Japanese kids band on Korean TV show 2/2(Eng Subbed)

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And they formed this band.
They are more popular than Kimura Takuya.
Will you introduce the other members?
I'm 9 years old, Tanaka Ren. Nice to meet you.
He's got a good response from the audience.
- I play bass... - Wait, wait.
Aren't you too stiff?
He tried to introduce himself but got told he's too nervous.
His style is to play without expression.
He didn't want to take his clothes off but got told to.
Are they close friends?
Yes, They are.
Ask him if he's afraid of Ryunosuke at times.
Have you fought with him?
Which one wins?
It's a draw most of the times.
Look at his face.
Does Ryunosuke feel afraid of him?
Not at all.
How long has he been playing?
Since 3 years old.
Can you show us your performance?
Tell him to wink as well!
Is he comfortable, or awkward?
Show us your best relaxed expression.
2, 3...
Wait, I couldn't see!
- He told him to do it again. - Can you tell him to stand still?
How long has he been playing?
Since 2 years old.
Can you show us your skill?
How good is he?
I was so surprised.
He's really great at playing guitar.
- Are you lost for words? - Yeah.
He's a 3rd grader, means 9 or 10 years old.
I don't know how we play music when we have these kids.
Who do you want to be like when you grow up?
Mr. Kang Ho Dong.
He wants to be like you.
- Do you know who I am? - Mr. Kang Ho Dong.
- You know who I am? - Sumo Wrestler.
Why do you want to be like me?
Because you're funny!
Can you ask him if I'm popular in Japan?
What did he say?
Please tell us.
Tell us specifically.
He said "What should I say?"
Can you come forward?
- He's 9 years old. - He's handsome.
Who is the most popular one?
1, 2, 3
Did you eat enough?
Eat well.
You should eat more.
He should wear his pants a little lower.
Wear them a little lower, or it looks uncomfortable.
What is music to you?
It's a soul of my heart.
Can we request an encore?
This is a popular song in Japan. And we want people in Korea to hear it.
Are you ready?
Keep On Rockin'!
Keep on rockin'! Follow me!