I'm on a Mac (I'm on a Boat parody) [Clean]

Uploaded by mncheeseboy on 29.12.2009

Woah! A free Mac for me and a friend!
Sweet! Now who should I give them to?
Well, one for me. And one for...
-Jewshnizzle -Cool
♪♪ Ya, ya, shorty
Aw ____!
Get your RAM ready, it's about to go down!
-Speed it up! -Everybody in this place click an app
in your dock -Click it!
An Intel chip's running this, lets go!
So start up you motherboard and BIOS
-I'm on a Mac -I'm on a Mac
-I'm on a Mac -I'm on a Mac
Everybody look at me, 'cuz I'm surfing on my mac

-Surfing on my Mac -I'm on a Mac -I'm on a Mac
-Take a good hard look, at my ___-kicking Mac -Woah
I'm on a Mac, PC users take a look at me
Not crashing on my Mac, laughing at PCs
Busting gigahertz, wind wiping out my code
You can't stop my motherboard, 'cuz I'm on a mac!
Taking pictures with photo booth _____
We're doing screen sharing 'cuz it's built in
I got the web in front of me, with Safari
I'm making movies, theater quality, with iMovie
I'm running Snow Leopard, doing flips and ____
My Leopard's running faster, then Vista bitch!
But this aint' Windows, Mac's as good as it gets
I'm on a Mac PC users don't you ever forget!
I'm on a Mac and, it's really fast and,
I've got an 802.11-n draft man! It's an Intel-based dual core machine
It's got 8 gig of, DDR3 RAM! Start your kernel up, this mac is real!
-Fuck PCs, I'm on a Mac mother ______! -Mother ______
-Fuck DOS I use unix mother ______! -Mother ______
-I click apps from a dock mother ______! -Yeah, yeah
This Mac's sound card really rocks mother ______!
-Hey Mr. Jobs if you could see me know -See me know
-Amazed by my Mac, telling the world wow -Wow
Gana make an app, for iPhone somehow! After switching to Intel, anything is possible!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, never thought I'd be in a Mac,
It's Aluminum front-to-back! The difference, a Mac can make
Spaces keeps you organized, ay, with the help of Exposé
Believe me when I say, switch to a Mac today!
I'm on a Mac, I'm on a Mac
Everybody look at me, 'cuz I'm surfing on my mac!
I'm on a Mac, I'm on a Mac, take a good hard look at me ___-kicking Mac
Yeah, yeah, shorty
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