Alexander. Battle of the Neva (English subtitles, Full Movie)

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In the year, one thousand two hundred and thirty ninth,
I'm, Andreas von Velven, Master of Livonian Order , went to the Slavic lands.
My mission was a secret surveillance.
Order attracted a large area from the Baltic Sea to the Ural Mountains.
The Principality of Novgorod.
Subordinating it to the authorities of the Order, we wanted to create an impact in these areas, wild and rebellious.
Cover me.
- Robbers attacked the knight. - It not our knight.
- Get out of here while we are alive. - What, are you scared? - Hmm
- I say a lot of enemies, and it is not ours. And we have only bows and knives. - But knight is alone.
- Ooh. - He fights well.
- A lot of them. - While waiting for backup, they will finish him.
- Do not go? - Do not go.
- Run. - Come on. - Come on.
Prince, Alexander Yaroslavich, oh, God. You all right?
Gosh. Can not leave you alone for one hour
- Give a drink
- A? - Rogues.
(speak German)
I am a knight-errant, Andreas von Velven.
I've heard a lot about you, Prince Alexander. Wanted to meet by myself.
- Well, what they say? - They say that you are an extraordinary prince.
- And wise beyond years. Now, decided to have a look. - As the Queen of Sheba at Solomon?
- Well, that looked. Where Ratmir? - Wounded Ratmir, but alive as long.
- You there, alive? - Oh, yeah... - Hit on the head.
- And who will go now to propose to Toropets? - I'm going, who else.
I will lie down a few days, and go
- And then, look. - Before the wedding heal.
- How is your wound, Knight Andreas? - A trifle.
Very grateful to you for helping, prince.
A wonder to me that you decided with small forces to stand on protect lone knight.
What surprised you? In your tradition, any knight would not have defended the weak?
Or do you think we are worse than you?
No, I see that the Prince of Novgorod, is not inferior to the nobility,
the best of the brothers of the Knights, and even exceeds them courage.
- That's nothing, Sad that people died in fight. - Died the robbers, and servants.
Servants? For whom a servant. People, knight, they are people alive.
One consoles, it is written - "Blessed is he who gives head for his friends."
God bless him. You need something else??
I do not know how to thank you, Prince.
All my presents were ransacked by robbers
One I can say exactly, that in wandering it I will tell all,
that I passed many countries, and saw many kings and princes.
But, did not meet similar to you not by beauty, neither boldness nor wisdom, neither among princes nor among kings.
In the whole world there is no such as you, Prince of Novgorod, Alexander Yaroslavovich.
Well, be my guest, until your wound has healed. We'll take care of you
What say you, governor?
Hmm, do you remember, Prince, as we with Fedor Danilovich, with your mentor
took you with us in the forest, and showed as does a lynx sneak up to the wood grouse?
So quietly, gently, almost purring.
Praises me, and looks as a lynx.
Look closely at him, Misha.
I know that you share beliefs and faith of the Order,
and agree to be saved in the bosom of the true church.
But, you must prove the loyality to Order
Talk quicker, that wanted to say, Sir Knight. There is small time, under an ax we walk.
For a start, you have to prepare a map of the river Neva,
which should be marked all the dangerous places.
If there is rapids, shoals.
And most importantly - the shore, for a successful landing.
This map is difficult to make. Time is needed. But we can try.
Do we think, if such map may need, then guests need to be waited?
We will notify you. This is symbol.
But... Novgorod must be prepared to surrender.
Prepare people. In the case of our common victory, Order will appoint our Fokts.
- What for? We want own Prince from Russian Land. With our blood he must be.
- He must know a concept. - Well, we will find this Prince from the Russian lands.
- If so, then we will agree. - We will agree.
- Cornelius, are you here, divine man? - Here.
- Made as instructed you. - Uh-huh.
We will.
Open the gate for governor.
- Knight disappeared, prince, as failed through earth. - Misha, Misha...
- You called me, prince? - Well, now tell me where the knight Andreas gone?
- So I'll have told you? - Now you tell it to Misha. - Well, he walked to the weapons shop.
three hours stayed there. A gunsmith left for a short time - walked to the boyar Roman.
and from there messengers on all city scattered. I was not able to keep an eye
What was he doing there?
Armory shop directly at the tower stands, and I heard in that tower there is a hole in the cave.
From there many exits. On an area, in a temple and out of fortress wall too.
Well here's answer where Knight had gone.
And in my cellar entrance in a cave too
So we now go on a visit to Fedor Danilovich.
Well, I think the way out of here is the gunsmith shop. O, and how many tracks.
Knight was here. And see some of our, boyars potbellied.
It is necessary to arrest a gunsmith and know exactly
You can't take him yet.
I think he does not know much. He will tells us about boyar Roman. So what?
What, we do not know that he is an agitator well-known. And that to him with German and Swede, trading in is advantageous.
- A long ago he was necessary to be executed! - Well. But it is impossible in Novgorod without proofs.
- Yes, I know. - Well, as this Roman with Posadnik at short leg.
And boyars respect him
- German undertakes something. - What will we do, prince?
- For the boyars eyes and the eyes. - And with that knight?
Knight... Tell him to go home.
He is only slightly wounded. Visit and enogh
Escort him to the border, that it did not turn anywhere.
Take Princess gifts from the Prince.
- And where the Prince? Will soon? - He will be soon
- Why Prince sent you in advance? - We are friends.
Friends, you say.
It is good?
Hold that.
Sin - on itself to admire
- You tell me, I'm beautiful? - Oh, yeah. - A prince like me??
Oh, yeah
Well, if so, I'll kiss you, instead of the prince.
Let you will have many daughters
- And so much sons. - Thank you
Why are not you having fun?, Ratmir?
- Should rejoice. Fiancee of prince are beautiful woman. - Oh, yeah.
You should marry, you will cheer up too.
- Oh, yeah. - Why you do not get married?
- I don't complain. I have a horse. I have a sword. Enemies will be.
I will not marry ever.
Why get married if you have a horse.
Calm down, Ratmir.
- Should not have stopped. I would stab him. - The wedding would be overshadowed.
Oh, yeah.
- Look, prince. Ratmir worries. It can be he fell in love? - No-o.
We were childhood friends. I know him as himself..
Let's run away from everyone. I want to stay alone with you, and then got tired of them.
If not a war, we may be never met.
You noticed me in the campaign, when Lithuania went.
From the south - the Mongols, from the west - the Germans. Boyars in Novgorod undertake something.
- Oh, not at the time this wedding. - What can you do, now such time. And so, just for a minute, but we are together
Who are you, from?
I'm Sviatoslav, the son of Prince of Torzhok. Tatars killed ours, I am left alone.
Raced to the encampment, but on the way the bear jumped out.
I fell off the horse. And bear hugged me
And I had a knife only. It was a hard fight...
What, Sbyslav? Can you do the same, only with a knife?
No, Prince, it's too much for me. Mighty bear. Well done, strong one.
Come with me. Heal, and then have some fun at our wedding.
Then maybe in my squad, I need brave men like you.
- I brave? I had no choice. - Don't be shy, let's go.
I made sure to bravery, courage and inflexibility of Russians,
naming themselves Orthodox
To persuade these stubborn it seemed to me unavailing.
Only the power of weapons could subject them to the Roman Catholic Church.
Mission of conquering Novgorod was reasonable to assign to the Swedes.
Ambitious knights of king Eric already a long ago looked aside neighbours by a bellicose look.
Many knights perished on the battlefields. But on land of Sweden yet more knights will be born
Let's drink to my future grandchildren, for the health of my daughter. For my daughter.
Deputy Master of the Livonian Order, Knight Andreas von Velven.
Welcome, vice-master. Greetings to our German brothers-knights.
What wind did bring you in Sweden? I hasten to know the purpose of your visit.
Great king, I would like to keep the conversation was private.
Now there are no strangers. You can talk openly.
Neither secrecy does not go beyond this room.
I want to acquaint you with my future son in law, Knight Birger Magnuson.
And his cousin, Yarlo Ulf Fassi.
How do you know, now you can talk.
Great king, we are making common cause.
Clearing the land from pagan contamination.
We have learned that you prepare a crusade against the Russian heretics.
Yes, I'm going to do it.
We welcome your decision. And in the near time, we prepare the same campaign too
I was in Novgorod. I was sent there by our Order.
I know their language, and a bit by a sign with their barbarian customs.
I succeeded to see a prince Alexander. And estimate him, as our future enemy.
Prince Alexander quite young, he is twenty years old.
He did not take part in the major battles. Defeate him will be easy.
I don't think so. Unfortunately, I was able to make sure in dignities of young prince.
I've heard of him too.
It will be not easy. And his father is prince Yaroslav.
If he comes to the aid of his son, it will be far from easy.
I promise, I will captivate a young prince personally.
I believe that to reconnoitre before the battle would be good.
Necessary to clarify the place of possible camp.
- The detailed map of the river of Neva will be required for this. - I agreed about it.
These information you will be passed to by boyars that is displeased at Alexander. Send the people to Novgorod
I'll tell you how to find sympathetic to us. Here's symbol.
- Conspirators will pass to you the second glove. - Your thoughts are brave and noble
So be it.
Did you come however? And I thought you will not come.
Here, it is potion-killer, I yesterday prepared him. Only why you need it?
- Really to poison mise? - And will they die?
- One drop is enough. - Only one drop?
Test it
Test? I can try.
- Ah, it's fun. - We will see who will be fun
Prince, accept the bow from boyars.
Let our prince not get older, his clothing does not become dirty,
his good horses do not get tired, his faithful servants do not betray.
Get out.
Because prayer of righteous man helps to meet us with God. And God from love to him forgives us - sinners
- Remember, I taught you?? - Oh, yeah.
- And if a man in love? - Who does he love? - It is unimportant, love and that's all.
And let he love. God is love.
- Come on. - I do not want, Daria. - Come on, let's dance.
I can't. Look, how many men
Are they men as compared to you? Come on.
- Well... - Come on. - Respect the woman's wish.
Oh, our hot Ratmir. And very strong.
- He recently wanted to kill a butcher. - Why?
He tried to make a joke with our Ratmir.
My school.

- You feel well?, Princess? - Yes, Prince.
Ratmir Mstislavovich, don't be angry at me. It was a stupid joke. Look at this...
Oh, look an idiot. Did you see what he does
Go on, enjoy yourself.
- Leave him alone, he's funny.
Don't laugh at him, prince.
I don't. Yasha - a man of God. Tatars cut off his tongue. Because of this, he lost his mind.
- Where are you going, Ratmir? - I'll go take a walk.
A one wise man said, "A friend is long searched, find hardly, and difficult to save him."
For you, my friends. You are my hope, and my loyal support.
Get him.
Go on.
Take it, prince.

Yasha dying.
- Well, princess, let's go tomorrow in Toropets, eh? - Prince, Yasha feels not good .
Where is he?
It looks like a betrayal, Prince.
Don't tell anyone. Call people.
Who drink before a prince from a bowl?
- Sam? - Aha, aha.
And who did pass a bowl for the last time?
Who did pour, he passed?
God sees, the prince. I don't know anything.
Execute him, Prince, and all the servants at the same time.
Surely, this was one of them.
If all were to blame, and among them one innocent, it can not be put to death.
- He might poison me before, what did he wait? - And if he bribed?
- Who gave a bowl to you? - Gavrila Alexich.
So, governor gave it to me.
To me - Jacov.
- So, to me - Ratmir. - Ratmir.
Where is Ratmir?
Who has seen him?
Find quickly.
- Ratmir found? - No.
Butcher can drunkenly drowned in brine.
No, it's not. Someone helped to him.
Certainly, Ratmir was strongly made angry on a butcher., but...
It's not him.
It's not him, really.
Ratmir did not could to encroach upon a prince. I don't believe. Why does it need him?
Ratmir loves a princess . And you can see it, if you want to see it.
A princess loves Alexander. She doesn't need Ratmir. Why he need to kill a prince?
Maybe he want the throne. Ratmir is too with noble blood. Only without an army. Outcast.
His father died before his elder brother, never reigned.
Do you think, he could betray a prince?
You saw, when the nobles fight among themselves. Brother against a brother compete in cruelty.
- Tell me, why he killed the butcher? - This hasn't been seen. By Anybody.
Svyatoslav saw as they quarreled. And an occasion was. A butcher offended Ratmir.
And stop thinking about it!
I have noticed that you like Ratmir
Woman's whim.
Don't think about Yasha.
He was out of his mind, Prince. Don't think about it.
Lay down. You must to sleep.
This cup was for me.
The death was very close to me.
Yasha - a man of God, and he saved me from death.
Who should I believe.
Butcher killed.
Who did it?
Calm down, dear. Lord has protected you and will continue to maintain.
Ratmir couldn't betray you, I feel this in my heart.
When he brought a gifts from you in Toropets, I had even kissed him for you.
Stand still.
My Love. Ratmirushka, my darling.
- How did you find me? - Did you think I don't know where you're hiding from people...
- Oh, yeah. You must to run, Rutmirushka. My sweet.
All looking for you, they think it's you killed the butcher. Like, he offended you tight.
Oh, yeah.
They think, you love the princess.
So be it. So be it! I don't care. I don't care! I'll run away with you.
You and me will hide in the forest, we shall live, I will give birth to our children. All that you want, I beg you!
And against the will of your father you'll go?
If I'm with you, I can go though on the world's end.
I see that you love. Only I didn't kill anyone, and I will not run anywhere.
- I didn't kill anybody. - So after all, they still think that you wanted to poison the prince.
- Alexander was poisoned? - He is alive, just only all suspect you...
Oh, yeah.
Nobody knows what you didn't do that.
The bishop of Rome send you a "hi" from Pope
"Hi" to him too
Accept the gift of a book about the Crusades, the glorious knighthood .
His Holiness hopes that the old quarrels forgotten, yet you will come to the bosom of the true church.
Apply to the Latin faith, and be the good example for your people.
How many times you come to me with this. Our faith is bad for us?
Thus far no one has complained. We're not trying to teach you.
- Why are you trying to teach us? - Our faith can give a great advantage.
We will make you King of Novgorod. If you need help, Pope send military force against the Horde.
Our faith can give a great advantage.
- Mongols are our enemies, but they didn't impose to us their faith. - Think again, don't make a mistake.
And we have the good example. Yaroslav , Prince of Pskov, took our faith..
This prince is enemy of my father. Jaroslav betrayed the Russian Land. I don't follow his example.
Ratmir returned.
Okay, listen up!
We will not accept your faith, tell it to the bishop.
We have our own faith. Go with it.
I no longer hold you In Novgorod.
- Where is he? - Here, I told him not to go so far into the yard. Who knows...
- Well, just in case a couple of warriors with him left. - Warriors can not keep Ratmir...
- Gunsmith went up again to the boyar Roman. - Rats begun to move.
- Sadko, now you can not miss the monks . - But how can I...
As you want.
- Where have you been so long? We looking for you everywhere. - I was washing a horse in the river.
- All night? Why did you kill the butcher? - It's not true.
You want my wife, Is this true?
- I thought you were my friend, I trusted you more than others . - I'm still faithful to you.
But I don't believe you anymore.
Cast him into a hole. Find executioner and bring him to me.
I'll tell you what to do next.
Well, Ratmir... don't take offense
We made a map that a knight asked. All dangerous places on the Neva identified.
And the place is decent, where more convenient to stick to the shore and the camp to become, at the mouth of the river Izhora.
Tell to brothers-knights, we are waiting for them.
When will give the signal, we will raise the people.
Not vouch for everyone, but my people will go with me.
And I am not one, all boyars have a many servants. And then... will begin.
- We want a Western-style living. - Yes.
And we will take care of prince Alexander, if he will stay alive.
Not in the first time we drive out princes from Novgorod
- Prince?!
Map made, a vipers. What guests expect? When?
Why silent? Where is your map?
- What is that? - It's a symbol.
- They must to show me the same. - So, for the map the monks were to come?
- Yes, they are. - Whose is this plan??
- Mine and boyarin Potkov, I swear. - You can't swear, you sold your faith.
Don't touch my faith. I believe in a benefit.
- And Swedes can help. - Only to you.
I know that you however finish me.
- But don't harm to my children. - You must do one thing for me.
Monks are coming.
Give it to the monks. And no more sound from you.

We made a map that a knight asked.
Shoals and rapids on the Neva identified. Places convenient to stick to the coast.
The Holy Order is hoping for you. Remember, only in the bosom of the true church you will save your soul.
Where is boyar Roman?
You can't miss him, you can't.
- Should not have killed him. - Creeping snake killed.
If you kill all the snakes, you will not know the truth. They are not alone.
And why did you give a map to the monks? Now the Swede will know where to land troops.
Oh, yeah. But now we know this place too.
Look, prince. It was in the hand of dead butcher. he cut a bear.
We found it, when buried.
So, poor Yasha showed the beast knowingly.
- So, Svyatoslav wasn't alone. - Of course, someone helped him. And no wonder.
How he can kill a large bear with a small knife. Svyatoslav lied, lied.
Only why?
Oh, prince, we should send someone to Torzhok, inquire about him.
- Sent already. - Yes? A reliable?
- This man must be reliable. - Don't worry, he is.
- Sviatoslav into custody, and in the pit. - Yeah.
So, and Ratmir?
Let he sit in the hole.
Are you boring? Songster Cornelius come to you.
- Give me a drink, I will dance and... - Sing.
Oh, people of Novgorod - not freaks.
- Prince?
Prince. Prince likes to fool around. And sometimes he kills someone.
Two boyars were missing, the others were frightened.
And all peasants... and all peasants are don't care, because they can lick his ass.
I'll tell to you, people of Novgorod. Foreigners is better, than the Prince.
They will give us the new prince, will put things in order in the city.
We will have no fleas and louses. And the old prince needs to be banished.
- I swear God.
One sage told me the truth
Novgorod can't resist at the present prince.
Grief and hunger.
We should expel the prince from the land of Novgorod.

Come here.
Cornelius, go from here while you are alive.
Not you dropped it?
Sage, you said. What kind of sage?
- He told to me to be silent, excuse me. - But he exists, your Sage?
Yes, how ... Well, I did not ... Yes, let my tongue will wither, if I say lies.
He sees the future, you said. And what future do you have, he said?
- He told the truth. - What did he say??
He said that I would long and well live.
Sage cheated. Doesn't know anything.
Where is the songster?
Your songster is gone...
He reported that the song was not about our prince. He mistook.
That's bullshit!
- Permit me to say, Prince Alexander. - Speak.
I was in the encampment at Torzhok. And anybody there doesn't know any Svyatoslav.
- And his father, too, there has never been. - Come closer.
What you can say, Svyatoslav?
Who knows, who spoke with she about me in Torzhok.
- Maybe it was my enemy. - You killed the butcher? - He...
Why would I kill him? She slandered me to save a Ratmir's life.
Show to him.
- What is it? - Arrow.
A butcher took out it from a bear. And you told that by a knife killed him.
Who are you? And why would poison the prince?
I didn't kill the butcher, prince. And I wasn't trying to poison you. Slander me.
And to prove my guilt is not possible.
Get him.
Loose him.
- Ratmir, sorry. You're not guilty. - You did wrong. Your judgment is too fast.
Childhood is over, Ratmir. Enemies around.
- They are more and more. - And friends less and less?
Let's leave from here, Ratmirushka. They will expel the prince, and then they will recall about you. You after all his loyal friend.
- It will be bad for you. - Oh, yeah.
So, the prince after all didn't believe you. And after that he is your friend? He threw you into a hole.
My Love, let's leave.
- All pay us, but you don't pay contribution to us. - Yes, and we will not pay.
- Batu-Khan is angry. - Why he is angry? While we against him weren't at war..
Batu-Khan took Ryazan, Suzdal took,
Moscow took, took Rostov, Vladimir took ...
I know, I know...
- Half of world under him. - And do you think your Novgorod will withstand?
It as God will give.
But Novgorod cann't pay a contribution, when enemy at the gates.
What enemy?
I think, Batu-Khan knows. Batu-Khan too doesn't like my enemy,
Tell to Batu-Khan, when a prince Alexander will finish with his enemy, then we will talk.
Meanwhile, eat food, drink wine. You're my guest.
Drink up, for your people.
I'll help you. I'll say right words to Batu-Khan.
Tell him: "Novgorod is at war against Sweden. They can't pay and at the same time be at war".
I'll tell, what it is necessary to tell.
But remember, if you don't win against the Swedes, they will cut off my head.
- Because Swedes will not return your debt to Batu-Khan. - Don't worry. We'll save your ass.
- What is it? - Disturbances, Prince.
Boyars released Sviatoslav.
Call they to the throne-room.

What you did? Violated the law, the outlaw was released.
He is not outlaw, he is Dmitry, son of Prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich.
- His father was holding your father in prison.You decided to take revenge? - Oh, I understand.
And I thought, who he looks like, eh?
- His father with Swedes now. - Ha, you rub shoulders with the Tartars.
- Than the Swede is worse than the Tatar? - Son of the father is not the defendant. - He wanted to poison me.
You must prove that. You no longer respect the law.
You took the life of two noble boyars. You think we don't know? We will prove that you're a murderer.
- Novgorod is a free city. If people will decide, we will expel you. - If people will decide it, then I will go away by myself.
Go, call the council.
I swear, not sparing my life and property,
to defend the true faith, the widows, the orphans and the oppressed.
Dmitry is devoted in knights. In the name of God, St. Michael and St. George.
Father, I was knighted.
Now you a servant of the knight.
- You know that this is temporary. - Everything in this world is temporary.
But know, the knights will always consider you a servant.
For many years I was trained in the Order. And what did I obtain? What I gave you?
- You gave me your hate. - Well, hate... except that.
And Prince Yaroslav, father of Alexander, deprived me of the principality Pskov.
He held me in a dungeon, I hardly escaped.
All this is true, but here you are, you could become a worthy prince of Novgorod. Could...
I wanted, I had dreamed, but couldn't kill Alexander to avenge your humiliations.
But now I know, we will take Novgorod.
I'll be the prince. And you will return to reign in Pskov.
In Russia, people don't love the Mongols. Swedes - a tool. With Order we will break up Horde.
I also wanted to gain power by any means, son.
And what happened? I am old, power is not received.
At home I... traitor of faith, and in Sweden...
After our victory, I promise you a dignified old age.
Perfect place to land, there will be a camp.
We'll wait for reinforcements and move to Novgorod.
Why are you so gloomy, Knight Dmitry? Everything is going very well. Soon the road.
Here is the beginning of your reign. Look, the Baltic Sea, the mouth of the Neva River.
Here, where the Izhora flows into the Neva River, create a first reference point. Good strengthened.
- Next, up the river, that's here. - I thought the way to the last detail, to each camp.
Ladoga's fortress, which is very important to master.
From there a direct way to Novgorod.
We have been preparing for two years, the hour has come.
Now, my soldiers will break Russian heretics or will turn them into true faith.
All nicely.
Nicely is nicely. But your brothers-knights do not consider me by brother. Shun.
- As though me with plague. - Respect needs to be deserved.
We'll kill Alexander soon, we'll take Novgorod, we'll make you the prince.
We'll give you strength.
You will rule your people. And they will love you.
- And no offense to the knights, they are made of different stuff. - What kind of stuff?
This can not be explained.
Which day of the guard, Uncle Pilgusiy?
If suddenly, somebody will come, he doesn't slip past us. I hear like the fox.
Holy Mother.

They wanted to be under Swedes. They thought that treachery of their ancestors will do good to Novgorod.
Trade strengthen, give force against the Tatars.
They thought the Knights would selflessly help them. This is false.
Where is boyars, Roman Kulik and Alexei Potkov? Notable sons of the land of Novgorod.
Killed? Without trial or investigation? Without proofs?
They are traitors.
They prepared to hand over the city, they gave to Swedes a map, which would help them to take Novgorod.
Lies, libel. Where is proofs?
Swedes want to trade with us. Tatars - our enemies. And you are on friendly terms with them.
Yes, you really have found the new prince, Dimitriy. He has already received the Latin faith.
And they want to take you to it. By means of fire and a sword.
- And you prove it. - You prove it. - How you can know?
Maybe received, but maybe is not. Maybe "fire and sword", but maybe "honey and spice-cake"
Stop lying, we don't allow ourselves to bend the arc.
Our forefathers chose the Byzantine faith
Our Holy Fathers glorified it all over Russia. And we do not need a different faith.

It is known from ancient times,
Who used to be in heaven, the Popes of Rome or our saint elders.
Pope wants to weaken Russia and he will not give a help..
- They float, prince. Horned float. - Speak to all.
Vikings, knights, horned knights, on boats, swim with scary faces .
- With scary faces, with scary faces and swords. With scary faces... - Don't say again "with scary faces"
Well, you haven't seen the scary faces? Go to the tavern, take a look.
- So, uh ... - How many rooks you counted?
- So, they float out of the fog with scary faces. - How many?
It wasn't visible in the mist. I counted, that... Pelgusiy stayed there.
And I, I'm here. Then, He will count all.
They are close?
They are in the Neva now.
Put on another horse, ride to Pelgusiy. Tell him, let leave patrol, and waiting with the rooks on Ladoga.
I only drink water, and at once.
All right, enough words.

- Call a squad. So, don't hesitate, no time.
Prince... Don't get excited.
- Maybe we need to send messengers to Prince Yaroslav Vyacheslavovich for help. - I know, we need it.
But only when the father militia gather, Swedes are already here.
- Don't you understand this, Gavrila Aleksich? - Yes, I understand.
- I have been instructed to tell you... - Who instructed you? - Boyars, who is on your side.
They asked me to tell you, they don't need war, they want peace with the Swedes, Germans, and trade needs.
But if you're starting war, should win.
And if you lose, don't come back to Novgorod.
- He is a boy after all. - Hmm. - Oh, we will not be able to beat Swedes.
- The Swedes are not forest robbers. - He is small, but powerful.
And who was with us when we beat Germans at Derbt? You were there, remember?
- That was with the father. - So, Alexander was only14 years old.
- So what? - So, now he's 20 years old. Do you feel the difference?
And then, you will be with him.
You can't be dishonored.
Will not beat... Who taught him?
Will not beat ...
I to him ... will not beat.
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, amen.
Glorious and righteous God, a great and mighty God, God eternal,
who made heaven and earth, and set a limit to the nations.
You commanded to live without embarking foreign borders.
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, amen.
Dear brothers, God not in the force, but in truth. Someone with weapons, someone on horseback.
But we will call a name of the Lord. They hesitated and fell. We rebelled and were hard.
Mother of God. Our Lady Blessed and Immaculate.
I pray to You, let my husband Alexander has saved from destruction.
Save this city, both all Christian cities and the countries, from enemies, and save our souls, be merciful.
- Prince... - Hello, old man. Thanks for guarding.
- What shall I say, Prince. - A lot of Swedes? - Yes it is, but...
The other day, I was at night on patrol.
At night, and the morning mist came and boat floats on the river.
And in the boat, the holy martyrs Boris and Gleb, I swear.
- And then what happened? - They stand In crimson clothes.
And Boris says: "And Boris says: "Brother Gleb, ask to rowing the rowers.
We will help to our relative Alexander". O, Lord.
- You don't tell no one about it. - No, prince.
It's been a wonderful miraclel. I'm not a fibber. People's belief.
- Good sign. And I said it to some people. - In vain the people know, they will calm down.
And the enemy is strong, we cann't give half-hearted fight.
Prince, prince. You were right, prince. The Swedes stood in the same place where you said.
And from there, they have to move to Novgorod.
Weapons to fight. Hey, come on!
Hey, boys, dearest, beat the Swede.
Ratmir. We will win.
- We will win. - Oh, yeah...
The power of God with us.
Go forward!
In this battle Russians showed itself by brave warriors.
Prince Alexander was not only courageous, but also smart.
The Swedes were defeated.
God punished us for our carelessness.
Order should not have to rely more on other people's swords, and prepare yourself for a new, decisive battle.
Thanks for watching. Subtitles prepared by Marlen.