Look fantastic on the outside, feel beautiful on the inside; no weight loss required

Uploaded by foodisnottheenemy on 12.10.2012

Ugh. I don't feel good today. This shirt...it's too tight.
It feels like it's stuck to my skin.
I don't even like it that much.
I don't think it looks good on me at all. I only bought it because it was on sale.
Oh well. I'm stuck in it now.
And these pants. Ugh.
They are squeezing my stomach and legs.I can't stop focusing on my
stomach and legs. And wait until I sit down.
It'll be worse.
Oh, I feel so fat and ugly today. I'm so gross.
i have to get my weight under control. I need to bet my life under control.
No wonder everything in my life sucks right now.
It's all my fault.
Wait a minute! Stop right there!
Can you see the path that this is going down? Soon it isn't going to be
about my clothes at all.
it's going to be all about what's wrong with me.
This is too familiar.
Well there is nothing wrong with me! What is wrong is my clothes don't
fit well
and I don't even like them. Definitely, there's something wrong with that.
But not with me.
Ah, this is a much better. I really like this top. I like how it hangs in the front. I
like how it fits around my body.
And orange is my favorite color. I always feel good in orange. Even my toenails
are orange.
And my pants fit great! No more squeezing around my middle. I
don't even noticed them. My attention is no longer on what is wrong with my body. I
feel good and pretty.
Now that i'm not paying attention to all the things that i dislike about my body,
I can focus on what's more important...You.
In fact, feeling good about what i'm wearing helps me feel good about how I look
and how i feel inside.
I get to appreciate my body
get to focus on all the things that are so much more important.
I deserve to feel good about myself
and my body.
And so do you!
Your body is wonderful. It can move, and walk, and run.
It can sit and relax. It can play and throw, twist and turn.
It can talk and listen.
It can give to others and receive for itself.
It is a miracle of functionality no matter what size it is.
And it's also attractive. Others are attracted to your body whether you are or not
and whether you know it or not.
Wear clothes that fit you and that you love and you will feel more attractive
in that body.
And when you do, others will automatically be drawn to you!
So toss or donate those clothes that don't fit you.
Buy clothes that do fit and that you love! Both are super important.
If your clothes fit, you won't be pulled into that inner critic's voice that
focuses on what's wrong with you.
If you love your clothes, you'll naturally feel beautiful.
Don't wait to do this. If you want to love your body, this step will help you
to do just that.
Your body is beautiful just as it is right now.
Celebrate it by dressing it up with beauty, fun, extravagance
classiness or sassiness. Whatever you want.
And then go outside and show yourself off.
And here's one big secret to really feeling great:
Assume that everyone thinks your
hot. Do it. Be playful with this and try it least once.
Warning: you might go back for more!
So walk down the street or go to the grocery store or show up at that party
wearing something that you absolutely love and feel great in
and then assume that every single person, male or female, is checking you out
and saying to themselves or to the person person next to them that that woman is
Because you are
and now it's your turn to let yourself feel it!