Parasha Ki Tavo letalmidei YESHUA (with captions)

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and will be when you enter the land that Yhuh your Elohim gives you for inheritance
and possess it and dwell in it and you take of firstfruits of all fruit of the ground
which thou shalt bring of thy land
that Yhuh your Elohim gives you to inherit
then put in a basket, and go to the place your Elohim, Yhuh choose
for his name to dwell there
parasha "Ki Tavo"
begins in Deuteronomy 26 and I read verse 1 and 2
"Ki Tavo"
when you enter,
and this parasha ends in chapter 29 verse 8
"Bruchim Habai­m" welcome dear brothers in the mighty Name
Blessed are they the come in the name of YESHUA to Him be all the Glory and
all Honor, let's spend some time in Spirit and in Truth, we are going to sit
together with the brothers
as Psalm 133 says look how good living
together or sit as it says in Hebrew
Brother's together
"heine ma tov u ma Yachad Naim Shevet Achim gam" is like the precious oil on the
head down upon the beard of Aaron's beard
descending on the edge of the garments of Aaron
then we have a holy convocation now
we can rest in the Tora,
that is the truth,
and exalt the name of YESHUA
at the feet of our master as always, for it ( Tora)comes from the
wisdom and knowledge of Him only because He is the Truth and the Life and
Resurrection and we give all the glory and all the honor.
Bless you YESHUA "Adonenu" we thank you for this opportunity, because
you allowed us to get so far ahead in the entire Tora to
Deuteronomy, and we arrived already at the end of the book
and it is by your grace that we got here
because all we have and all that we are, we have received from you
YESHUA, our Master. We invite you to come as our Teacher
let us sit under your feet and listen to your wonderful Tora
let us be one in Spirit and Truth with my brothers who are
Lord, all around the earth, with those disciples yours, YESHUA
Lord let us be one in YESHUA
Help us all in your Spirit, that every lie disappears
bring us together with you Lord
as has not been seen before Lord
for it to be released, the authority that you give into that unity
YESHUA, we Love you very much, Lord. continue the work in our
loved ones, protect them,YESHUA Bring them to you, show them the Truth
YESHUA free them of lies
changing hearts Lord, put your Spirit in them Lord we pray in
Your powerful Name YESHUA and the son's Lord pour out new gifts
and new anointings YESHUA
Lord, yes Lord do a new work in them Lord, let your fire Lord
burn in them, and not only them but also in All, because
You said that unless we became like children we could not get into the
Kingdom, help us to be like children, in this second
and at all times because we need to follow you wherever you go dear Lord
so that we do,
we see the prophecy fulfilled as said the prophet Yochanan, Lord
he saw the Lamb on Mount Tsion and the 144,000 who followed the
Lamb wherever He went, then we want to be those YESHUA
son's who follow the Lamb wherever he goes, help us to do
with simplicity of heart with joy with joy YESHUA, we renounce all
pattern's in our minds to stop the move of your Spirit and Your Kingdom
in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones in our
cities of our nations, Lord stronghold's are destroyed in your name
powerful, in the name of YESHUA! and proclaim that each of us is free
Lord is free to believe in the work that you do, is free to
YESHUA trust you because who
You truly set free YESHUA is freed
truly free
Lord then we can go up with wings as eagles, Lord
and fly, Lord in your prophecies in the wind of your "Ruach" YESHUA, what you
give Lord, we hold onto and we sustain what your wind blow on us
and not on things of man, not the God in science, medicine, no Lord, not
Astronomy Lord, not laws of physics, but in the wind
Your "Ruach" YESHUA,that blow's Lord. We hold onto you YESHUA to fly with you
and we look forward and announce that you come YESHUA
You YESHUA, we announce soon and your people to be prepared because the
manifestation of your coming is near and very close YESHUA, and announce
with a voice of the shofar your people to be prepared because you will come, here
YESHUA, your coming soon, and the Spirit and the Bride say, "come Ruach"
"Hakala omrim: Bo bo YESHUA" "come, come YESHUA"
and to those listening say, Come YESHUA, and we say: Come YESHUA, YESHUA
manifest your kingdom in our midst
teach your wonderful Tora, let us enjoy your presence
this meeting in the name of YESHUA
in your wonderful name we love so much, Amen

in verse 2, the Lord commanded that after crossing the Jordan
then the son's of Israel will take of the firstfruits
the first fruits of the ground
of this land that the Lord gives, the holy land and will put in a basket
and go to the place you choose YESHUA
our Elohim
for his name to dwell there
I mention then that there is a lot to know about Jerusalem
But, let's give a little background
why the place is Jerusalem
As we know this place, Jerusalem
well this is from the time of King David, when
Elohim makes a covenant with King David
and promises that his son is going to build the house of the Lord
King David, the servant, His servant David that the Lord calls
who was led to conquering Jerusalem
the revelation about this place
the site will become where His Temple will be
David comes into
a trial with the Lord, so David does
a census in Israel, this in the first book of Chronicles 21
says, but the enemy stood up against Israel and inclined to
David to number Israel, this greatly displeased the Lord and in the
end sends a prophet against David to tell him choose between
three trials, that the Lord is going to do against him, and says the trials are three years
famine, or three months to be defeated before the enemy, or for three days
the sword the Lord, this is a plague in the land, and David decides the third option in
this trial, then comes a plague on Israel and in Israel is killed 70,000
men, and verse 15 says, sending the angel of Yhuh, angel of Yerushalaim
to destroy
but when he was destroying, He looked, Yhuh
and Elohim repented of the evil, he repented says the Hebrew, when translated
then repented,
said to the angel that was destroying
Enough with thine hand, the angel of Yhuh was by the threshing floor of Ornan the
Now this Jebusite Ornan is an important person in our history
remember his name Ornan
the Jebusite
Then in verse 18 and the angel says Yhuh ordered gad, the
to say to David
to go up and build an altar
to Yhuh
in the place of Ornan the Jebusite
the same
Elohim reveals to David
to come up and build an altar to Yhuh in
the threshing site of Ornan the Jebusite
this place of Ornan the
Jebusites is
Mount Moriah
where will be built the Temple
King David bought
from Ornan the Jebusite this place
and verse 26 says And David built there an altar to Yhuh
which offered burnt offerings and invoked Yhuh Shalom, offering's of peace
who answered him with fire from heaven
Notice this is powerful manifestation of the Lord as was when His Glory
was manifest in the desert
in the Tabernacle was manifest, there His "Kabod" of the Lord and the
Lord Himself answered by fire and as he did with the prophet Elijah also
Then in chapter 22 verse one it says:
And David said, This is the house of Elohim Yhuh and here the altar of
fire offering's for Israel
and then continuing in Chapter 22 with all the preparations for the Temple
then that place was directed by David to build Elohim
an altar there in this place where He answered by fire
and then we know that Elohim chose Jerusalem and if this is not
enough, the Psalms are full of that, Psalm 132 verse 13
says: Why
has chosen Tsion, Yhuh
desired it for His Dwelling, it is forever the place of My rest
here will I dwell for I have desired it
say's the Lord, a chosen nation, and Psalm 87 verse 1 and 3
Yhuh loves the gate's of Tsion more than the dwellings of Jacob
Glorious things are spoken of you, city of
Elohim or Tsion, Yerushalaim is Elohim's City, and also in the prophets
This is repeated.
the Lord calls prophets
to Yerushalayim
Your city, my city it says
in Isaiah 45:13,
or his holy mtn., as it is
in Isaiah 11:19, in Isaiah 56:7, Ezekiel 20:40, in Joel 2:1
in Joel 3:17, we're not going to read all the verses but
I want to express at this time
he clearly stated Elohim
has chosen Tsion, then to say that if Elohim has not
chosen Tsion you would have to completely erase the Prophets
Writings and Psalms
because the Tora does not appear choosing Tsion
in the Tora, the same Elohim is saying, that it is going to be a place
He will choose, in the future, to put his name
then; halleluYah
that place is Yerusahlaim
and this is most important
for us to remember, Isaiah 62 speaks, those who love Tsion will not
keep quiet
and we can not rest on Yerushalaim until it comes to
Brightness in righteousness and salvation and in deliverance lit with a torch, and then
Verse five says: For as a young man marries a virgin
so shall become betrothed to you your son's
and as the bridegroom rejoices
over the bride, so shall your Elohim Rejoice over you
Jerusalem is something important in the life of the disciples of YESHUA
it is paramount
blessings of delivering the Tora, the Tora promises
those who keep the commandments are subject
to our love
to Tsion
then I'm going to read here in Psalm 137 verse 5 to call
attention to it
it says, if I forget thee Jerusalem let my right hand wither, my tongue be
pasted to my palate
if you will not remember
if not Jerusalem be above, my chief joy
as the main thing my joy in Hebrew reads "the rosh semaech­"
as the head
or the first of my joy is Jerusalem
or you can see dear brother,
beloved brother this is very important
the judgment of all nations is going to be cast as the Love they have for
or hatred to their portion
it says that those who hate
Tsion will be turned back in shame
all that we've talked about Tsion now is to affirm and
reaffirm that the Lord chose Tsion
but he did not know, Moshe in His time
need to know this because then during this Parasha
we read
something that is associated with this
then the previous verse, verse 2 says that
bring the first fruits of the fruit of the ground to where Elohim choose
as a dwelling for
His name there, and verse three continue's
and go to the priest who is in those days, and say to him
Yhuh said, today, before your Elohim who have entered the land which he swore Yhuh
to our father's
to give us. the priest shall take the basket from your hand and put forward
on the Altar
of Yhuh your Elohim, and speak and say before your Elohim, Yhuh
wandering Aramean was my father who went down into Egypt with a few and lived there with people walking
and was there and became powerful and Great and a populous nation and mistreated us
the Egyptians
and afflicted us and laid upon us a heavy bondage
and cried to Yhuh "Elohei Elotenu" El of our fathers
and trampled Yhuh "Aleph Tav" Hearing our voice and saw "Aleph Tav" our affliction
and "Aleph Tav" our work "Aleph Tav" our oppression and so He brought us out of Egypt, Yhuh
with a strong hand and an outstretched arm and with great terror and with signs and
wonders and brought us to this place and gave us "Aleph Tav" this land,
land flowing with milk and honey and now we bring the firstfruits of fruit et
of the land you gave to me, Yhuh
and you place her before Yhuh your El and bow down before your Elohim, Yhuh
and you shall rejoice in all the good that He gave, your Elohim and your Yhuh
to house of, you and the Levite and the stranger in your midst
then this command to bring the first fruits of the land is not very
specific about what first fruits
Why He did not set a date and time which
probably is open
to take it any time when the harvest is as the people
have, if you have land, but yes this commandment
can be performed only after it has been chosen the
place where the Lord wants to live and put his name there, then it is
wonderful to go and be grateful to the Lord and give thanks for the first
fruits, it is a wonderful thing
power and honor to him with the first
fruits and rejoice, for the Lord said to rejoice, there in
Verse 11: And you shall rejoice in all the good that gave you your Elohim, Yhuh
and your house and the Levite and the stranger in your midst, all rejoice because
the Lord
ushered us
on this earth
and also brother although I have no land to plant
I'm glad that the Lord has fulfilled his promise, I do not want to focus on
me, but
my heart is very grateful that the Lord has brought me to this
land and has fulfilled his promise to give the land
to Abraham and his descendants
and here I am so He is fulfilling it and it is wonderful to
in the mighty name of YESHUA
because the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled
we read now in, verse 12: When you have finished paying your tithe et
all of tithe of production in the third year, the year of tithing and bring it to the Levite
for the fatherless and the widow and stranger and they eat it within your gates and be filled
This statement says that when people live far from the place where the
Lord will choose to put His Name
then once every three years the tithes are distributed on site to the
widow, the orphan, the stranger and the Levite
and say to Yhuh your Elohim take it to the holy house and also give
to the Levite, and the stranger, the fatherless and the widow, according to all thy
commandment that I ordered, I have not departed from your commandments
and do not forget
I ate it not in lawlessness and not remove it in uncleaness and not gave for one
for dead
I obeyed the voice of my Elohim, Yhuh
and did according to all that He Instructed me, looking down
from thy holy habitation
from the heavens and bless your people Israel and the land you gave
You swore to us as to our fathers, a land
flowing with milk and honey
on this day Yhuh your Elohim Instruct's you to the et statute's
and et these laws, and tonkeep them and as with all your heart
and with all your soul
to Yhuh as confessed today to be for you to Elohim and to walk in
his ways and keep his Instruction's and his commands and judgement's and
his voice and said today, Yhuh, you to be a treasure for a people special
as I speak to you and to obey all his commandments
and He will make thee high above all the nations that made He
you for a praise and fame
and for glory to be a holy people to Yhuh, Elohim
as discussed
Then in verse seventeen speaks, here we have confessed
to Yhuh our Elohim, to walk in your way and keep the statute's,
commandments, judgement's
and obey his voice
and Elohim
said today,
to be a Special people and to obey all his commandments
the Lord's people are called to obey his commandment's
the son's of Israel were judged by the Lord for not obeying the
commandments and not only have they been judged in the past, today also continue's in
being tried for the same thing exactly, for the same reason's come the judgement's
Look carefully at what I'm saying, the son's of Israel were judged for not obeying
the commandments
That means that if Elohim opens His arms to welcome the Gentiles to
might not be the Gentiles will be able to serve Him without
keeping the commandments, because this is exactly the kind of judgment that the
Lord does with the son's of Israel, He judge's the son's of Israel, and has been
judging throughout these centuries the son's of Israel, but he has
open arms to the Gentiles, the Gentiles can serve the
Lord also by keeping the commandments, it may be that the Lord
judged the apple of his eye for not keeping the commandments and will allow
Gentiles who keep the commandments to serve, that does make
sense but in the heart, not the mind, not in any wisdom, trials of
the Lord are the same for all
well as the Tora says if the Gentiles learned and want to be part of a
of Elohim
then they must be subjected to the same Tora of
Elohim, then He has taken us as a special treasure
by obeying His Voice
and keeping all his commandments
of course By the sacrifice of YESHUA
Chapter 27 verse 1
and commanded Moshe and the elders of Israel to the people saying keep
et all the commandment which I command you today and will be on the day
you et cross Yarden to the land that Yhuh your Elohim gives you that
take up for you, boulders go paint them with lime and write
all et the words of the Tora when crossing
When you enter the land that your Elohim gives you, Yhuh
land flowing with milk and honey
as Elohim Yhuh spoke to you from your father's
and will be as you cross
that you lift up them to cross et the Yarden et the
stones, these to set up
in day I commanded you
on Mount Ebal
and paint them with lime and set up altar there to Yhuh thy Elohim, altar
not lift up stones on them with iron, whole stones build et
Yhuh altar of you
and offer up burnt offerings on your Elohim, Yhuh
Shalom and offering sacrifice and eat there and rejoice before
Yhuh your Elohim
and write on the stones et
all words of
the Tora this
clearly, plainly.
throughout history, before it was chosen, Jerusalem as the place,
through the centuries there were many places where
were made sacrifices to the Lord, and this will be another place
to give sacrifice's of the Lord who will direct that an altar is made and is giving the
instruction here only because this will not happen until the son's
of Israel cross the Jordan
So here the Lord instructs the son's of Israel
build an altar in that place, as has been done, and even
instructed by the Lord many times in different places, the Lord will allow
them to make an altar for him, until it reaches the point that the Lord decides
and choose another location, and from that time the Tora says that He will not accept
other sacrifice, except in the place where he puts his name
so now we are still in that time, and at first, in the past and at the Yarden
this instruction will be fulfilled before the Lord revealed what was going to be the
He would be putting His name forever
Verse 9: And Moshe spoke to the priests the Levites, all Israel
saying be quiet and listen, on this day you become a people
to Yhuh your Elohim. And you hear Voice Yhuh et Elohim to do His
et commandments and his statutes which I command you today
and commanded Moses to the people in the day the one saying: These are for
blessing the people on Mount Gerizim, what the Lord will do now is
give an instruction for them to do, the following:
he will instruct in this place where the mountain
Gerizim and Mount Ebal are, which are two mountains that are
one against another, that is in Samaria
and the one mountain is about two thousand feet almost, and one mountain
slightly higher than the other, and the Lord will teach you, of the tribes of
Israel, He put some into one mountain and some in the other
and also instructed as we read
they make an altar in one of the mountain's on Mount Ebal
to get understanding how this situation will be
I will continue reading.
And he commanded Moshe to the people in the day saying that, they are to
bless the people on Mount Gerizim in your crossing et
the Yarden
Simeon, Levi and Judah and Isachar
and Yosef
and Benjamin
and they shall be for the curse on Mount Ebal Ruben, Gad, Asher
zbulum, Dan
and Naphtali
and they will respond back to the Levites, say to the men of Israel out loud;
what the Lord will do is that all the son's of Israel will make a
proclamation here on this mountain where half of the son's of
Israel, being in one mountain that is the Mount
for the blessing
that Mount would be Gerizim
and the other half on Mount Ebal is for the curse
I do not know what mountain
because in the same mountain is the altar
this way it divides the Lord, now revelation about why
it is to this division
I have none
but we are learning what the Lord wants us to say by how it was done
and when this was, also because since the son's of Israel went
and crossed the Yarden
only after overcoming the city of Hai can they get to this place
that Moses had instructed them to
be able to do this rite
which really is not a rite
This is speaking more of what the Lord's Covenant is
the Lord will make a covenant with the son's of Israel
on earth
"Kadosh" holy in this place where these two mountain's are that is where the
Covenant will be made
as was the covenant made at Sinai
during the time in the Desert
This will be two
Covenants, the Covenants are added and added to
and this manifests in a greater way the Covenants of the Lord, they do not cancel
but complement each other perfectly
from Noach
from Noah
Abraham through
by Isaac by Yaacov
by Moses in the desert
and Yehoshea
in Shomron, now on Mount
and Ebal
with all the son's of Israel, then this covenant
is not ending with Yehosha
with two new tables
but this agreement is
in what is to all covenants, in which Elohim does something in one
and you do something, or you do this and the Lord does that
then your part is this and Elohim does
this, if you break your part in the Covenant say, what you will get
will be this or that
Elohim bless's under obedience and for
curses, the curse word I do not like, and nobody likes
Elohim also
why, because the expressed will of Elohim in the Tora and is repeated
many times, He choose's to Bless
because the life is in obeying the commandments of the Lord
this is the Lord's will, not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter into
the Kingdom of Heaven
but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven, do you remember?
Words of YESHUA
what is the will of the Father
for the Father's will has been revealed in the Tora again and again and
is to obey the commandments
so He can bless
because we are in a
Covenant, our father's made a covenant with him and the Lord himself says in the Tora
not only with those present
but also with those who come after
and we are the ones who came after, then we're part of Israel in
Elohim's Covenant and he also said that his will is that to
obey so that He can bless us, He is a good Elohim, He chose
his people as an inheritance
but his people need to keep the commandment's
to be in the covenant blessing, because in maintaining the
commandments, the city remains, and to be the Lord's people, but it can be with a
Above curse. The covenant was made, and does not depend on what the son's of Israel
believe, it is true that believing
in meshiach and then to have faith and trust in our Elohim, then will be rain and
blessings: The kingdom of heaven is at hand. That's the rain
of blessings
and not to obey the commandments won't come the blessing,
comes only as one doing our part. remember that YESHUA said when you
pray for example
do not do it in front of everyone
or when fasting do not disfigure you face before all and not
manifest to others that you are fasting, the Lord says
I tell them that they have received their reward but that the Father
can not reward you if you
manifest what you're doing, there is a reward even those who do not
who do a good deed there is a reward, but that is very different
to redemption. So now what Moses commanded
is the people
do this Blessing and cursing across the mountain, now I'm going to read this
that follows all the son's of Israel had to do
and what I will do is the first word that begins
I will say it in every verse, in Hebrew
it is a strong word in Castilian
I would not pronounce or omit but I think you can see
what will fully express what Elohim says in His Tora if I say that
word in Hebrew
There is also a tendency to say I do not want to read anything that is negative
I will not read these curses the curses that will look wrong
in the forward and maybe I will not be really, but
it is necessary that the son's of Israel
know this and you need to know this, here come our
moral values
it is curious that the whole list that I will read now are primarily
things that are done in secret, there are things that are done openly also
then this is part of what is going to be the covenant that will go
to make the son's of Israel in mount
and Ebal know the covenant
verse 15: "Arrur" the man that maketh any graven or "image¡"
(Roughly translated as
a type of idol)
Yhuh abomination to hands of the craftsman's work and put in place
hidden and answered all the people and they say amen
"Arrur" to the one which dishonors his father or his mother and all the people will say amen
who reduces the limit of his neighbor's boundry
and all the people will say amen
which cause's the blind in err to go on the road
and all the people will say amen
who perverts the right of foreigner
orphan or widow
and all the people will say amen
"Arrur" one who lies with his father's wife
because he uncover's his father's hem
and all the people will say amen
"Arrur" one who lies with any animal and all the people will say amen
"Arrur" the man that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father or the daughter of his mother and tell all
Amen people
"Arrur" the one lying down with female in law and all the people will say amen
"Arrur" he that smiteth his neighbor in secret and all the people will say amen
"Arrur" who takes a bribe to kill innocent, blood of person and
People say Amen
"Arrur" who do not hold "Aleph Tav" words to do them of the Tora
to perform them and all the people will say amen
reported in Joshua 8:30 states
Yehoshea then built an altar to Yhuh Elohei Israel
on Mount Ebal as Yhuh servant Moshe commanded the son's
of Israel, as is written in the Tora of Moshe scroll an altar of stone
whole raised on which no iron cut
and they offered the burnt offerings and sacrificed to Yhuh, Shalom
also wrote there upon the stones a copy of the Tora of Moshe
which he wrote before the son's of Israel and all of Israel, and their elders and
officers and judges
on either side of the ark
in the presence of the Levitical priests who carried the ark of the covenant of Yhuh
and foreigners were as natural Israel
half of which was to Mount Gerizim and half to the
Mount Ebal, in the manner of Moses the servant commanded Yhuh
before, that they should bless first
the people of Israel, after that to read all the words of the Tora
the blessings and curses, according to all that is written in the book of
Tora. was a word of all that Moses commanded
that Yehoshea read before all the congregation of Israel
and women, children, and the foreigners who lived in them. For
to the Lord it is also important that children hear these words, all
because that is what forms us, that's what gives us moral values in the Tora, that is what
makes us walk the path of justice not to perish for lack of
My people perish for lack of knowledge
lack of knowledge, do you remember that verse? Well, that's not what I want
or the Lord wants and that's why we make the son's of Israel read all this
Tora in the presence of all the people
then here as it also speaks of the blessings and curses
all the words of the Tora of Moshe, we now turn
to read
where we had the curses and happened Chapter 28: That speaks
blessings and then, in the middle of Chapter 28, will be again
everything is conditional on our behavior, I'm not saying that there is no
grace of course there is the grace, the grace to obey
but what I want to express is that
the message that was delivered by YESHUA Messiah
is radically different from what has been spoken through the ages
YESHUA'S words
they have been read through the centuries
and put in a corner, when YESHUA came to teach Tora
and encourage and exhort you to keep it, when YESHUA said
also that eternal life depended on keeping the commandments as
with the rich man who came to the
teacher and ask what do I need to do to have eternal life?, YESHUA tells him
keep the commandment's or as it said in the parable of Lazarus and the Man
rich, you have Moshe and the prophets, hear them, so not anyone
go to the hell, you can see
brother? Moshe's Tora must remain
everything is a Covenant to be maintained as a whole and not
select from which commandment, commandments which I desire to
maintain, because that is what has been done through the centuries
section's of the Tora of Moshe and every commandment have not been liked, yes
brother that has been in society in the
nations that have been in
religions that have done other way's
and that individuals have done, what they've tried to do is take
Moshe's Tora and commandments out of everything
man does not like or who do not understand
and that left only
those who do understand, and there have been moral values changed of society
because society has taken over from the command's of the Tora. then
moral values
have been very few, Christianity that has some of the
Tora values
which has brought some commandments, and Judaism has also brought
some Tora commandment's and replaced them with other's
but we are at a crucial time
where we now are to see with our eyes from the Lord
himself says in the Book of Revelation, that those who keep the
commandments of Elohim and have the testimony of YESHUA the Messiah, who have
faith in YESHUA the Messiah are those saints of recent times, it is
time of restoring
as the prophet says
Jeremiah, walk in the old paths through which is the good way. now time to inquire
then we will get all the Tora
when we will get to the Tora commandments, we will receive all
because we love our Elohim
and because we know that if our Elohim gave these commandments they
must be good and that is what is going to be in the New Covenant, it just say's
the Lord commands that are now written in our hearts and minds
to stay
and turn away from all filthiness now chapter 28 as I said
comes with blessings at the beginning, and is one of the most beautiful chapters
there are, but I warn you take all the verses to know them that one would
be not forgetting the first verse for example and is something that
has been done over and over repeatedly
Chapter 28
subject blessings
a condition
Then I will read now: And will
If you hear
listen to the voice of your Elohim to observe of Yhuh to continue to do "Aleph Tav"
all his commandments which I command you today
the "Aleph Tav" is there inbetween
and it is wonderful,
because when you keep the commandments you are saying to keep the
the Word
the "Aleph Tav"
in the beginning was "hadavar" and "hadavar"
was with Elohim, and "hadavar"
was Elohim
he is the "Davar"
if we keep all the commandments
that the Lord commands us today.
Today the phrase often through the Tora does not refer to only
commandments that were given on that day but
which the Lord is giving
in Tora
your Elohim, Yhuh will put you
high above all nations of the earth and will come on you all
blessings, these and overtake you
if you listen to the Voice of Yhuh your Elohim blessed are you in the city "baruch ata"
"Going to" and blessed in the field,
blessed fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle,
of your herd and your flock lambs
"Baruch" (blessed) your basket and your kneading
blessed in your coming in and blessed when you go out, give your Yhuh et
enemies that rise up against thee will be defeated before you
for they will go one way and flee before thee seven ways, and will send
Yhuh et blessing you in your barns, and in all you put your hand to and
bless thee in the land which Yhuh your Elohim gives you
He will confirm, Yhuh for a holy people
as He swore to you, if you keep et instruction's of Yhuh, Elohim commandments and walk
in his ways and will
all peoples of the earth will know that name of Yhuh is invoked upon you
and they fear of you and prosperity Yhuh granted, the fruit of thy womb,
fruit of thy cattle, and the fruit of your land
on the land which he swore to your fathers Yhuh to give you
Yhuh will open for you
a et treasury the good, et heaven to give the rain of your land
in its season and to bless et
every work of your hand
and lend unto many nations
and you shall not borrow, you will be to Yhuh head and not the tail and
be above and not below
if you listen to your Yhuh, Elohim's commands
which I command you today to observe
and to do
and do not deviate from any of the words which I command
to you to the right not the left to walk after other gods to serve them
haleluYah brother
This is a beautiful piece in it's
blessings, they are beautiful and the Elohim of us
is for those who keep His commandments and if we can hear his voice
actually see what has happened over time, what with annular
commandments and has been done in a very subtle, at other times in a more
sharp way
but somehow always
Man changed them by removing the trend of the commandments of the
Lord, saying this commandment is not for us, not this commandment any longer,
as updated with time, not this commandment, become's
outdated, not this commandment, it was misinterpreted, etc.
then what happens in reality and what is seen through
religion is that by not keeping the commandments then it gives more
emphasis on other things, like everyone wants to be blessed
then one discovers that through intercession and
prayer can come some blessings, so much emphasis is given
to the intercession of the blessed
to obtain the blessings of the Lord, the Lord's blessings were
given free in just keeping His commandments, but what is done today in
is that much emphasis is given to intercede, pray and ask
to receive
and have forgotten that the Lord promised to give the blessing
without having to beg, can you see
on the other hand man has thumbed these verses skipping the first part
ie the emphasis is given on the blessings when the 1st
verse is not important nor last nor
highly emphasized for example in faith, you have to have faith
to receive blessings;
that you did not have enough faith why you did not receive
then the emphasis is on the wrong side, the emphasis should
be on keeping the commandments
that it is simple, and have no proclamations or faith or intercessions to
blessing, the Lord is giving free blessing through His
Covenant and our part was keeping the commandments
now I have to talk about the curses that appear here and is a
part I do not like really
the King James puts that piece: "Consequence of disobedience" a
better title would
"Consequences of not keeping the commandments"
because it really begins in verse 15 by saying that: And it shall be
if you do not hear the voice of your Elohim Yhuh to hear and to do all
command's and status that I command you today, then will come over all
curses of these and overtake thee, this as a form of
the same Elohim with us
in chapter 28 we see the blessings of obedience that are wonderful
truth and are much more powerful. then curses are not good anyway, I think
much, much more power is in a blessing. but a curse
the curses are there to know, brothers
and begins in
verse 15 to the end of chapter
Do not know that I can say brother?
terrible curses that some have seen things like these
different peoples it has happened to, happened to the Jewish people but not them
has not been just them, but to
all those people who have been away from the Lord's command's and not just
under the covenant but in a way that almost all people of the world have known
because there is the descendant's of Israel among all peoples of the world and not
only of the Jews
I mean Israel
filled the world, the nations are full of Israel, remember
Yaacov prophecy? will fill all "gohim" (nations) the descendants of Ephraim
Israel would be the house of
the 10 northern tribes who are in the covenant with YESHUA
and every time I see terrible things happen to people
then remember this, remember in your heart
of disobedience
is a rule that governs the world and is about the history of the entire people
who have been created and those which have kept the commandments have been
blessed and those who have not been cursed has been like this
so moves the blessing on the earth, in all creation it moves in this way
thru people, there is no person who is separate from the hand of
His words are eternal
and his word holds the creation together
even thou one does not know what has happened
Still unclear is where and who are the people's ancestors, many are
unknown, one does not know
but can discern what is happening in a place or city
a trial
by the Lord is being seen
because the Tora has always been alive and
the word's of the Covenant have always been alive because the pact is alive because
our Elohim is alive and our Elohim is faithful and true He does not cancel
covenant's and gave man the ability to override covenants
only men have their Covenant and the consequences have
reached far and wide, so that the restoration
that the Lord is doing in this hour, we return to the old paths to the Covenant, which
can bless us all, it is true for centuries they have been broken, the commandments
we are in the end times in the time of the Restoration, the son
promised to be born,the seed of Abraham who had the promise. Abraham, Isaac
performed in the that time of
Ishmael who was born of Hagar, Ishmael was blessed by the Lord
but the son of promise, was Isaac, same thing has happened today
religions are inventions of man, Christianity was an invention of man
and if it was an invention of man it was made in the flesh
as did Abraham deciding to have a child with Hagar
but Ishmael has prospered and grown and multiplied
and likewise did
Christianity as a religion making it the child of the flesh still
it grew and prospered
but today was born the son of the promise that you can see in the
prophecy of Revelation and is a woman in labor to bring a son
a son of man and the dragon wants to destroy the son but the child is
to heaven
the son of the promise are those who walk in the Lord's commandments and
with faith in YESHUA HaMeshiach
this is a time of restoration, we must look to the future, and we must not
look to the past, which is not going to be anymore
and what is, is for eternity
this is a word that the Lord gave
what the Lord is saying is I'm doing a restoration, we must
enter restoration, and forget what happened, to what worked yesterday
what worked yesterday will not work anymore today
which has succeeded yesterday, and will not be anymore successful today
the Lord is setting things back, because he makes new
all things
he said here am making all things new, the Lord makes a new work in
our midst on this day in this second
and we have to get into that new work
for us and not be ashamed, we do not care what people say, we do not
care about criticism in the new work in the Lord we know
our hearts that this is a work of the Almighty and not a work of
Man, we know it's the promise, that's the plan YESHUA had when He added to
All covenants, the covenants and not as earlier said one overriding
other covenants and make a new one
He added the New Covenant for us to enjoy all the blessings of
Covenants of old, by the wonderful blessing that He
fulfilled all the sacrifices, as well as the service and the Altar was not able to do and more
necessary to make it more wonderful right?
What a wonderful thing he did 'the kingdom of heaven is at hand' for that
point's closer to the Lord of heaven and earth that was more than about
in one place but each of us dwells in Him His "Ruach"
and that is the restoring YESHUA want's to do in us, and is the original
is the old way, back to YESHUA and follow His ways, He is the rock
of our salvation
Continue now, reading from verse 15: And will if you do not listen to the voice of Yhuh
your Elohim to keep
all his commandments and his statutes which I command you today then will come
about you all the curses and will reach you these; "Arrur"
you in city and "arrur" you in the field
"Arrur" your basket and your dough, "arrur" fruit of your womb, the fruit of thy land,
thy kine, and young of your flock, "arrur"
you when you come in and "arrur" you when you go out, sent against you Yhuh et
discomfort and et repression
everything you set in your hand
you do
to destroy you and to make you perish quickly because of wickedness of thy doings
and will cause
et Yhuh plague in you consuming the thing from ground you are entering land
there you go to possess it, will smite Yhuh with weakness and fever
and with inflammation and with ardor and with sword
and the eruption
and with mildew
and pursue you until you perish
and shall be thy heavens over your head as bronze and land
as beneath you as iron. and will Yhuh et rain of thy land powder ash from
come upon you to be exterminated, deliver Yhuh defeated before your enemies
one way enemies you will leave him and flee seven ways before him and be
by horror to all kingdoms of the earth
and your body will be food for all birds of the air and the beasts of the earth
and there is no one causing you to tremble
Yhuh smite as in Egypt with ulcer
and with tumors and with the scab and itch that can not be cured
Yhuh to smite with madness and blindness and confusion of heart
brother it is terrible, what happened to the Jewish people in the Holocaust because
we remember, but not something that has happened now since, this has happened
all over the last two thousand years and has happened many times before the things
and becomes more terrible later, remember that the Tora itself says that
He has taken all the diseases away from our midst if we obey, and here it is
speaking that if we disobey the Lord then He sends these
diseases and even goes beyond
says he will send disease, in fact, that have never been seen
also talk's of curses and also to the land of the worm will
be eating plants
not die. that if we disobey and would not repent, the animals
also going to be killed and eaten by our enemy, not
us, and read verse 45: And come on you all the curse these
pursue you and overtake you until your destruction because you did not listen to
Yhuh Voice your Elohim to keep his commandments and his statutes which I
gave. to Come, it is conditional, the reason why these is, is not us listening
or keeping the commandments
Verse 46 continues:
And you will be a sign for a wonder, and your descendants until forever
What about this? means that it will be very impressive what the Lord does
then, as it was in the time of the Holocaust and how you can reach
brother's now, has to be, , in time
to encourage now
the believers
who do not keep the commandments
Much is said about all the persecution that will come in these time's
of the end. and is not really the right word, persecution
is genocide!
that is what is going to come upon those believers who do not maintain the
command's. for the Lord want's to restore all things and over time
those who have abused the so called grace, that will be withdrawn, the Lord will break
the staff
the rod it is called grace at some point as the prophecy say's and it is
getting close to that point. this is
almost upon us
Verse 47 says: Because you did not serve Yhuh your Elohim with joy and
pleasure to heart, from the abundance of everything. What are we talking about? that
to maintain
the commandments is a joy and a pleasure, to set aside for
Lord tithing is a joy
from our abundance, what a beautiful thing to obey our
verse 53, I will read it so we know brothers
because it's something we should know:
And they shall eat the fruit of your womb
flesh of your sons and your daughters whom He gave, Yhuh your Elohim in siege and in trouble
which your enemy shall distress you. This is if you do not obey the commandments of the Lord
your Elohim
I do not want to do this without putting a condition proclamation, word
Covenant is subject to a condition and comes with a
verse 54 says: The man that is tender among you, and the delicate
much is your eye evil against his brother and against his wife of his bosom and in the rest
their son's who he shall have left.
It's very hard what we are reading, is very strong
and I will say one thing stronger yet, this has become history
The same has happened in Jerusalem
more than once I mean it is very regrettable
and you do not think that nations are free from this, because things like that
Similar has happened also to nations
and not just because the world is bad, but because all of creation is under a
Covenant with the Almighty
I will say one thing and these things do not alway's happen quickly, no brother thinks this
will happen fast, He said to the tribe of Judah
the Lord, that it took 490 years to play it out and then when they returned from
Babel and then had to go back 500 years to reach
another trial given. to keep the commandments of the Lord is
the opposite of how we have been told, that Jews kept the commandment's of
no, if they kept them, if they had kept the commandments of the Lord
they would not had gone to all nations
verse 64 speaks of this
Yhuh, spread you among all people, from to the end of the earth
until the end of the earth
and there you shall serve other gods, which thou knowest not
or your father's
wood and stone and between those nations and respite you
and will not rest for the sole of your foot, and there Yhuh will give you heart
Eye and Gloom
and sorrow of mind
Please read all of chapter 28 you need
to know what was the Covenant
and begin to understand the judgments of
the Elohim of all creation above all nations
and what are
the trials that are discussed, based on the Lord's Judgement's
and chapter 29 verse one reads:
These words
the Covenant Yhuh commanded Moshe to cut with the son's of Israel in the land of
Moab in addition to the covenant he made with them at Horeb
then we read these words
curses, blessings
that is compact
which was ordered to be made by the Almighty on Mount Ebal
and Gerizim
in front of all Israel
is also
the Covenant that was made with them in Horeb, Mount Sinai
To understand this is wonderful, there is something called the
"Old Covenant", no.
There are many
all former, including the New Covenant because it has been a long time.
there is no such thing as defined by the Lord, Old Covenant, all
Covenants are alive
and this Covenant, both it and the covenant of Horeb, and Noah are alive in this time
and this second reading of commandments and blessings and curses that come
with disobedience
that's what is now
it is exactly the same to know in the Covenant
I will keep reading and verse 2: And Moshe called to all Israel and said to them
You have seen et Yhuh everything He did before your eyes in the land of
Egypt to Pharaoh and all his servants and all his land
major tests which your eyes saw, the signs and the wonders of
those He did great. and did not give Yhuh to you a heart to understand or
eyes to see and ears to hear until this day and I have brought you forty years
the desert, your clothes did not wear out
from off you and your sandals did not wear out
from thy foot, you did not eat bread and drink wine and fermented beverage is because
you shall know that I Yhuh your Elohim. and you came to
this place, and went Sihon king of Heshbon
and Og king of Bashan
and found in battle and defeated them and took their et land
and gave it for an inheritance to Rubenite and Gadite
tribe's and half of Menashe, now
will obey "Aleph Tav"
Covenant of them and make them
to prosper et
what you do
Thank you Lord for your wonderful Covenant so ended the portion
of the Tora "Ki Tavo" and we give all "Kavod" YESHUA
[C]Thank you very much.
YESHUA we love you
Elohenu for your eternal mercies, for your wonderful Covenant, because they are
good your Covenants
Thank you for all the commandments teach us about
blessing and curse.Thank you for the wisdom and the teaching that
you are doing in this time in
our hearts. They are open to receive your "Ruach" for your fire
to receive your Truth, for your Love, that we walk always
YESHUA together with you at all times
and close every day, in order to understand your ways and power
teach your son's
about your ways
YESHUA, open our understanding and give us the grace to speak truth YESHUA
at the right time
for it to be delivered your truth as a powerful arrow that
releases, we thank you for all that YESHUA
Lord we pray for all the son's of Israel that are around the world
to reach out with your Covenant, to keep thy commandments YESHUA
your eternal mercies
Put the love of your commandments in us , to love thy covenant wherever they
are Lord
whatever culture they have Lord
and that we come to you
YESHUA, your Covenants
at this time is so short that you restore your Lord all things
your people Lord, raise a remnant YESHUA a holy remnant Lord and keep us
one in unity this second, YESHUA away from the filth and leaving us without spot
or wrinkle
to enter the marriage of the Lamb
the King of Kings
Thanks for all you give us
We praise you
and we give you all the "Kavod" and all the "Tiferet"
YESHUA is for you.
Praise and glory to your name
in the name YESHUA, Amen.
"Shalom to Israel"
Peace be upon Israel