Freezing Acetone with Liquid Nitrogen

Uploaded by NurdRage on 10.01.2009

Hello fellow Nerds. Today we'll be freezing acetone with liquid nitrogen.
Here is the acetone.
Simple organic solvent.
Pretty easy to get actually.
And this is liquid nitrogen.
Crap, I think I just froze my knee.
Ah well.
Let's add this.
And here you go.
Now the acetone mist is a really dense mist,
a really thick mist.
A lot denser than water mist.
You can actually just scoop it up in your hands like this.
Now, a lot of people ask me what does acetone mist feel like.
Well it feels just like any other regular liquid nitrogen mist.
Its... uh... feels like sticking your hand into a freezer,
without actually touching anything.
So... it's a cool feeling,
but I'm not actually getting frozen.
'Cause I'm not sticking my hand in the actual liquid nitrogen here.
Now acetone freezes at -94.9 degrees Celsius.
And when this happens the mist changes to a much lighter mist.
Which is happening right about now.
There you go, let me show you what the acetone snow looks like.
There you go... that's frozen acetone.
Feels just like regular snow.
But if you look at the floor here it's actually melting really fast.
Because the floor is very hot compared to the acetone.