Learn Colors for Toddlers by Snap Smart Kids Songs

Uploaded by SnapSmartKids on 30.08.2012

Hi guys! Let's talk about shapes
three of my favorite shapes are circles triangles and squares
I love shapes. - Me too.
It's the color cloud. Now we can color our shapes.
Can I go first. -- Sure!
Ok. I think I'll choose a circle.
A circle is round.
Now I just need to color it in.
Hey guys can you blow the Color Cloud over here for me please - sure
no problem
Thanks Pepper.
I think I'll color my circle red.
Excuse me color cloud.
Can you rain down some red for my circle please
What a wonderful red circle
red circle
I love your red circle Button
Now I'd like to try a triange
yes a triangle
A triangle has three sides
and three corners
Now I'd like to color in my triangle. Hey Button can you send the Color Cloud back my way. - Sure Apple. - - Thanks.
I just love yellow triangles
Color Cloud, can you rain down some yellow for my triangle
Wow what a bright yellow triangle
Yes Apple that is a nice triangle. Super job. Is it my turn yet?
Well it looks like there's just a square up there but that's ok because I love squares.
Square a square has
four equal sides. Now for some
Oh here Pepper. Button and I will send the Color Cloud back toward you.
No No I got it
Where was I
Oh yea, color.
Color Cloud can you please send down some blue for my square please
Thank you. That is such a nice
blue square.
Blue square.
I love your blue square Pepper
Thank you Button and I love your red circle and Apple I love your yellow triangle
Thank you Pepper. Wow this is great
Colorful shapes are so much fun.