Homemade Mashed Potatoes Recipe : Chop Potato for Boiling

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

Hey guys! My name is J and I'm talking to you on behalf of Expert Village. On this clip,
I'm going to show you what to do with the potatoes before adding them to the water.
You've got your potatoes, they're about baseball size. You want to cut all of these potatoes
right in half. The reason why you want to cut them all in half is that way the cooking
time basically cuts in half. Instead of having to cook a whole potato, only half the potato
has to be cooked so it's going to be a lot quicker of cooking time. It's going to be
more efficient in your kitchen. You just want to drop all the potatoes into this warm water.
You want to go stick them onto your stove. You want to leave these potatoes on our stove
until they're tender. Let them cook; let the water get boiling and hot. Once the water
starts to boil, it should take about 15-35 minutes depending on the heat and the size
of the potatoes. Stick a fork in them. If the fork slides in and out, they're ready
to go.