Crazy Wisdom. Spiritual Materialism -Life and Times of Chogyam Trungpa Trailer. Shambhala

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If we are going to discuss spirituality at this point, in this particular class,
I feel very nervous myself and so should you,
that we are not making mutual, building mutual deceptions between each other.
We have coined this word called “spiritual materialism”.
Spiritual materialism which is dedicated to pursuing a self ... ego,
that you use mantras, chantings, meditations all kinds to become oneself greater and powerful person.
He did not give a talk in the first five or six or eight years without reminding people
how foolish their grappling after spirituality to save themselves was.
He was cruel from the point of view of relentlessly dismantling whatever you could use
to cling on to some constructed version of ego.
Let us mock the ego; but let us build our spirit.
Spirit in this case as a sense of inquisitiveness that something might have happened;
there's a possibility that somethings taking place.
But ego's approach is that, "Is that going to be good for me, should I do it? Shouldn't I do it?
if I get it how much is money's worth, so to speak.