How To Trap A Soccer Ball With Your Foot

Uploaded by EpicSoccerTraining on 09.06.2012

Hey guys. Welcome to Epic Soccer Training YouTube channel. I want to take you through
how to trap a soccer ball with your foot.
One of the biggest things you need to know in soccer is obviously how to maintain possession
and how to have a great touch, a great first touch and the fastest way to do that is to
learn how to have a good first touch and how to be able to trap the soccer ball. So being
able to learn how to trap a soccer ball with your foot is one of the biggest things that
you can learn because that's where you're going to be trapping with the most even though
you can do chest traps, knee traps, anything along those lines.
So I want to kind of teach you how to do that first. So when Chas plays me a ball, get on
your feet and just let the ball kind of hit you. You want to hit right on the ball of
your foot so right here and then what you want to do is a lot of people mess up and
let me use my right here because most of you guys are probably right-footed.
So a lot of times people mess up. They just kind of hit the ball back and you're not actually
trying to hit the ball back. You're just trying to stop it or move it in whatever direction
that you want. So again, what you want to do is as soon as the ball gets to you, just
kind of let back up a little bit. So let me see if you can see it here.
Just let back up and it will stop the ball right where you want it and again, when you
start getting into higher levels of playing, you will see this in some of the other trapping
videos. Make sure you watch those too but you're going to start learning different ways
to move where if there's a defender over here and you want to trap a ball, you might use
the outside of your foot and get away. So again, you always want to make sure you have
that really light first touch and one of the ways to do that is just stay on your feet.
A lot of people stay on their heels and so when they go to reach the ball, they just
have these awkward and like thumping movements around or it just looks really awkward.
So again, one of the ways even if you're working towards the ball just a light touch and then
get your foot on the ball and keep practicing that way and there's tons of different ways
to trap. If the ball is coming up as well to trap it Chas, throw me kind of like a volley.
So if the ball is coming at you, you should be able to kind of trap it like that where
it's just real subtle. Give it a little poke and just make sure that you're dropping it
down exactly where you want to.
That's I think one of the things people need to work on the most is how to actually trap
a soccer ball where they need it to go and they don't really think that far and what
you need to do is you need to start anticipating where to go and again you can trap a soccer
ball with the insider foot and see how it just drops right down. So I'm ready for my
next pass or I'm ready to survey the field and take a shot.
So again, those are all those things and so those are some of the fundamentals of how
to trap a soccer ball with your foot and again, one of the ones that I like to do is if I'm
going at the ball and I have a defender and I'm holding him off with the ball, is I hold
him off this way and I will just kind of let up and then they're obviously anticipating
so they're going this way.
So one of the great things to do is say that I have a defender on my back and I want to
go to goal. Play it and then I'm off. So that's one of the things that you want to work on
is knowing actually where to go. That's the important part of learning how to trap a soccer
ball with your foot. It's maintaining possession and then figuring out where you need to go
or where the defender is so you can get into open space.
So again, leave me comments. Let me know what you like to learn. If you like to learn maybe
some turns going to goal or anything like that, some cool little flair with how to flip
the ball through and take a volley and stuff like that, leave me some comments. I'm here
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