Bob Roberts (9/10) Movie CLIP - Conspiracy of Silence (1992) HD

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The reason iran-contra happened
Is because no one did anything substantial about watergate,
And watergate happened because
There were no consequences from the bay of pigs.
They're the same operatives--
The foot soldiers in the bay of pigs,
The plumbers at watergate,
The gunrunners in iran-contra-- all the same people.
A secret government beyond the control of the people
And accountable to no one.
The closer we are to discovering the connection,
The more congress turns a blind eye.
"we can't talk about that in open session," they say,
"national security reasons."
The truth lies dormant in their laps.
They're blind by choice. A conspiracy of silence.
The entire congress is aware
Of the national security council and its functions
And the fact that this is a national security state
And less and less of a representative one,
But it's--you know--
The story of the frog in the pan of cold water.
If you throw a frog into hot water,
It'll jump around and suffer greatly and die.
If you put the frog in a pan of cold water,
Put that on the stove,
And heat it to the boiling point,
The frog doesn't stir.
He doesn't feel it. He doesn't notice it.
In the end, he's dead.
These things happen incrementally.
They're gradual.
Are we complicit? Yes.
Are we revolutionaries?
How do you do it once you're here?
There are no mr. Smiths in washington.
Mr. Smith has been bought.
Just a bunch of deal-makers--
No visionaries--
No one really concerned with the disenfranchised--
Just a secret state
Of business liaisons out of control,
So out of control
They're willing to send american soldiers to war
To protect their prurient business interests.