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>>Hello and welcome to Upstate Stars.
I’m Jeff Pexton and I’ll be your host as we travel central New York
to cover our local amateur sports and get to know the athletes who play them
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Our goal is to be your source for all things amateur sports.
From the plush green fields of football, lacrosse, soccer, and field hockey
To all of our high-school and college gyms
which play host to our basketball and volleyball teams.
To the ice rinks that are home to our nationally renowned
youth, high school, and college hockey teams
And we’ll be right there to cover central New York’s fine swimmers and divers.
To the local baseball and softball fields where so many local heroes have left their mark.
We’re right on track with some of the finest athletes anywhere.
If you’re in the bleachers you can count on us to be right there alongside you
as you root on your favorite players and team.
Today’s Upstate Stars comes to you from Camden Highschool
where the Lady Blue Devils will take on the Notre Dame Lady Jugglers
in a key Tri-Valley League softball match-up.
The winner stays in the hunt for a TVL title.
Both teams are still alive for a section 3 championship.
I am I am here with Alyssa Conner.
Alyssa, great game today against Notre Dame.
A key win, 4 to 1 over the lady visiting jugglers, and a big move for you guys in the TVL.
Tell me a little bit about it.
>>Uh, felt good.
Definitely, because we beat them now.
But last game they beat us, so it’s nice to redeem ourselves.
It just shows everybody else that we improved,
and that they should be prepared to play us.
>>Alyssa, you’re a senior headed possibly I guess to Cazenovia College in the fall,
where you’re gonna probably study business.
Tell me a little bit about how it feels having your senior season in the springtime,
after playing soccer and basketball.
How does it feel having this season wind down for you in your last year?
>>After finishing three sports, it seems like-
cause I know I couldn’t go into college playing all three sports.
So after playing all three I know which one I definitely wanna play,
and I plan on playing basketball because it’s nice
because I have lots of memories and after finishing at the end of the year.
And then going onto college you start new, so you just have a lot to look forward to.
>>Tell me a little bit about your support system.
OK, I know you got a big family and you got a lot of people out there rooting for you.
Tell me a little bit about the support you get in each one of your games
throughout your Highschool career.
>>I thank my dad, even though he cannot be there for all my games,
but he’s home holding everything together
so that way my mom is able to come to every single one of my games.
She never ever misses a game unless it’s a dire emergency, which I appreciate.
And my grandfather is always there.
He’s my biggest fan in basketball because my mom was the star too.
So I just have an awesome support system and it feels great.
>>That’s really fantastic.
And going to school close to home I’m sure your following is going to continue.
>>Yeah, I’m excited because my grandpa will be able to be there for all my games,
and he’s proud of me for going to finishing basketball in Caz, and just an awesome feeling.
Tell me a little bit about this team.
You had a nice win today in the TVL.
This win put you in a position to make the section 3 playoffs in class B for softball.
Do you think this team has what it takes to make a playoff run?
I think we’ve improved a lot since the beginning of the season.
If we just keep focus and keep moving forward I definitely think we have a chance.
>>Well I tell you what; It’s been a pleasure watching you.
I’ve seen you play now for an entire season of soccer and girl’s basketball, and now softball,
and you are fun to watch and I’ve got to tell you I think you’re going to do great in college,
and I want to wish you the best of luck personally.
>>Thank you.
>>My pleasure.
Folks, that’s it from Camden and our good friend here Alyssa Conner,
number 14, a senior on the Camden Lady Blue Devils softball team
as they get ready to start the section 3 tournament.
And that’ll be it from here.
Stay tuned for more Upstate Stars.
Hey, welcome to Upstate Stars, the Mother’s Day edition.
We’re here with several members of the New Hartford Little League Fire Department team.
I’ve got Nick Cordo, Mike Mercurio, and Tyler Miran.
And Nick, I’m gonna ask you first.
First, tell me a little bit about your mom.
What’s her name?
>>And tell me, on Mother’s Day, how important is Mom to everything you do in sports?
>>Well, she packs me Gatorades every day,
and she washes my uniform and keeps it clean for me,
buy me bats and stuff and keeps me ready for games.
>>And now, Michael, you’re a two-sport athlete at least right?
And you- I understand you had a hockey tournament in Toronto this past weekend.
So tell me a little bit, your mom had to take you up to Toronto last Thursday?
>>Uh, yeah she did.
It was quite a fun trip we had.
A lot of driving, though.
So we had to watch for gas, a lot of that.
Now Michael, answer me this.
Mom’s always there for you, for a ride to practice, a ride to the game and everything else.
I hope you wished her a happy Mother’s Day today.
>>Yeah, first thing I did when I woke up in the hotel room,
I just yelled out “Happy Mother’s Day!”
>>OK, and Mike what’s your mom’s name?
>>Alright, and I’m gonna let you give her a shout out on the show here
to tell her happy Mother’s Day again.
>>Happy Mother’s Day mom!
>>Alright, and Tyler Miran.
Tyler you’ve been in New Hartford Little League quite a long time now,
and you’re also a hockey player.
What’s your mom’s name?
>>Alright, now tell me a little bit about how your mom
takes care of you on a daily basis in all your sports.
>>She gives me rides to practices; she gives me money for all the places I go,
and she’s a great mother
>>She’s a great mother.
And you know what, absolutely,
you guys are very lucky to have great moms that are there to support you, aren’t you?
And Tyler, why don’t you give a shout out to your mom, tell her happy Mother’s Day.
>>Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
>>And Nick, why don’t you give a shout out to Gina and tell her Happy Mother’s Day too?
>>Happy Mother’s Day Mom, love you!
>>Alright guys, good luck to you.
Have a great game and thanks a lot for spending some time with us.
This is Dean Langman and PJ Alvono.
And these guys are members of the CNY Spartans 12 and Under travel baseball team.
PJ, first of all what’s your mom’s name?
>>And tell me a little bit about how she helps you on a daily basis to get ready for your sports.
>>Well she always like washes my uniform, and she drives me to most practices.
That’s really awesome. she’s really supportive of everything you do, isn’t she?
>>And when you have an injury like you did this year,
you hurt your knee pretty bad,
she was there really- to take care of you really good, wasn’t she?
>> Yes, she was.
>>That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?
And Dean, tell me a little bit about your mom.
What’s her name?
>>And tell me a little bit about how your mom takes care of you
for your games and practices.
>>Well, when they’re morning games she wakes me up for them.
And she packs my- like Gatorades and stuff in there,
and like washes my uniforms.
>>It sounds, Dean, it sounds like you got a really great mom.
What I’d like you to do know is give her a nice shout out and say “Happy Mother’s Day Mom”
>>Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
>>Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
>>Ok guys, one more quick question for you.
It’s not just sports that your moms help you out with,
you guys have to be good students too don’t you?
>>Yeah, she helps me out with a lot of schoolwork, homework, and other stuff.
>>Well, my mom makes me- like she really wants me to do good in school.
So she helps me when I don’t understand something,
or like helps me prepare for tests or whatever.
>>I think you guys- or it’s safe to say you guys are very lucky kids to have such great moms, don’t you?
>>Alright, one more thing.
The Central New York Spartans will be taking part in a weeklong tournament
at the Cooper’s Town All-star Village this coming July.
Are you guys looking forward to that?
>>Yeah, I can’t wait.
>>Yeah, it’s gonna be crazy.
>>Hey Dean, what position do you play?
>>I pitch, and I play shortstop.
>>And how about you PJ?
>>I play second, and I pitch.
>>And guys, I think your t-shirts say it all today.
From the Spartans, they had special tournament t-shirts made up
for their game today against the Swingaway Stars from Sherill.
And they say it pretty well, “Happy Mother’s Day’,
and happy Mother’s Day from Upstate Stars.
OK guys, congratulations on a great game against new Hartford today.
Michael, great job pitching.
Got a key victory in the TVL today.
You guys improve to 3 in 3 in the league.
Tell me a little bit about the game you had.
>>It was definitely a tough game; we were struggling to put the ball in play.
I mean it was a good pitcher, and, you know, it was a big win.
You need to go 3 in 3; you have to win out in the league to probably make sectionals,
so - and that being a huge game - and we pulled it off 4-nothing.
>>Mike, you’ve been- you’ve been down the road with this Whitesboro team for sure,
you guys are back to back defending Section 3 Class A champions.
Little bit of struggle this year.
Different team, different chemistry,
new head coach in Tom Magelino who took over for coach Dekorzy.
A little bit on sort of the trials and tribulations of this team
and what you guys are doing to fight through it.
>>Yeah, it seems like a lot of new things this year.
A new coach, I mean even new thing is a lot of losses,
I mean, I’m not used to this.
Last two years, section champs.
I’m not used to dropping maybe 10 games early in a season,
if at all 10 games.
So it’s a new thing.
We’re trying to bounce back and make sectionals and make our run there.
>>Thanks Mike.
Conner Passalocwa #15, also a senior.
Big day today at the plate.
Couple of really key hits.
Drove in some runs.
Conner, what does this team need to do to get a section 3 berth,
and get back into position to defend your title?
>>We just have to start getting more quality at-bats at the plate,
early on in the game, and at late.
That’s really all that we should be able to do.
And make key defensive plays at the end of the games.
>>Conner, you’re a three-sport athlete.
Michael, three-sport athlete.
Dan, I know you’re a two-sport athlete.
We got Dan Cecilia here too.
And Conner, playing for Whitesboro, the rivalry between New Hartford and Whitesboro,
any time you notch a win in anything from tiddly winks all the way to football,
I mean it really counts, doesn’t it?
>>Yeah, it really counts.
Ever since we were little kids they were always our rivals,
and it just feels good every time we beat them.
>>And Dan, Catcher- senior catcher.
Also a hockey player here at Whitesboro.
And I might point out also that all 3 of these guys
are going to pursue their athletic careers in college.
Dan will be attending Saint John Fisher.
Conner Passalocka will be attending Suny IT.
And Mike Brunel will be attending Binghamton University.
Dan, describe for me a little bit as a senior how it’s been from a leadership role.
You’ve got a lot of young guys on this team,
a lot of new kids coming up through the Whitesboro program.
Tell me a little bit about the challenges as a leader of this team.
>>Well, it’s just that it’s a young team.
And they’re just learning experiences for them.
I mean, a lot of inexperience.
And as leader you just got to stay positive, and just encourage everyone.
I mean we just gotta get some wins and keep going.
>>You’re- the pitching staff here- you guys lost a ton of pitchers last year.
You- and Ryan Watson, Matt Angler, those guys obviously meant a lot to the pitching staff.
You’ve got some young guys; you got a senior here in Mike Bumal,
another senior in Zach Nanuk who’s done a nice job.
Where do you think that the pitching consistency needs to come from
to make a sectional run?
>>Well, first of all we gotta find that third guy.
We gotta find that third solid guy in the rotation.
And it’s not so much our pitchers are inconsistent,
it’s we gotta give them run support, and get quality at-bats, get more runs,
so they can relax in the mound and throw their pitches and get outs.
And it’s just all about that third guy too,
that third guy in the rotation we really need to find before sectionals.
>>Mike, I’ll come back to you quick and talk a little bit more
about the New Hartford/Whitesbor o rivalry.
Every time you play New Hartford, Mike you’re a basketball player,
you’ve been a football player, baseball player like Conner commented earlier,
what does it mean when you take on a New Hartford team?
>>I’m new to the rivalry; it’s only my second year,
but I mean you’re definitely feeling the rivalry.
It’s like a big Yankees/Red Sox type thing,
where like you said anything you play you want to beat them.
Because you’ll see them out and about and you’ll be able to go
“Ah, I got you there.” and joke with them.
>>And, Mike, a sectional run, is it in the cards for this team?
As we said we really need to find a third pitcher to lock it down.
But the strong 1/2, definitely we can win the first two games, and then who knows from there?
You just need to put a game together and you’re in the sectional finals.
>>Alright guys, congratulations on a great win.
And we’re here with the Whitesboro Warriors baseball team,
wrapping it up from the Whitesboro Middle School.
Final score: Whitesboro 4, New Hartford nothing.
And Whitesboro will now take on VVS here on Thursday.
Thanks guys.
>>Thank you.
>>Upstate Stars was very pleased to join Will Schrader, a 3-year old boy from Ilion
who is battling a rare form of leukemia.
As a result of the fine work of the Make a Wish Foundation of Central New York,
Will, a huge Boston Bruins fan, had his wish come true.
A skating rink was installed in Will’s backyard which can be used year-round.
Now Will can get out there and skate and play hockey as he always loves to do.
Thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation,
and thank you very much to the Schrader family
for including Upstate Stars in this fine event.
Will, good luck to you, and can’t wait to see you on the ice again this winter.
>>Hi folks.
We’re at the beautiful Camden Yard in Camden New York
with a couple of Freihofer’s major league baseball players.
We got Zach Conway, and Cameron Sansone.
Zach, how are you doing tonight?
>>You guys have a game here in the major league division of the Camden Little League.
And tell me a little bit about how your team’s doing this year.
>>Well, we’re playing really good and we’re in second place.
>>And you, as a player, how old are you buddy?
>>Ten years old. Is this your first year in the majors?
>>This is my second.
>>And what position do you play, buddy?
>>Right field and left field.
>>Tell me a little bit about the hilights of the year for you so far.
What’s been your favorite moment?
>>When I had my first hit.
>>And where did that hit go?
>>Over second base’s head.
>>So a line drive into right field?
>>And did you get a single or double out of that?
>>Thattaboy, great job.
Cameron, how old are you buddy?
>>I am 11.
>>And how many years have you been in the major division?
>>1 year.
>>First year? And what position do you play?
>>1st and Left.
>>Alright, so you’re an outfielder and a 1st baseman.
What’s your favorite position of the two?
>>Definitely 1st.
>>OK, here’s the big question for you.
What would you rather do, Cameron: play offense or defense?
>>You like to hit the ball, huh?
>>And Zach, you know what, obviously you love the game of baseball.
What’s your favorite part about being a ball player here in Camden?
>>I like playing, like as a team and cheering each other on.
>>OK, that’s being a team and having team chemistry’s very important isn’t it.
>>You have a good time when you come to the ballpark?
>>alright, and with school winding down it’s gotta be even more exciting for you, right?
Speaking of school, Cameron, what’s your favorite subject in school?
And when you think about maybe playing baseball at another level,
are you thinking about playing baseball in Highschool maybe?
>>And do you go to Camden?
>>North Bay.
>>Oh, you go to North Bay?
But you’ll be in Camden when you’re in high school?
So you’re gonna be a blue devil, huh?
Listen, Zach said something about teamwork and chemistry
and having fun when it comes to the ballpark.
What’s your favorite part about baseball?
and being on the Freihofer’s team here in the Camden Little League?
>>My favorite part about being on the Freihofer’s baseball team is getting cheered on.
>>So you like it when your other teammates support you when you’re out there.
>>Well it looks like you guys got a pretty good team so I bet you get a lot of cheers.
Gentlemen it’s been a pleasure meeting you
and I want to wish you good luck on behalf of Upstate Stars on the rest of your season.
Alright, we are now here joined by two members of the ESA team.
I have Tanner Young and Gavin Denison.
Tanner how are you tonight?
>>This is a pretty rainy wet night, but you’re out here, you don’t care what the weather’s like do you?
>>Not at all.
>>And Gavin, how about you?
Is this rain bothering you at all?
>>You guys don’t mind do you?
>>And how’s the ESA team in Camden doing this spring so far?
>>Pretty good.
We’re 500.
>>So playing about 50/50?
>>And Tanner, what position do you play for ESA?
>>And Gavin, what position do you play?
>>OK, so you’re an outfielder?
>>And Gavin, let me ask you this.
What would you rather do: Play the field, or hit?
>>I guess having the bat’s always the advantage, right?
>>And how about you, Tanner?
What about you?
Hitting or fielding?
>>You like to hit too, huh?
Alright, so guys, tell me a little bit about being a member of the Camden Little League.
You guys have some great facilities here.
We’ve been talking to some of the other guys tonight from the Freihofer’s team,
and they say this is just a great place to play.
What do you guys think?
>>Yeah, it’s a pretty good place to play.
We have awesome fields.
>>The volunteers and the coaches and the people who run the league
take very good care of this place don’t they?
>>Oh yeah, they do.
>>So you look forward to coming down to the park?
Hey, listen Tanner, what’s your favorite subject in school when you’re not at the ballpark?
>>Probably Science.
>>How about you Gavin?
>>Math? Alright, a mathlete, I love it. Very good.
And tanner, a little bit more about you.
What are you thinking about doing maybe when you grow up for a job?
>>I think I might be an archaeologist, or a major league baseball player.
>>An archaeologist or a major league baseball player.
And Gavin, what are your thoughts for future career?
>>That’s an outstanding career too.
>>So we have a potential archeologist and a potential fireman here folks.
Two guys from the Camden little league on the ESA team out here on a rainy may evening in Camden.
Tanner, I appreciate your time.
And Gavin I really appreciate you joining us here on Upstate Stars.
And we can’t wait to see you guys on TV Sunday morning at 7:30.
>>Thank you.
>>Thank you.
>>Gentlemen, have a great evening.
OK, we are in the rain-drenched dugout of Kirch Hardware of the Camden Minor League.
And I’m here with Dominick Walker.
Dominick is a pitcher?
>>No, I usually play 3rd base.
>>He’s a 3rd baseman with the Kirch Hardware team.
And this team is off to a very good start.
They’re 7 and 0 in league play.
And Dominick, tell me, what makes this team tick?
>>Usually it’s because of Austin Page, my friend over here,
and we have a lot of great pitchers
and a lot of great 1st and 2nd basemen and 3rd basemen, so
>>Well, you know what Dominick?
I’ve been around this team for a few weeks now, doing your photographs and things like that,
and it seems to me that this is a real team, there’s a lot of chemistry
and it seems like you guys are all friends.
Is that true?
We’re really close; we all hang out together in the dugout,
and we talk when the game’s going on, stuff like that.
>>Tell me a little bit about the coaches Dominick.
They must really know what they’re doing to get you guys
to be undefeated this part of the season.
It’s really fun because like they teach us a lot of stuff
and like it’s really nice of them to like just teach us,
take time out of their day to teach us baseball.
>>Well you know what?
That’s really important Dominick, because you know every single coach is a volunteer here.
And nobody gets paid to do this, and all these guys that are helping you,
they do it for nothing and they do it because
they just want you guys to become good baseball players and good people.
So you should be really thankful about that, don’t you think?
>>Yeah, I really am.
It’s a great honor to be playing for them.
>>Well that’s really really nice of you to say.
And just a little bit too about what it means for you to be a baseball player,
and why do you choose the sport of baseball to devote all your time to?
>>Well, it’s really fun, and when like I get scared up at bat sometimes
but when I hit the ball it’s a really great feeling,
and just knowing that I’m having fun
with other people on the team and my teammates and it’s just really awesome.
>>Well if you don’t mind, I’m going to give you a little bit of advice
about being scared at the plate, OK?
>>Yeah, sure.
>>Just think of it this way:
If it was between you and the pitcher which would you rather have, a ball or a bat?
>>I’d rather have a bat.
>Just think about it that way buddy, and then it’ll calm your nerves.
The bat’s always bigger and better.
I have a good bat, it’s an Easton.
Dominick, thanks a lot for your time and I really appreciate you being on Upstate Stars.
>>You’re welcome. Thanks. Thanks!
>>And the next member of the Griffith Energy team is Sam Dunfield.
Sam how are you doing?
>>It’s kind of a rainy, wet, damp kind of sloppy night here at Camden Yards.
How’s the game going here against Kirch?
>>Pretty good, but we’re losing’ 7 to 1.
>>Well they’re a pretty good team, aren’t they?
>>Yeah. They’re undefeated so far.
>>Hey Sam, how old are you?
>>And is baseball your favorite sport or do you have another?
>>I don’t really have a favorite sport, I like baseball and soccer.
I’m playing both this year.
>>So you’re playing baseball and soccer?
>>That’s pretty fantastic.
And this Griffith Energy team, are you guys a pretty close-knit group?
We’re about in 3rd place and our coach says we can beat Kirch too and the team that’s in second, Artistic Expression.
>>So you’re behind Kirch and Artistic Expression’s here in the standings.
But really, baseball’s a lot more than
what happens on the scoreboard and what the standings are.
Baseball’s really for a 10-year old guy isn’t it really about having a lot of fun?
>>And what’s- I’m sorry, go ahead.
>>I- I do have a lot of fun playing it.
>>What’s the most fun thing about playing for Griffith?
>>Probably hitting, or pitching or catching.
>>And as a ballplayer, you know that there’s a lot of things that go into being a good player.
What do you think you have to work on most to be the best player that you can be?
>>Hit the ball a little bit cleaner, and throw a little bit more accurate.
>>So get your throws on target and hit it a little bit more solid, is that it?
>>Sam, do you have a favorite major league ball club?
>>Yeah, Yankees.
>>And who’s your favorite player on the Yankees?
Let me guess, Derrick Jeter.
>>I kind of figured that.
And Sam, we really appreciate your time here on Upstate Stars,
and good luck with the rest of your season, OK?
>>Alright, thanks.
>>Alright buddy.
OK, we’re here with Wyatt Palmer.
He’s the catcher for the Freihofer’s major league team here in Camden.
Wyatt, we’re getting some rain here.
You’re a dedicated baseball player, aren’t you?
>>A little bit of rain doesn’t bother you a bit does it?
>>Not at all.
OK, we’re here with Zachary Eaton, another member of the Kirch Hardware minor league team.
Zach, you’re a pretty big guy.
I’m really big for minors actually.
>>How old are you buddy?
>>I’m 11 years old.
>>11, and what position do you play here on Kirch?
>>I play 1st base and pitcher.
>>OK, we’re now here with coach John Rizzo and his son Christopher
from the Kirch Hardware team.
Christopher, it’s got to be kind of neat playing on the team that Dad coaches.
>>Yeah, it’s awesome.
>>Is it?
So, John, it’s got to be an honor for you,
and it’s got to be a really fun thing to be able to go out
and work with your own son when he’s playing baseball.
>>Yes, it’s great.
I mean, to see him- basically it’s only his second year playing baseball
just to see him start from barely catch the ball
to becoming a very good ball player like he’s becoming now, it’s impressive.
>>OK, we’re here with 12 year old Kelly Wishard on the Kirch Hardware team
here in Camden New York at the Camden yard facility.
Kelly, how’s the season going so far?
>>And what position do you play here for Kirch?
>>Left field or catcher.
>>Thanks for watching Upstate Stars!