Real Love, Episode 4, Chapter 3

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You are a poet!
I can call another girl if you want
No worries! I must go soon
Bernarda's friend...Humberto What is his last name?
I think is Peñalverde
It's a lot of money!
But if you are thinking to ask me something ilegal...
Oh no, it's not ilegal!
It's just about to do a favor to your friend!
I just need you to be the actress!
Then you'll become somebody else
What kind of person?
What are you doing here?
We have to talk!
But not here in my bed!
I came this morning to talk to your father
Nobody told me anything!
I'm not surprised
Your mother talked to me
There's nothing we can do, Matilde! Your family will never let us get married!
But you have to talk to papa He have another opinion!
I have no doubts!
I can't give up on you I love you more than my life!
Oh, me too!
Come with me!
Please don't ask me something like that! My family would be humiliated and I would be called a prosti...
This is not going to happen because, baby, we are going to marry!
I'm afraid!
I know!
Trust me! We love each other! We'll be strong to overcome this problems!
It will be better to us, please!
Don't say no!
I can't live without you!
I'm sorry to come here and bother you, General
Doña, your visit it's a honour!
So tell me! I heard Hilário is sick
Yes, unfortunate is truth He almost had a heart attack
Oh, that's too bad!
If you need some help just tell me! I'm here to serve you
I knew you would help me So I decided to came here
Because I don't want to ask this to my husband
I'm afraid if he knows about it he gets worse!
It's about my daughter, Matilde
There is a man who is foolishing her!
She is a decent and educated girl
I have no doubts, m'am
But she is so naive and this pervert wants to take advantage of her inocence!
Who is he?
He is an opportunist!
He doesn't have a fortune! He doesn't belong to our social position!
Tell me his name, Doña Augusta!
Adolfo Soliz
He is a military
How are you feeling, papa?
What about you?
You seems a little pale
It's the flu!
Tell me about the party
I had fun! But I'm worried, papa
Because the problems of the family
If you are talking about the money problems, don't worry We'll figure out it!
In case we can't fix this there's no problem to live with less money
It's exactly what I think!
Besides the most important is not to be rich or have properties...
The most important is to have a heart!
We need to have a good soul, to be kind...
To help people...
This is the most important to me, papa!
Don't you think?
Of course!
Come in!
Excuse me, Sir!
There's a woman at the door She wants to talk to the girl
She wants to talk to me? Who is she?
Doña Adelaide Sandoval de Soliz
De Soliz?
Do you know her?
Maybe she is from the Orphanage and wants your help
Go see her and come back to talk to me
Yes, papa! Excuse me
Good morning
Do you wanna talk to me?
Are you Ms. Matilde de Peñalverde Y Veristein?
Now I know why my husband doesn't want me anymore!
You are beautiful...educated and rich
Sorry but I'm afraid I don't understand
I've been married with Tenent Soliz for 5 years now!
We have a son!
Adolfo Soliz?
Since he came to work here he never coming back to Malta City and he didn't send me money either
No, this is impossible!
Adolfo is not married!
I'm telling the truth! If you don't believe me just ask him!
What's going on here?
Who is this woman?
Adelaide Sandoval de Soliz, m'am
This is not right! You are lying!
No, I'm not lying!
Adolfo Soliz is my husband! The father of my son!
And if you don't believe me let's go to the quarter and we'll see if he'll deny on my face!
No, Matilde! For the love of God! You won't to participate of it!
I need to know, mama!
Please, Doña, let your daughter come with me
Besides my husband already knows that I was coming here to tell her the truth...
Alright! Thank you very much But now I want you get away from here!
No, please, tell me you are lying! Please!
Let me go with her, mama!
Are you insane, Matilde?
Are you going to fight with this woman because of that man?
Are you really going crazy?
Mama please, I beg you! I need to know!
You go away right now!
Alright, m'am!
That's enough!
This is not truth, mama! This woman is lying! I'm sure she is lying!
Please, calm down! Calm down!
I can't believe it!
What happened?
Humberto sent this woman to help us and I went to talk to General Prisco Dominguez
What did he say?
He said he'll figure out!
Do you think they'll kill him?
Oh, I wish they would do this!
I think they'll just send him to another town!
So now is your turn to help us and talk to Matilde! Don't forget I give you a place to live, food and clothes!
Yes, I know I'm dressing your old fashion clothes!
I think it's better for you to convince my daughter to marry Fuentes Guerra or you won't dress my old fashion clothes anymore!
And be careful to Matilde don't find out because I don't know if the General have done with that bastard!
Are you going out?
Yes, I'm going to the quarter
No, baby, wait!
I need to talk to Adolfo, aunt! I'm sure this woman is lying
How do you know?
Why this woman would do this?
I don't know! But it's impossible he is cheating me like that!
No, Matilde! Matilde wait!
Darling, wait! Don't be so stuborn! Your mother won't like it!
Besides is not good for your reputation to go alone to a quarter! People will talk!
You are not going anywhere!
I have to talk to Adolfo, mama! I can't live with this doubt!
The daughter of General Peñalverde won't go alone to a quarter like a prostitute!