Raffle for all natusvinceretv YouTube subscribers (with Eng subtitles)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Sep 29, 2012

Hello to all Na`Vi fans!
It’s Polina,
It’s Polina, Masha
It’s Polina, Masha and Dasha.
My dear, I suggest you participating
in the contest where the winners will get such prizes:
1. The card with an in-game code and the unique courier.
Can everybody see it? I’m blond!
and the bag, everybody knows the icon.
2. The 2nd winner gets the card as well
and a red defiant T-shirt which suits me so much.
3. The 3rd winner gets the card
and this very sexy cap which I also like.
4. The next is this cool embroidering
which you can stick everywhere you want,
like on the right side of your ass
or on your bag which you take to school or whatever.
It looks very interesting, as an embroidering.
Such a pretty note from the International
which has the personal access code for the game.
But I won’t show you it.
5. These great number of these little prizes
will get our 5th winner.
Such interesting labels which you can stick
under your bag and admire every time you see it.
Lets talk about the raffle conditions.
They are very simple.
You have to subscribe on your favorite team’s channel
via this link.
And everybody who is already subscribed
will take part in our contest automatically.
Good luck to you!
I will reveal the winners in the next video.