hello mate alright?
Are you going to stick that in the clip and see how far you are casting?
We can walk that out in a minute and try and put some more yards on your cast
That would be nice
There are a few things that I can see that I can help you with straight away so its not going to be a problem
So how far was that John it looked a fair way down there mate?
Yeah it was one hundred and forty eight paces
That’s a good chuck mate
So what did you think of the rods as it’s the first time you have used them?
Yeah I think they are brilliant that’s probably the furthest I’ve ever stuck a lead just in my first three or four casts
Well I think you're going to cast a little bit further than that now mate
I am going to show you a few things and we are going to get a big cast out of you today
That would be nice
Lets go for it shall we?
Yes lets have it
Right John the first thing that I noticed about your cast was the way you were holding the rod
You were holding it like that with all your fingers in front of the reel
That can slip around in the cast when you are putting power into it
so what I’d like you to do is to put one finger behind the stem of the reel and hold it with three fingers in front
That also gives you a nice angle off the spool for when you are casting as well because the line is not being pulled back so there is no slack in the cast
Ok so if you hold it with three fingers in front that’s perfect
Another thing that I noticed was that your drop was too short the drop has got to come down to the reinforcing on the spigot there
so if you could set that up
The reason that we have that drop so long is that we are trying to make is a big arc in the cast
If you think of a circle I’m trying to get this lead to go round this wide arc it's like a wheel
The inside of the wheel if its moving is going slowly compared to the outside and if you make the wheel larger the outside will be going even faster
So we want this lead to go round this big wide circle
Is that about the right sort of distance?
Yeah after you’ve pulled the line up that will settle around there so that’s perfect
Right that’s it if you set yourself up like you were going to cast before what I want you to do now is you know when I was saying about those circles
your right hand is going to be the centre of the circle ok?
So to make the circle big you’ve got to push it up really high you will feel a pull down that side of the body okay
so it is as high up as you can get it okay?
It feels a little bit awkward at first
and then your left hand is going to travel so the lead is just above the floor
You want to feel it down so it’s on the floor there and then you want it there
That is the place that you want it so that lead is a few inches off the floor ok?
So what we are trying to achieve now is your left hand is going to add all the speed and power to the cast ok so we’ve got to pull that down as fast as we can
Your right hand is just a fulcrum point for everything to go around
At the minute we are only using arms so what we have got to start using is legs and body weight
If you were going to throw a stone or a ball or something like that what you would do if you were going to throw it as far as you can
all your weight would be back then your weight comes through first and then you throw the stone or the ball
It’s the same for a cast what we have got to do is get the weight forward and then we cast
So its arms up like that small step forward bang cast ok?
Now if you get this right this will just fly this is the big difference weight transference is huge
Nice little small step mate look up and nail it for all you are worth
Right you've had a few minutes with me now it's on the clip let's see if you've improved
I'm sure you have
I'll put money on it!
So what did you start off with what were your paces to start with?
One forty eight
Well it looked like you walked a bit further this time so I’d like to know how far was that one?
One nine three
So what do you think of that then?
That's great!
So there you go with a little help from me and a big help from the thirteen foot Nash NR rods he’s put fifty yards on his cast
That’s as good as it gets isn’t it?
Nice one Terry thankyou
Thank you
Last year I showed you the Barrowlogix range of luggage this year I’m talking you through the 2012 range of Trax barrows
Barrow are used by a massive percentage of anglers to get their gear to and from the swim
It isn’t an easy task loading up your barrow and trekking all that way but if you select the right barrow for you and load it correctly
it can make the task a whole lot easier
Your barrow gets abused rough terrain steep climbs loads of mud and water thrown at it and of course a huge amount of weight put on top
So at Nash we pride ourselves when developing products like this to ensure they are of the highest quality and built to last
We can’t let you guys down
Let me run you through the generic features you’ll find on all the barrows in the range
making these the ultimate in bankside transportation
We’ve got a heavy duty steel chassis really important as these are getting loaded up with a lot of weight
and the last thing you want is that flexing and bending as you are going to and from your swim or worse still breaking
On the front of the barrow we’ve got a big chunky wheel it looks the part
but it’s also perfect for the rough terrain you’ll be pushing these things over it’s detachable and the whole housing comes off
This makes it very easy to get into the back of your car all the sides fold down and to be honest
although it a bit of a monster it does fold up nice and flat and it will fit into most cars
We’ve got a mesh bed on top here a great feature to eliminate any of your small items falling off and getting lost
or any bags that have excess buckles and webbing hanging off it stops them from getting caught up in the wheel
All around the barrow you’ll notice we’ve used cams in the past we used thumb screws
This can be really problematic as you are going along they can come undone and you eventually lose them
By using cams we have eliminated that we have put them underneath so if you have loaded your barrow up
and you want to lengthen it or make it any wider you can easily get access to them
and where we have had to use the traditional thumbscrew method but they have been designed in such a way
that even they cannot fall out and cannot be lost we’ve got U brackets all the way around
These have been strategically positioned so when you’ve got your barrow loaded up
you can use the bungee straps to keep everything nice and securely on there
and lastly on the front of the barrow we’ve got a fold down bar
This has been put here for if you are using one of the Barrologix Front Bar Bags it just gives you that added support
That’s the generic features we’ve got three barrows in the range
The Metro the Evo and the Cargo let me run you through them quickly
The Trax Metro perfect for the day session angler or the guy that’s managed to get his gear down to the bare minimum
The chassis is only small but you will have no difficulties getting a carryall or rucksack on the front
Your bedchair on the back rods shelter unhooking mat etc
It’s got a detachable bag with an underbed mesh pod this allows you to keep some clothing food maybe some bait items in there
Small in size yet packed with features the Metro is perfect for the angler travelling light
The Trax Evo is very similar to its predecessor the Trax All Terrain Evo
This will be the choice of barrow for most anglers
It’s large chassis and side bars make it perfect for stacking loads of gear on here
It’s the sort of barrow that if you are doing three four maybe even longer nights
You are going to get all your stuff on here and get it to and from the swim
and last but by no means least the Trax Cargo the daddy of all barrows
Packed full of features this chassis will accommodate any amount of gear you throw at it
Stack it high no more two trips to the swim
It features a Rear Trolly Wheel Kit that can be removed if you wish to go to the conventional mud feet
You’ve got the bag system lift the mesh bed and you’ve got a removable bag with the mesh carcass
and then you’ve got a further bag that you can store stuff in it really is an absolute beast
I know a lot of guys that will want one of these you can get an Emperor on it
Can’t say any more if you take a lot of gear this is the barrow for you
So there you have it the 2012 range of Trax Barrows from Nash
The ultimate in bankside transportation I’m going to get these packed away get my fishing gear out
stick it on one of the barrows I’m going off to find myself a swim and later on
I’ll be showing you guys some of the new luggage items we’re launching this year
I’m kind of thinking this saga needs to come to an end I need to catch this damn thing
A four year saga with The Emperor
‘When are you going to put this to bed and catch it?’
So I decided to have one last go at The Copse
and Winston kind of persuaded me to make a film
He said ‘do it yourself just use a little Handy camera’ so that’s what I attempted to do
The Final Account
Nashy’s movie as it were
It’s a huge fish
It’s in the net and its one of the Big Girls
Well done Kev well done son
We’ve just done some stills and I’m knackered this thing is so heavy and I’m an old boy now
Now they want me to lift it for the video camera so I hope you can see it
Alan you need to be panning that video camera mate
Seen enough?
Turn her round
Look alright?
Ok gentlemen I’ve got to put her down
Yeah it’s gone fifty
Fifty two two
Well done boy
You don’t see one of those every day do you? Nicely done
I’m going to catch your sister now
Well I’m still pumped up
I’m just drinking a celebration Budweiser but I’ve seen they have drifted right over to the side
but they are still on the pellet
So I’ve got to go and have another go
It would be too much to ask for to get two in one day but who knows?
I’m feeling lucky
No-one can believe what happens next
Available from Nash stockists or from
Last year I introduced the Titan Brolly my baby I love it I’ve fished under it all this season
In fact you’ll see it starring in my new DVD The Final Account at least it proves I use the gear I talk about
It does everything I want you can talk to six anglers and they will all give you
completely different views of bivvys and brollys what they want out of it their wish list
Well my wish list is for an umbrella type shelter I’m not a big bivvy man I want something I can pack up quickly
move around and set up quickly but most importantly and this is a bit of a mystery to me with some bivvy designs now is I want the strength
I don’t want to be wiped out on a winter’s night I don’t want to go to France and have my trip wrecked because I get blown away
in the first big storm over there
Fishing to me in summer is about maximum vision
I want to see the lake I want to be able to see those fish jumping and crashing and be on them in a minute
It’s a bit more difficult in winter where facing rain you may have to put a front on it
but to be honest unless its really bitterely cold I fish throughout the winter without a front
So top of my list of requirements for a brolly after strength and waterproofing is mosquito protection
So I can zip that down and I’ve got complete mosquito protection I mentioned there is a winter skin for it
In winter I want to keep not only dry but I want to eliminate condensation drip Well you’ll never do that with a single skin shelter
The only way is to have a twin skin
The winter skins were my invention back in the nineties so with a separate skin you have got a gap between the inner skin and the outer
and that’s how you eliminate condensation drip so it’s pukka for me
If I am going out in really bad weather in winter I just throw the winter skin over it
Totally waterproof more insulation and no condensation drip
Here’s one we prepared earlier my favourite setup the Titan Brolly with the Winter Skin
I described the background my thinking process to the development of the Titan Brolly
So what’s this one all about?
Well you’ve guessed it due to demand people wanted one with a waterproof front
As well as that it also has a separate mosquito mesh front both fronts can be zipped off and used independently
The only other difference from the Titan Brolly is its slightly smaller we’ve made it more compact so it gives a tighter profile in a swim
Because the Titan Brolly AS has a smaller frame this makes it even more rigid and would you believe stronger still
Take it away boys
There you go you wouldn’t have thought that possible would you? The strongest brolly in the world just got stronger
It’s baby brother the Titan Brolly All Season
Nice one boys
Has anyone got the binoculars to see if you can see the carp over there while you are up there please?
We had anglers saying that they wanted a Titan Brolly but they wanted one with a waterproof front
We thought ok we’ll do it for you guys but we though how can we make it a bit different?
After all we didn’t want two products almost the same one way was making the frame smaller as most of the guys we spoke to
were real hardcore carp anglers what I call the Bankrats out there season in and season out real hardcore
So we made it smaller fishing tight swims on lakes like Yateley but also we thought about the winter skin
This model is the first one I’ve ever done with an extended porch so you’ve got more protection over the door especially if you are fishing it pillbox-style
There is no way rain can ever get in there I’ll point out by the way this is on the low setting
You can raise the whole brolly and skin up to about that height as well so you have got a high and a low setting
So that’s it the new Titan Brolly All Season with the excellent Winter Skin
In an attempt to please all the people all the time or rather the rest of those people who may not think that a Titan Brolly suits them
we are bringing out two new umbrellas The Groundhog this one and its smaller brother The Hog
Why would you use an umbrella over a Titan Brolly? Well I’ll give you one reason
If you are fishing lakes with really tight swims with a Titan Brolly its like a fan principle
You have to swing the legs round and it does need a little bit of room in the swim
So if you are fishing lakes with really tight swims an umbrella might be a better option I’ve even fished on wood pallets with an umbrella
and forced the umbrella into the brambles that’s about the only advantage
Of course the downside is you’ll never get the strength you get in the Titan although we have tried our best to deal with that
This new Groundhog and the Hog have a fibreglass frame a lot lighter than the traditional steel frames and immensely strong as well
The front in line with most of our thoughts on bivvys now two fronts a waterproof front and a mesh mosquito front
Both can be used independently or indeed both can be completely zipped off and you can have it open
As I said this is the Groundhog and there’s a smaller version called the Hog
When I showed the Groundhog to my German friends they went crazy over it they love it and they made a point which I ought to mention
in case anyone is going to some of the Germanic countries to fish
There is legislation in various parts of those countries where you can only use a shelter with ribs on the inside
so check out before you go to those countries carping otherwise you might end up without a brolly or shelter
One other thing I forgot to mention in the back there are mesh panels an open airy vent for summer
and it comes complete with heavy duty groundsheet
So there you are looking for an umbrella? The Hog or the Groundhog
Here I am sat in the middle of Shropshire on a lake called The Mangrove
It’s run by Tim Paisley and it's an absolutely beautiful old mere
Its been here for a hundred thousand years since the last ice age
As you can imagine the silt is really deep and I’ve had to adapt my fishing to cope with the deep silt
My bait application my rigs my leads and I’ll come to all that a bit later on
With the overhanging trees lily pads and wildlife its an absolutely gorgeous place to fish
You have to access by boat the pegs on the other side
There are a few pegs down this side where you can park up behind
To be honest I love fishing out of the boat you can bait up accurately your bait application you can get spot on exactly how you want
and I’ll show you a bit of that from the boat in a little while
I’ve only fished it a few times I think this is my eigth session and I’m on sixty two fish up to thirty nine pounds four which is a lake record now
What can I say?
Going back to my first session it was absolutely mind blowing
To be honest I had that many fish I’m going to have to take you through my logbook
I was in a peg called Lightning Tree and it was absolutely unbelievable the wind was absolutely banging down into the peg
I was in a boat with a paddle obviously I got set up on the swim
I wanted to go out and bait up but I only just about managed to get out about thirty yards
I got some bait out and then before I made it back to my peg I got blown down into the corner which was a little bit hair raising
but after about five minutes I managed to get back to my peg and get the rods out it was an absolutely fantastic session right in the teeth of the wind
I had countless twenty pounders
I had three thirties
I had an absolutely beautiful thirty eight pound twelve mirror a fish called Paw Print
but the funny thing about that capture was I was fishing one rod in the soft silt
and one rod on a firmer patch Paw Print was the only fish to come to the firmer patch
That was a new lake record
Well until later anyway
The end of that session I got done a couple of times on the thirty yard spot where I baited the first night and it was getting a bit frustrating
so basically I got my Fang X hook and I put a little bit longer length of shrink tube on it just to make it a bit different as I didn’t want to change too much
As if by magic by the morning I caught a thirty pound four ounce fish called The Big Common I had eleven fish three thirties and countless twenties
It was a dream session to start with
Two weeks later because it is a one week on one week off rota
I came back four my second session and the wind was absolutely hacking straight back into the same peg
It was the same sort of session to be honest it just went mad I got some Monster Squid out
I even fished the rods on the same markers as I had for the first session looking back in my book I had quite a few twenties up to mid twenty
Oh I had a twenty eight as well a thirty pound three ounce male common which is pretty rare up in Shropshire
It was an absolutely beautiful fish
Coming back onto my third session I had a twenty eight fourteen
a twenty nine eight, another twenty pounder, a thirty six pound fifteen common that I caught out of the margin
which was absolutely fantastic
On my fourth session I ended up with a thirty nine pound four mirror
It was a repeat capture of Paw Print but at a new lake record again
By the end of the session I ended up with another thirty pounder along with more twenties
The Monster Squid just couldn’t go wrong this season is like a dream come true for me
Back again
I’ve got some nice little riggy edges for you for fishing in the deep silt of silty meres
What I love best
This is the little setup I use Nash tungsten tubing Nash leadclip and a little flat pear
The flat pears I like because the go into the silt but they don’t go in as far as some leads
so if I’m casting out onto the firmer patch of silt with a two ounce lead you get this little plug and you feel it pop out nicely
You just want that little bit of resistance almost turning that two and a half ounce lead into having the resistance of a four or four and a half maybe
On the soft silt if you put out the same size lead cast it out and pull it back and it will be plugged right in
The way I get round that is just change the lead size come down in size to an ounce and a half and you just get that little plug
If the silt is that bad then you can go down to an ounce lead as long as you don’t need the weight for casting
but obviously then you would keep the weight and lengthen your hook link
A nice little rig I like using which suits silt fishing absolutely brilliantly
I use a size six Fang X a little snowman rig blowback style a little ring you don’t want the ring to come over the shrink tube
because if you get done by a fish and the fish blows it over there it can get stuck there and you are going to be sat there with a useless rig really
The Missing Link I use as a hook link is completely stripped back so I’ve got the lovely supple braid which is inside
You could be going into the silt an inch and its going to sit down and give you perfect presentation
You could be going in two inches and it will still be giving you perfect presentation
and it’s always got that little bit of freedom so when a fish comes along it can suck it straight into its mouth and that’s what I like about supple hook links
Just to take it one step further I get myself three fifteen millimetre Monster Squids a bit of PVA stocking and I tie them up into a little triangle like that
and this does a couple of little jobs for me the first one being I can pop them
Give them a nice little squeeze and if they have been air dried for half a day and they split into half baits but they still keep their shape
Then what I do with that I thread my hook link up the middle I put a little PVA nugget underneath and what that does is when you have cast out
and it is surprising how much weight it will hold up it will actually hold that off the bottom
So when you cast out the lead has gone into the silt it will hold up like that your three baits will pop out well or your half baits
You can do it any fashion that you like to be honest they pop out and then the foam nugget comes off
and then that sits down nice and gently on top of the silt waiting for mister carp to come along and gobble him up
Another little trick I like to do
Same rig get a bit of Chain Reaction Monster Squid or any flavour if you want to mix and match flavours
Thread them through the middle and take a little chunk out I’m sure you’ve seen that before
And you can do the same with a little PVA nugget underneath it goes down and the good thing about this is if you are fishing for cute fish
and you just want the attraction and no extra food for the fish or even when fishing in winter
All you’ve got is the smell and the attraction but no extra food and if they want to eat something hey ho they have got a hook in their mouth
Lets have a look at some baiting patterns
Right then life jacket on lets go and give them some grub I’ll show you what I’ve got here actually
I’ve got some nice barrels I love different sizes and shapes
Nice little ten millers all Monster Squid
Some fifteens that I have chopped in half
Just something a little bit different to help them pick them out of the silt instead of kicking it up
and some fifteen millers to get them going
I’ve got some Soluballs if I want to do a little trail the World is your oyster with it
Right then I’ll get out there and show you a couple of baiting patterns
As you are looking at the marker float I will be placing in larger baits on the left hand side
My understanding is that larger baits in deeper silt is going to create a nice feeding situation for the carp to get them picking up larger baits
instead of trying to trough through loads of smaller items
On the right hand side the silt is a little bit firmer it’s not that firm that you can fill it in with particles I think
I’m really happy to be using little ten millers little barrels maybe chops
Just a slightly different feeding situation to the other even though they can only be six feet apart
It suits my purposes and it catches me a lot of fish
and I’ll also sprinkle just the odd fifteen miller here and there as a little taster anything from five feet ten feet or twenty feet from the area, not many
Maybe round one spot I might put ten baits and its almost like they find one and they’ve had a taste and they start looking for more
I usually look at it like you don’t want to be putting too much bait in the margin and I like to fish a little trail up to a patch
to try and tempt the fish to an area close to the hook bait instead of feeding the whole bank and they could be any where down that margin
You are almost teasing them up to your hook bait
Sometimes it will work making your hook bait one of the freebies on the way to the patch if you are fishing for really cute carp
My last little spot is almost like dumping I like to call it a greedy pig rig
It’s a big pile of bait it's almost like you have tipped it out of a bucket it can be two handfuls or ten handfuls but keep it as tight as you can
and a carp just can’t swim past it
Sometimes it will kick you a bite up where nothing else is working
Right then that’s me baited up I hope that gets me a few bites tonight
I hope your seasons go as well as mine is going
Get on the Monster Squid lads and good luck to you
There have been some epic captures over the last twelve months on the Monster Squid both in the UK and right across Europe
Let’s have a look what some of the boys have been up to
Franz Eshberger fished a winter session on a twenty hectare Austrian gravel pit
Temperatures dropped as low as -16 and there was heavy snowfall during his session
Franz banked an incredible five carp in these extreme conditions where his hands were literally freezing to the rod when playing the fish
Steve Falco captured the Little Long Common at forty one pounds four ounces from a Hertfordshire syndicate
With nothing caught for several days Steve decided to fish the deeper water
away from the other anglers introducing a kilo of mixed size Monster Squid and Soluballs
After only two hours he received a fast take and duly landed the awesome creature
Christopher Eckhart used the Monster Squid to great effect at the famous French lake Cassein landing a monster twenty three point nine kilo mirror
A snowman rig consisting of a fifteen millimetre Monster Squid bottom bait topped with a ten millimetre white Monster Squid pop-up did the job
Mike Jones had an incredible run of big commons from Farriers banking nine thirties in three trips including three of his targets
and culminating in the capture of a cracking forty pounds two ounce common all on the Monster Squid
While working out at a show in Holland our very own Richard Ballard got a couple of nights fishing in on a two thousand two hundred acre lake
Fishing in the teeth of a freezing Easterly wind on the second night he banked a stunning thirty eight pound common
which excreted a huge amount of Monster Squid in the sack
Top angling
Joe Jaggar banked one of the jewels of the Northwest the Half Lin at forty pounds nine ounces
This followed a baiting campaign that involved a two hundred mile round trip after work twice a week putting in two kilos of Monster Squid on each occasion
When he finally got the chance to fish he caught his target fish just twelve hours after casting out
Fishing a two thousand acre lake in the central region of Italy David Marinelli banked a lake record common of twenty-six point two kilos
The enormous common was banked on an IC-1 pop-up fished over a bed of Monster Squid boilies
Mick Henderson capped off a very successful season on a Bedfordshire syndicate banking one of the big scaly mirrors at forty pounds eight ounces
Mick braved strong South Westerly winds and fished at the deeper end of the lake on a shallow plateau surrounded by deep water
He baited with a couple of kilos of fifteen millimetre Monster Squid and chops over the course of his session
Mark Pansar banked an enormous thirty point nine kilo mirror from a lake in Belgium
The fish was banked on a self-rolled ten millimetre Monster Squid boilie
tipped with a ten millimetre white Monster Squid pop-up
and finally Stefan Sprenger the winner of a Monster Squid competition in a German magazine
put his prize to really good use managing to tempt an enormous twenty five kilo common
on the bait that he won from a large fifty acre gravel pit in Western Germany
There’s a little titbit an insight to some of the amazing catches that have been caught on Monster Squid
I think it’s one of my best baits ever
I would have said nothing could compete with the Scopex Squid but we’ve moved on it’s an amazing bait and it’s got an interesting history
I first used it in the mid-nineties on Warmwell or elements of it most notably the banana flavour with the squid birdfood fishmeal base
Dave Jordison then took it on with his field testers they added other flavours and attractors with this theory of confusing the carp
so they can’t latch into just one flavour or attractor system and it’s just been an amazing bait
Dave and his boys used it up until eight years ago In fact they wouldn’t let us bring it out
Every time we said ‘we need to bring it out’ Dave did his nut so we held it back as long as we could
but last year we brought it out and the rest is history as they say it’s ripped waters apart not only throughout England but abroad as well
and then we took everybody off their guard with the other little secret we had and that was the Black Squid which we launched last June
The theory behind black baits is to use the opposite logic to a lot of anglers you are looking to camouflage your bait
So that sense of sight which is a sense that can mean danger is taken away from them
Again it’s ripped lakes apart and some mega fish have been caught on that as well
So my advice is get on one of the Squids, Monster Squid or Black Squid
It’s a winner!
There are more great bait edges for you next season
Here’s one Rock Salt one of carp angling’s biggest worst-kept secrets I guess
A lot of people have talked about rock salt a few have messed around with it not many though seem to have really got on it
I got really interested in it last year and decided to really test it and find out what it was about when I was doing my DVD
The results were quite amazing
If any of you have watched Final Account there is one scene where you see a hole
that’s been dug out by the carp that’s eighteen inches deeper than the baited area around it that was where I put the rock salt
It definitely makes a difference in spring and possibly into the autumn I’m not so sure about the summer but a massive fishing edge
through some of the colder months they really do root around clear weed and dig out the bottom to find it
I’m not sure why my belief is it’s the minerals maybe helping with the parasites on their skin
But whatever it really brings the fish into the area
One challenge that I had to overcome was getting the rock salt out I didn’t want to use a spod and spook the carp and I don’t like using PVA any more
As I’ve mentioned I think carp have sussed it
so I thought could we make a Chain Reaction version and this is what we did
We came up with Chain Reaction rock salt and we’ve even made a Soluball version so you can thread that on your hook link
I use one of those every time I cast out and I’ll fire between ten and twenty of these into the area three times a day
That’s all you need you don’t need to overdo it we are also later going to bring out these rock salt crystals
Can I just say whether you use my rock salt or not just make sure if you get on the rock salt you get on the human grade
only from places like a supermarket don’t use other forms of rock salt like the salt on the roads
That is inedible and it has got poisons in it so just be careful of that
You don’t have to pile it in lets not turn our lakes into salt lagoons with cod in an awesome massive new edge for anglers that get on it
To my mind the hottest mega Nash bait news of all is Riser Pellet.
Why do I think that?
It’s because I’ve known about if for twenty years it’s been my secret bait that I never wanted to bring out
Well actually we did bring it out once when we first got on it which came about by pure accident
Gary and I went floater fishing and took a bag of pellet and I noticed some of it was sinking
In fact in the beginning we thought it was a bag of sinking pellet
but no it must have been a faulty reject batch because we noticed in the end that between ten and twenty percent was sinking and that’s its secret
As it drifts out across the lake a certain element of it sinks and even on those days where you would never seem to get the carp up on the top
they'll come up looking for this it’s drifting down amongst them and they think ‘what’s that?’ and go up looking for it
I’m sure its imitating an insect hatch and that’s why it smells like insect larvae it has amazing fish drawing properties
I’ve never known a substance like it
We did bring it out originally in the early nineties and called it the Riser Pellet
but there was a lot less anglers on floater gear then and it didn’t sell very well
so I rapidly withdrew it as quickly as I could so I could keep it as a secret
I used it on Final Account when I was struggling to get the carp up on the surface there
As you know those of you that have seen it or read the press the rest is history I caught a record brace so if you like the secret was out
Riser pellet like I said it’s wicked
How do you fish it? Catapult it out keeping it drifting down with the wind over the fish
as the bait starts sinking down they will come up looking for it
A great tip here I mentioned about the Zig Bugs and that I had an edge to tell you later
It works brilliantly when you are on Zig rigs especially in the spring when it is warming up
The sun is out but the carp don’t want to go up that last foot or two of water they come up looking for the Riser pellet but the won’t come to the surface
That’s the time to nail them with a Zig
We caught loads on the prototype Zig Bugs fishing it with Riser pellet floating and drifting over the top
It’s awesome
We’ve made a range of affordable rods
of unbelievable quality
In fact Terry (Edmonds) has cast the twelve foot three and a half over one hundred and seventy five yards
Down at a local Essex syndicate with Winston and Oli trying to do some filming for the 2012 DVD
To be quite frank I’m not doing a great job I’m making plenty of mistakes and this is really not helping matters
We are on a tight schedule here and the sun is going down but blow me down I have ended up hooking a carp
Winston did tell me not to put the rods out but I didn’t listen it just looked good for a bite so I flicked them out and away its gone
and it doesn’t feel like a bad fish
I don’t want to rush it
This is actually the first time I have used these Entity Rods
Don’t get me wrong I have had a few casts when the lads were developing them but not actually fished with them
Having fished with three and a half pound test curves for the last four or five years to have a bend in a three pound rod is actually really nice
and a lot more enjoyable than those stiff rods
Massive distraction but it’s a carp so happy days
I’m chuffed
Right in the middle of filming the barrow piece for the 2012 DVD one of my rods has ripped off what a pretty little November common
Can’t complain but we are losing the light so I am going to have to get this one slipped back and get on with the job in hand
I think I’ll leave the rods out for now otherwise we’ll never get this done
Let's get it back
Al just look at me with it
Yeah mate
Caught on a weed rig
Check that out
Get your head round that one guys
How did it suck it in?
Life can be so funny at times a year ago on Tackle Revolution
I did a feature on unhooking mats you may recall and said frankly that I believed the Carp Cradle was the only mat to buy
because it suspended the carp off the ground completely safe
Couldn’t bash its head against the bank I said the problem was that they were expensive and we couldn’t sell them
Since then we can’t keep them in stock would you believe haven’t managed to keep them in stock all year
So that’s great people are now recognizing the advantages of the Carp Cradle
and how safe they are for carp
and then we start getting feedback from guys they want a more expensive one would you believe
So I’ve done one this the Carp Cradle Deluxe
Mainly what people were asking for was adjustable legs for uneven ground yeah I could relate to that in the beginning
but as I mentioned it was about trying to get the price down so now people love and want it we’ve done this new version
It’s got adjustable legs so it’ll deal with any amount of rough ground up to about four or five inches
You’ve also got this padded knee mat so you can get right under it and keep comfortable with your knees not dig them into hard ground
and a pocket for the essential Medicarp which no good caring carp angler should go without
I started the company with carp care products and I’m proud that we are still market leaders
I’m always thinking about it and listening to punters there’s another example of where we have listened to our customers
Our sling retainers are great we love them weight was the issue to some people
They were saying they were just too heavy to zero on their scales so we looked at it and have now come up with this fiberglass bar
instead of the big metal tubular bar and we’ve run foam all the way along it so it’s increased the buoyancy
Some anglers complain that with all the makes of sling retainer that the carp jump out of the top
They can do especially grass carp I had one do it to me
So people have started putting zips in but I think this is a much easier idea just to have Velcro all the way down it
Your little finger holds the middle to open it up loads of grip
No carp will jump out of that
So there you have it slightly revised and improved Sling Retainers for 2012
Jamie Clossick is a great friend of mine and also an angler for whom I have the greatest respect
but even I am blown away by the results that he’s had this year
Rock on Jamie!
Hi my name is Jamie Clossick
I’ve been trying to catch a forty pounder from my home county of Lancashire for quite a few years now
I live in Blackpool and most of my fishing has been down South which is a good two hundred miles
With the price of fuel and the fact that I’ve always wanted to catch a big fish locally which wasn’t possible a few years ago
I decided that this was the year to have a really good go
I’ve caught a few of the potential forties previously one of them three times up to thirty nine pounds twelve
but I’d never actually had the magical forty pounder
The only one left on an accessible lake that I could actually get a ticket for was a fish known as Angry which lives in the Manchester Park Lake
I decided that this spring that’s where I was going to be fishing and Angry was the fish that I was going to catch
Now I’d previously had ago three years ago and I had a good dozen fish from the lake
and I feel like I know how to catch carp from there but I’d never had any of the Bigguns
Angry has only been caught maybe five times in the last ten years prior to this year
Just fishing for showing fish was not going to catch me Angry most people don’t catch it that way
It’s normally doing something a little different or away from the pack
from the sightings that I’d seen it usually wasn’t too far away from the other fish
but never in the same peg so my plan was to get close to the fish but not on them just to do something slightly different
So I started fishing the lake as usual my usual rigs usual blowback rigs with a Twister usual bait I was on the Monster Squid this year
because I absolutely love the banana that’s in the bait itself that was the edge to me
That was the only bait that I am going to use for the foreseeable future
it’s too busy to bait the lake regularly because somebody is going to be fishing over your spots
So the plan was to fish as many different pegs as possible to keep moving and getting bait in all round the lake
and just fishing over the dozen or maybe twenty spods that I was quite comfortable fishing my rig over
One of the areas that I’d seen fish on a regular basis was a peg called The Monument it is an area called The Bay where fish turn up regularly
but I’d been seeing a big fish jump possibly Angry I’m not one hundred percent sure but this fish was definitely a loner showing over in that corner
So even though fish were grouped up that end on the far side up that end but up the far side I thought no
I’m going to stick to my guns and get in The Monument
So I’ve set my kit up and I’m not in a major rush to get the rods out
because the fish were actually on the other side of the lake but I had a feeling that when
they came out of the bay that they would be coming out on my side at night
I was setting up near the fish not on them I wasn’t in a major rush until I was sat down just getting my rig ready for the first rod
and a small fish not a big one maybe a twenty pounder just popped its head out thirty yards out straight in front of me
That’ll do for me I thought I knew it was quite weedy but there were definitely drops you could get
You could get the lead hitting the bottom I wasn’t going to bother with the marker so that’s where my first rod was going
just near where I had seen this fish I put the hook bit out and it had gone out with a nice donk
I got the throwing stick out and I put exactly sixty Monster Squid boilies round it
Just plop plop plop only fifteen millers so they didn’t make too much disturbance and that was it I got the rest of the rods sorted
All three rods out I’ve sat down relaxing mainly waiting for the evening because I thought the bulk of the fish were on the other side of the lake
I’d wait for them to come round my side and hopefully pick them up in the evening or maybe in the morning
I’ve just sat down and looked out in front of me and an unmistakable fish popped its head up right on the spot where I’d put my first rod out
It was Mr. Angry
It only came up just up to its gill cover but enough to see the hump on its back and I thought that’s the one it was the right colour
I thought ‘I think that was it’ but I just tried to remain calm
I just sat there and pumped the stove up dropped the kettle on it ready to make a brew
and whack it was off!
That same rod ripped and as I ran down to the rod I just had that gut feeling it was that fish
I leant into it and it felt pretty heavy it was kiting to the right
It hit the surface straight away and I didn’t know it at the time but that is a characteristic of that fish
Straight away my knees were going I’m playing the fish and its kiting up to the right
Its gone through my other rods and I’m passing it underneath playing it in
By now I’ve got a bit of a crowd in the swim with six or seven people knocking about with a few young kids
It’s a public lake and I’m playing this fish of a lifetime really and I’ve had fish up to fifty eight and a half pounds in England
This was the one I wanted to catch there was no other fish I wanted to catch more than this fish
and I was probably attached to it I'm playing it, it was ripping line off the clutch and going all over the place
Not a major battle but it’s a heavy fish as we guided it in I’d seen it roll over on the surface
the sort of way it’s mouth comes out of the water and you can see the hook the bait in its mouth and everything
Definitely hook pull territory you don’t want to see its head flop if its too far out to net
Its head has flopped over and my heart was in my mouth I think it was Roger that netted it and I remember shouting at him
‘Get out there with that net’ because it was beached on its side and it was sliding over the net cord so I shouted Get out there and net it!
He did it was in the net and a scream went up from everybody it was the most anticipated capture there was
because it hadn’t been out for over two years some people were saying it wasn’t there any more
I knew it was I’d seen a big fish show and deep down I knew that big fish I’d been seeing was Mr. Angry
I was in no doubt it was there but with it not being caught for such a long time everyone was a bit apprehensive about the weight of it
Was it going to be its biggest ever possibly a Lancashire record?
It was
Forty four pounds ten ounces I think it was probably one of the best captures I’ve ever had
I don’t think a Nash Tackle DVD would be complete without a section on the Indulgence Bedchairs
The question for me really was what to make it about because everybody knows about the Indugence they are that famous they are that popular
There is probably not a top carp angler in the country that isn’t on them including the ones that are sponsored by other companies
Keeping them secret in their bivvies
So here are some questions and myths that I am often asked
One myth that we often got asked about last year it’s died down a bit now is when are we bringing a memory foam mattress out?
Answer: Never
We had tested memory foam three or four years ago well before every man and his dog started bringing them in from China last year the reason we rejected memory foam is quite simple
It hasn’t got a place on bedchairs in winter it goes rock hard and in summer it goes red hot and sweaty it’s as simple as that really
It actually shrinks in winter as well
It’s amazing I actually saw one website by a company selling memory foam bedchairs explaining why it shrinks four inches in winter it’s a ridiculous material and it has no place in carp fishing
Ok moving on next why don’t we make a flat bedchair?
The simple reason is because when I designed the Indulgence range I designed them with a physician we looked at how you should lay
how your spine should be and your head when you are asleep and that is when you are laying your spine is in line
and you have a small amount of pillow underneath to give the correct line and that is exactly what is happening with this pillow
If you sleep on your side it is the distance between here and your ear and again that is giving you support
It is bad practice to sleep flat without a pillow which is why we don’t make them flat but if an angler does want them flat just pull the pillow off and jack the leg up
and you can make it perfectly flat but medically it is not recommended
A lovely little story here which came up recently that I am proud of we had a letter from a guy in Holland who has got a very bad back issue
and he was told by his doctor that if he continued to go carp fishing his medical insurance wouldn’t pay out
He took his bedchair in to the doctor and they took it away to be to be tested and inspected and it came back that provided he used the Indulgence bedchair he could go carp fishing
That’s how much thought and effort we put into these bedchairs which is why they have the reputation they have often copied but the copies don’t understand what goes into the Indulgence
I’m always asked about the differences in the range so now I’ll try and go through the range and explain as simply as I can the differences
We’ve trimmed the range down to make it as easy to understand as possible there is now only one range of bedchairs that’s bedchairs not Sleep Systems
and they come in three leg four leg wideboy and standard width so that’s four models really
There’s a three leg model and you can have that in two widths then there’s this four leg model that you can have in two widths as well
This an Indulgence Sleep System there are five models in the range
but before I go through that I want to talk about the Sleep Systems themselves
because it’s clear talking to anglers a lot haven’t recognized the benefits of them
When we first used bedchairs we used to use them as a chair in the day
so you’d drag them out of your brolly and crank the back up and use it as a chair
Now I always just use it as a bed so why go to the hassle of having a bedchair
which you then have to slip a sleeping bag on to and take it off if it is too bulky to fold up etcetera etcetera
But there is a lot more to the Sleep System than that and until you really lay in one you can’t tell
So go in your local shop and ask the guy if you can get in that’s when you’ll start seeing the difference
and the first difference you’ll see just like your bed at home you are laying on a firm mattress
It’s not twisting and moving like a sleeping bag does that is attached to the bedchair that is a mega difference so you can easily get out
and you don’t get uncomfortable at night or all tangled up in it plus you have got more room because the zip is on the outside
It’s much more roomy round your legs it’s easy to get out of as well
The zip is more fixed so the crash zip opens better they have two layers to the duvet a clever system
You’ll note there that there is a top layer which you’ll only need in the worst of weather and it completely zips off
So in summer you can just use the one layer as soon as it starts getting cool you can use the second layer
On those red hot steamy nights you can take the mattress off and just have the mesh
another one of the patents that Nash have coming through it’s the only system that whatever the temperature zone
whether its red hot or freezing cold it deals with it for you so that’s the Sleep System very briefly
There’s a three leg version now it’s worth noting that the three leg version has short legs
It’s designed for the ardent angler if you like the real keenie tucked under an umbrella and that comes in two widths
Standard width and Wideboy so remember that again if you consider a three leg its legs are much shorter
So here’s the latest innovation in the Indulgence range the carp world’s first double bed The Emperor
Don’t laugh take this one seriously and indeed I a lot have we’re selling loads
I think it’s got two purposes really obviously for the couple going fishing
but also for the bigger guy or the guy who wants more comfort especially on those long sessions
and it’s worth pointing out to you that it actually takes up less room in your bivvy than two bedchairs
because you haven’t got that gap that the hand wheels and the feet cause when you put the bedchairs together
So it’s a practical bedchair and worth looking at if you go with a partner or you want extra comfort
So there you have it an in brief look at the carp world’s best bedchairs The Indulgence
Any questions or queries you can always ring us at Nash Tackle or contact me on my Facebook
See you on the bank
Back again the lights fading fast I want to get my rods out
but first I want to run through some of the new 2012 luggage items first up we’ve got the rod skins
We’re only doing a two rod and a single rod version in the 12 foot and 13 foot from now on no more three rod version
Our thinking being the guy that fishes with two rods can use the double rod setup the guy who’s fishing with three rods can get a double
and then he can attach a single to the other side if you use four rods then you can get two doubles
Therefore there is no real need for us to do a three rod version
The new rod skins are absolutely luxuriously padded inside to protect your expensive rods
and they’ve now been sculpted and shaped to really fit the rods and reels inside right up to the biggest of the big pit reels
On the two rod version you’ve got this bankstick pouch here capable of storing two bite alarms throwing sticks and banksticks inside
You’ve still got your lead pouches a handy little pouch when you are detaching your leads after fishing
so they are no banging around on your expensive carbon all in all a really pukka product
Certainly more and more anglers are swaying towards using skins now as opposed to the more conventional rod holdalls
The Barrowlogix cube one serious bag
It’s been specifically designed to accommodate all your fishing equipment That’s everything from food to bait to tackle to spare clothes
You name it it goes inside this bag it’s been designed with two carry handles
This drops directly over the wheel of your barrow putting all the weight exactly where you need it
to give you a nice balanced push when you are going to your swim
You’ve got an additional shoulder strap if you wish to stick it on your shoulder so lets open it up and have a look inside
It folds completely flat and exposes these various compartments it’s up to you as an angler how you store the various bits of equipment inside
But as an example this largest compartment has been designed to accommodate a TT Rig Station if you wish
I’ve got all my terminal tackle bits inside here my big Soft Box full of all my terminal tackle items
some smaller pouches for some other bits like marker floats and spods etc
Here you’ve got the Two Rod Buzz Bar Pouch this is another new luggage item in the Nash range for 2012
More and more anglers are swaying towards using two rod setups with really short two rod buzz bars
So we’ve decided to introduce this into the range it’s perfectly adequate in size to accommodate
buzz bars bite alarms banksticks receiver and stabilizers there is a small zipped compartment
where you can store all your butt rests and stage stands swingers indicators and the like
Really really useful bit of kit if you are one of those guys that’s fishing with a two rod setup
Running through the other various compartments you have a long compartment here
great for storing longer banksticks throwing sticks clothing it really is up to you guys I’ve got my rig boards in here
It’s just a great way of storing all your gear in a logical and organized manner
Moving over to this side we’ve got a large compartment here I’m using this for my water and also my Brew Kit Bag
The Brew Kit Bag is another product well worth mentioning we all like a cup of tea or coffee when we’re on the bank
We’ve now brought you a dedicated bag to house all your brew kit items including your stove whether that be a gas or a Coleman
Cups milk there’s a small insulated compartment here all the essentials you need to make a brew whilst on the bank
Moving back over to this compartment again we’ve got an insulated compartment here
You can keep your bacon eggs when you are away for a weekend session there is enough room in there to store some fresh food
and keep it fresh for the duration of your stay
and flipping back across to this side this is where I am keeping all my bait Pop-ups catapults dips and glugs etc
and then again you have got another insulated compartment if you are fishing with freezer bait that will keep your bait nice and fresh
for the duration of your fishing situation it really is a special bit of kit
It allows the angler to be a lot more organized I’m going to show you one more thing that the bag does
I’m going to show you one more thing that the bag does this is for once you have got all the bits of vital equipment you need out
There are two further buckles and clips if you detach these you can actually completely detach one whole side
This can then be stored under either the head end or foot end of your bedchair
Exactly the same on the other side if I just zip these up flip this over
click the the two buckles and unzip it the whole lot can be detached and put again under another end of your bedchair
Leaving you with the main carcass which fits nice and neatly under the centre
A really great bit of luggage if you take a lot of equipment with you and you want to keep organized whilst you are on the bank
Moving on and then I really need to get my rods out the last couple of bits of luggage that are new for this year
We’ve got the Sleeping Kit Compact we have sold a very similar bag to this for a number of years now
called the Sleeping Kit it was much larger you could get at least two sleeping bags in it
with shrouds and pillows this year we have made a more refined smaller version it’s absolutely great
It features these external compression straps on the outside to open it up you’ve got a big zip that runs the full length
and inside you can store a sleeping bag if you wish a Shroud and pillow I’m using it now
It’s November it’s getting colder I’m taking extra warm clothing with me so I’m packing all my clothing inside here
Underneath all that you’ve got two more compression straps and I’ve got a pillow and Shroud etc
A really useful bag for keeping stuff in that can be compressed down nice and tight
and last but not least we’ve got the Uni Chair Bag
We sell a number of different chairs we didn’t want to create a bag for each individual chair
so we’ve got a universal chair bag that works with every single one in our range
Inside I’ve got the Nomad Ultralight one of the smallest chairs we sell this particular bag will accommodate everything up to the Big Daddy Chair
which is quite frankly enormous it will all go inside this bag
It works in a way that you have these Velcro straps I’ve tucked these down nicely inside so it’s nice and compact
and on the side you’ve got pull in ties to get your package nice and small
and that’s about if for the luggage for 2012 there’s some really nice bits here make sure you check it out guys
I’m going to get my rods out and try and catch myself another fish
Well there you go
I hope that you enjoyed that insight into the last year at Nash some of the great new products we’ll be bringing out next year
and some remarkable stories by remarkable people
Me my year well what can I say?
I set out to catch a fish that I’ve been after for a long time The Emperor
and by the time you see this DVD my DVD The Final Account will be out where I was lucky enough to catch her
and jammily in a brace the UK’s biggest ever brace
I then went on to catch several more good carp because I saw the chance of a British Record I failed in that but who knows what will happen tomorrow
Along the way I really got to know the Sirens they taught me so much
I have suspected for several years that carp have really upped the game in the rig stakes
and when we sit there thinking we blanked we didn’t actually blank
they’ve taken our rigs and got rid of our rigs without us knowing
But as my DVD The Final Account shows I just didn’t know how serious the problem was and I had instances where carp were hooked up for a couple of hours
At least the Sirens show me that is going on now and now I know that I can work on my rigs
and I’m working towards what I consider the ultimate rig to get the takes going again
The rods they were a big challenge we haven’t spoken about the rods but they were late basically because of the cosmetics
We thought we had them right so me and Terry just concentrated on sheer action making the most awesome casting rods but a proper fishing rod as well
We never realized how important it was to people that they looked right well we’ve finally got that right I think and they look stunning
I’m so pleased with them and more to the point the response I’ve got from people who know about rods
I’m very proud of the Amorphous which was a rod that set a precedent in the nineties I think the NR’s are the best rods since then they really are the future
Chain Reaction I spoke about that earlier another offshoot of Chain Reaction if you like was my work this year with rock salt
A big secret but not a big secret lots of people have spoken about but few have used it
So throughout my fishing this year I experimented with it in depth and I’m on it I’m convinced with it it’s just the application
I wasn’t happy to use it with PVA bags that was one of the reasons that Chain Reaction came about
because I know carp have wised up to PVA bags so in the end Chain Reaction and Soluballs were the answer
when we found those ways of applying it that’s going to be a big one over the next year or two I think
Rock salt in Chain Reaction and Soluballs
Right I could go on but I’ve just been told by our very very famous cameraman Winston that I’ve got to wrap it so it’s goodbye from me and goodbye from him
But before I go thank you so much for supporting Nash we wouldn’t be the company we are without your support
Keep on buying the gear keep on ringing us keep on telling us what we do right and what we do wrong because we listen
and have a great season yourselve�