MOOGER (1.13.11 #47)

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» BRUNO: Wow! Look how clear the mountains are!
This woman over there looks like Mary Albright
from 3rd Rock from the Sun, Jane Curtin.
» (As Dick:) Mary!
♪ ♫
» BRUNO: Oh, cool, so they ‹do› have album art.
» ♪ So if a video— ♫
» I’m downloading some new music— legally.
‹Legally› downloading music for the car. It’s been ages.
And I’m putting it on a CD because, yes, I still use CDs.
One day I want a car that can take an iPod.
That would be cool. Mia wants Pearl Jam.
We’re going to go back to Ikea and buy another desk for in here ’cause we can afford that.
You like your Pearl Jam “Black,” right? » MIA: Yeah. » Okay.
Oh! Copyright. Can’t play that. Sorry.
You know, when you do things the right way, it’s really difficult.
I can say “Pearl Jam,” right? I’m not gonna get in trouble for that? » MIA: No, you can say that.
Would you wiggle my ears for me?
Oh, that’s good ear wiggling, Mia.
Oh, that’s very good. Now do, like, moose ears.
» Moose ears? » Yeah.
That’s fantastic!
And now make me fly.
» [Both chuckling]
» Here, I can play ‹this› song.
» ♪ So if a video and a blog make a vlog— ♫
» Terabrite, you’re not gonna come get me, are you? I hope not.
I bought your song; you should like me.
It’s very catchy.
Alright, Vlerabrite, you can come to Burbank with us.
I’m not for illegal downloading of music, but it seems like if you play a song in a video—
I can’t tell you how many songs I’ve heard in a video and didn’t know,
and then it said in the video what the song was, and then I went to iTunes and actually bought the song,
and then, in some cases, I ended up buying the CD.
I think the music industry needs to get with it a little more and say, “Hey, this is good promotion.”
I need more coffee. Or maybe I’ve had too much coffee.
I’ve either had too much or not enough.
I had a big thingy of coffee at Subway and the whole breakfast was $5.49—
that was for both me ‹and› Mia. » That’s crazy.
» We had two big coffees and their Subway McThingamajiggy—
like an Egg McMuffin, but in Subwayness.
» And it’s the same price whether you get coffee or not, so… enjoy the free coffee.
» And then there was this lady, and she was up Mia’s ass, being really annoying—
» Oh, I hated her. » I hated her too.
And there was that other lady, and she looked like Mary Albright from 3rd Rock from the Sun.
She knew she was Mary Albright. She kept looking at me ’cause she knew that I knew.
» She kept making that Mary Albright face too. » Yeah, I just wanted to yell (As Dick:) “Mary!”
And then she would have slapped me.
» ♪ It’s our New Years resolution. ♪
♪ We call it Vlerabrite. ♫
» MIA: She belongs in Hufflepuff.
» [Both laughing]
» (Whispers:) Oh my God.
The two women over there had no idea what they wanted.
They were talking about kitchen, office— all different departments.
So I’m standing there for three or four minutes, and finally one looks up to me.
She goes, “Do you have a quick question?”
And I go, “Uh, Mia?” ’cause Mia was over looking at the desk.
And she looks at me again and goes, “You do or you don’t!”
♪ ♫
» MIA: Quit screwing around. You’re screwing around.
» I’m screwing around too much. I don’t come here to buy furniture, I come here to screw around.
God, everybody’s looking at me. » [Mia laughing]
» Why is everybody looking at me strangely?
I’m like Superman.
What a mean thing to do to us. Look at that.
This is a plate. Oop! I dropped my mooger!
That’s a mooger. You should look up what “mooger” means.
Oh, is that more than one plate? [Gasps] » MIA: Yeah, it’s four.
» BRUNO: Oh, I think we need that! How much?
» MIA: Eight dollars. » [Bruno groans]
M-O-O-G-E-R. Look it up.
It’s Moochie time. The bottom?
» MIA: Yeah. » BRUNO: Alright, Moochie, here it comes.
“Poultry, beef feast variety.”
So we’re gonna flip the room around a little bit to try to give ourselves some more space.
We got rid of Mia’s desk. My desk is all cleaned off.
Mia did this. Isn’t that great?
That’s Julie,
and Cory.
Yeah, we’re kinda stuck.
Each point of the desk is wedged against the wall.
This is like that time Austin Powers got stuck in that little car.
Good job, Mia.
» MIA: It’s a little uneven. » BRUNO: Little bit.
» [Thumping and rattling] » MIA: Wow, it’s on a— Damn!
Ugh, how did this get underneath here? » [Spanking]
» BRUNO: I don’t know.
We have our superdesk now.
We have a super ‹mess› too.
♪ ♫