Interview with ceh9 @ IEM 6 GC Kiev

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jan 22, 2012

- Hello everybody!
We are interviewing
the Intel Extreme Masters Kiev champion
Arseniy Trynozhenko.
Say hello.
- Hi!
- And here comes the 1st question…
it’s only few minutes passed after the game,
you are overfilled with emotions…
so tell us about your first impressions
after the long-awaited victory.
- Well, the victory was easy on the one hand,
but it was very complicated on the other one.
Previous year we were unable to win
any serious tournament
except for the Intel Extreme Masters in March.
There were some in-team problems,
but we managed to solve them.
We practiced much before this tournament
and overcame SK Gaming –
one of the strongest teams in the world.
So we are doubly glad.
Moreover we beat them after the defeat
in the group stage, and didn’t give them a chance
by winning both maps.
I feel totally fantastic.
I would like this tournament to be the start
of a fabulous year.
I hope we can proceed the way we started the year.
- Tell us about the last two games.
They were absolutely stunning.
You managed to execute 100% of your plan.
What was the reason for performing
with such a devastating score?
- I don’t even know how to explain…
We really practiced a lot,
we believed in this victory
and our desire to win was extremely high.
I guess the support of our fans was important as well.
Our competitors were unable to focus on the game.
Of course our performance was the main factor.
I mean the deciding moments
on inferno map when we held position in 3vs3 situation
or defended while being in minority.
All these rounds affected competitors’ result.
We anticipated their movements basing on our previous games
i.e. basing on our defeat at ESWC.
We didn’t give them a chance to summon up
and break the course of events.
We put the squeeze on them on inferno map.
On de_train there was not much to do.
We took the knives and showed
our crazy de_train defense.
We didn’t give them a chance on defense.
- And the last question.
It was the 1st tournament captained by starix.
It was also the 1st tournament
you won with the new captain.
How d’you feel about your new game style?
- I wouldn’t say it changed fundamentally.
The one new thing is absence of AWP on some maps
and presence of Zeus with his amazing individual aim.
He doesn’t think of the team movements anymore.
Of course he assists starix from time to time
as starix is yet an inexperienced captain.
Generally speaking we are not newcomers in the e-sports.
We possess 2 years of experience and
many victories on serious tournaments.
So it’s not complicated for starix to lead us.
We understand his plans from half word
and put them into reality instantly.
- I see.
Thank you for the interview.
Good luck on the Grand Finals.
Have a good rest.
- Thank you too.
- Give me five!