BA (Hons) Sociology & Social Policy

Uploaded by bournemouthuni on 06.03.2012

>> I chose to do my course because it’s relevant to everyday life and it also encourages
you to think critically when you look at media or anything. It also looks at a lot of important
issues like homelessness and how refugees are dealt with, and we actually had a refugee
come in and talk to us, so we got that kind of personal account of what it was like to
go through the process which I don’t think you’re likely to get anywhere else.
>> Students on this course will be covering conceptual and theoretical frameworks to do
with sociology and social policy. They’re also given an opportunity to specialise in
the second year. Erm, they may choose to specialise in medical sociology, in disability studies,
or community urban and rural socio-political locations.
>> Our lecturers are all really really passionate and they’ve all got their own academic research
going on. We also have a lot of people doing academic research come in to teach us because
they’re specialists in the areas.
>> Any time that I’ve asked for a little bit of extra help they’ve been more than
willing to help me, you know to provide what I need.
>> I really like the fact that you can voice your own opinion and the fact that we do a
lot of debates so you can learn from other people and other people’s views and it stimulates
you to think of new ideas as well.
>> Students will graduate with a set of skills that we think are highly marketable, in fact
we know employers are looking for these skills. Students will come out with a very robust
understanding of the social sciences, where they’ve been able to specialise in specific
areas if they so choose. They’ll be coming out with critical thinking skills, they’ll
be coming out with very good communications skills and they’ll be coming out with a
cv that is enriched with their own research and with the international opportunities that
are available for them in the programme specifically but right across the university.
>> What I’ve most enjoyed about the course so far is probably carrying out our own research
and then doing a group presentation back and then also listening to everyone else’s experiences
of carrying out research as well.
>> Yeah the career prospects from this degree, they’re far wider than any other degree
out there. There’s a lot you can do with it. I’m trying to get into youth offending
with it, I know some people that have got into social work, some people who work in
the drug and alcohol field, some people have been working for the United Nations in Bosnia.
>> I’d definitely recommend coming to Bournemouth University; it’s a really lively place to
be. All the lecturers I’ve had so far are really enthusiastic. The nightlife’s great,
every night there’s something going on, something different, you’ve got clubs, bars,
comedy, cinema, there’s always something to do.