How To Embed Video In HTML Using YouTube Videos

Uploaded by Rewatchable on 11.01.2012

This is a super quick tutorial for anyone who just needs to embed a youtube video on
to their website and first thing you want to do is just go to YouTube and find the video
you actually want to embed. And once you find that you will just click on the video itself
and from there you will see there is a share option. Click on the share option and then
you will see there is an embed button - click on that and you will see there is embed code
ready to go. But first you click on different sizes of video, decide whether or not you
want it in HD or not. You also have the option of creating a custom width or height. But
for now let’s just grab HD of a smaller size video. We’ll grab that code. And from
there just go to your content management system or HTML editor wherever you are creating your
webpages you’ll probably see there is an HTML option an HTML editor. All you need to
do is paste that code directly in there. And now that you have pasted the HTML code into
the HTML editor you can see that the video is there but you actually want to and preview
the page and now you can really see the video and you see it is playing and the beautiful
thing is the video is not stored on your website, on your web server it just streaming right
form YouTUbe so there doing all the hard work for you. I hope this quick tutorial helps
you add video to your website. If you have any questions or comments please leave them