Father's Day, Taylor Swift, and Joe Jonas - Everything That Really Matters - Ep. 10

Uploaded by dreammining on 16.06.2011

Lilly: Hey guys! It is time for the Rundown
of Everything that Matters
with us, Lilly and Sarah!

Sarah: Hi!!

Lilly: So, first on the agenda today. Guys. We need
your help!
We need a catchphrase.

Sarah: What? Why?

Lilly: Because I just watched So Random this
and I think we need something like “so random” to say.

Sarah: Hmmmm, what about “How peculiar?”
or “That’s Weird”

Lilly: That’s just sad. No. [to camera] Guys, blog about
it on Dream Mining
and tell us what would be your catchphrase if you had one.

Sarah: So, how’d you like
the episode of “So Random?”

Lilly: It was awesome, obviously. I kinda miss Demi,
and I kinda don’t,
the show is so great!

Sarah: I know! Sonny With a Chance was one of my faves.
Now that it’s gone, I’m like “How peculiar...”

Lilly: No! Sarah, it didn’t even make sense

Sarah: “That’s Weird”

Lilly:  NO! So, new topic.
iCarly and Victorious crossover episode this weekend!! Yay!

Sarah: Oh my god! I. Can.
Not. Wait. Keenan Thompson’s gonna guest star.
Awesome! And there’s supposed to be a rap battle,
which should be pretty hilarz.
Hey, we should have a rap battle to decide on a catchphrase!

Lilly: You are just a fountain
of bad ideas today, aren’t you?

Sarah: Oh, I thought you were supposed to be a good
that’s what you said. But, okay, moving on.
Joe Jonas is debuting his solo songs this weekend. Whaddya think? Excited?
Or would you rather just have more from the Jonas Brothers as a group?

Lilly: I’m definitely
curious, but I think I’d rather have more JoBros.
I feel like Joe might get too serious on his own. You know?

Sarah: Yeah, maybe. I’m
still totally excited, though!

Lilly: Agreed.  Okay, last topic of the day:
Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. Gonna see it?

Sarah: Totally! I love the idea.
You’ve read the books, right?

Lilly: Read them, loved them, and let you borrow them,

Sarah: Oh yeah..I should give those back to you. Ooops, Okay!
That’s it for our Rundown!

Lilly: Of everything that matters! Go on the Dream Mining blog
and tell us
what you think about Joe Jonas, So Random,
and people who don’t return stuff you lend them!

Sarah: The iCarly and Victorious mash-up
episode, Judy Moody, and..

Lilly: Tell us what your catchphrase would be! Bye!

Yeah, if you don’t “that’s Peculiar”...

Lilly: Help!