Australia's renewable energy potential

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DR WONHAS: When you look at our continent, it has massive resources of any form of renewable
energy you can think of. DOONE: Well it's quite amazing really, this
1000km2 granite body has got enough heat stored in it to potentially provide Australia with
10-20% of its total electricity needs for the next 50-100 years.
CHRIS: This industry has got innovative minds and it's got inspired people that will really
take it in leaps and bounds once it takes off
LYNDON: Other countries around the world are doing it because they care about the environment
and they care about saving money, and those types of things – but they're doing it because
they're building huge industries on the back of it.
DR WONHAS: The energy industry overall is really at the cusp of a massive transformation.
We are going to change completely how we produce energy, but also how we consume energy.
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