How to replace window snap-in glazing

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Hey it's Mike from and today I am going to show you how to remove and replace
your existing vinyl snap-in
the only tool you need for this exercise is a flat head screw driver
and for safety I'll be wearing 75-078 safety glasses
and wearing the 75-073 cut resistant gloves
we're going to begin the tutorial at one of the top corners of the window frame
where the snap-in is a bit shorter
notice the snap-in overlaps here at the corners
take your flathead screwdriver and tuck it underneath one of the corners
slide it through to the opposite corner
and this should knock out the snap-in, lets take it out and flip it over to the
other side
alright same thing with the other side, lets tuck in the flat head screwdriver and
drag it through to the corner
and remove this portion of the snap in and pull it out
and lets rotate and do the sides of the window frame
allright same thing for the sides, we are just going to take the flat head in here
and run it along the edge
and remove this portion
and lets repeat this step for the last side of the window frame
and remove the last piece of the snap-in
after we remove the old snap-in we are going carefully remove the old glass from the
window frame
lift up one end of the frame and with one hand gently push up the piece glass
so you can secure it with the opposite hand
make sure you keep your old glass handy so you can take it to your local glass repair shop and have them cut you a
new piece with the same measurements
now take your new piece of glass and gently place it into the window frame
you should have about 1/16 of an inch space between the edge of you glass and the inside
of your window frame this will give you the space needed for the installation of
your snap-in
if you're having trouble identifying your snap-in, go to our discussion board
where you can submit a photo or drawing of the profile of your snap-in and let one of
our experts help you pick out a replacement
the next step is to install your new snap-in
we're going to begin at the longer sides of the window frame
at the bottom of the snap-in you will notice a small lip, this is where the snap-in will fit
in between your window frame and glass
start in the middle and use your index finger to press down on the snap-in until it is secure
then press outward on the snap-in to the corners of the window frame
for the shorter sides of your window cut the end of your snap-in to match the angle of
your old snap-in
then begin securing your snap-in into the frame, again starting in the center
and pushing to the corners
thanks for watching this tutorial if you have any questions on this exercise or
any other parts
visit us online at