CHAIR DE POULE (1963) aka "Highway Pick-Up" [Eng subs]

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- Listen to that. - Does it worry you?
It'll attract the police.
We have to go.
A revolver? Put it away.
It's the concierge, let's go.
- You sure? - Come on!
Shit! In the workshop, I opened it with pliers.
Let's go, or they'll catch us.
He's club-hopping. Never gets back before four.
I checked it out, I'm not crazy.
- Let's get out of here! - Wait, the keys!
It's open!
This way.
- Didn't you write down the combination? - I didn't know I'd be coming.
Monsieur Corène, you're back early today!
Doesn't Madame feel well?
- May I help you? - Leave us!
It's working.
Stop him!
Murderer! Thief! Stop him!
I turned on the radio and heard it.
You think you know someone. It turns out he's not who you think.
If he survives, it'll be with a bullet in his lung.
I wonder why he did it.
Robbing a safe he repaired last week.
You'd expect him to be the prime supect, wouldn't you?
- Was he working here? - Yes, an irreproachable guy.
I'm sure he was forced into it. There's a woman behind it.
As usual.
Gentlemen, please...
Who knows Daniel Boissent best?
Have you known this Daniel Boisset long?
Since we were kids.
Come into my office.
Didn't you say you were going to work with him last night?
Yes, and I did.
You were with him?
You're crazy! What happened?
I told the cops I spent the night with you, as usual.
Okay, I understand.
"The clouds will gradually dissipate,
and the weather will slowly improve in the northeast..."
- Shit! He's dead! - Who, Daniel?
No, Corène, the millionaire with the safe.
Good work! You've done well.
Corène damaged the lock in the safe.
Daniel went to fix it two weeks ago.
He opened it and saw the bills. Piles of them.
He told me about it when he got back. He found it funny.
Very funny. You two are quite a pair.
He didn't want to do the job. It hadn't even occurred to him.
I was checking it out. It took me a week to convince him.
He was smarter than you.
You want to stay here forever? Working, and in this apartment?
From home to the bus, from there to work, always the same?
Don't you want to see the world?
- Many are satisfied with that. - And they die of disgust.
Everyone would try, if they could.
We're not going to pass up an opportunity like this.
I copied the key while wearing a workshop uniform.
- The job was a piece of cake. - Then it got complicated!
You going to give him his bottle?

Daniel can't be blamed for everything. I'm going to the police.
What good will that do? He'll be out soon. It wasn't murder.
He hit him 'cause he was surprised.
He didn't strike him, it was me.
Yes, to defend yourself.
If Daniel wants to talk, he'll tell them.
- He won't turn me in. - We'll see.
If things gets complicated, he'll talk.
They'll take a year to try him.
- Is it over? - Yes.
- Did he talk? - No, he didn't say a thing.
A true friend.
- Twenty years of hard labor. - What?
He was sentenced to twenty years.
I heard it on the radio.
It didn't occur that Daniel knows a lot about locks.
- Where did it happen? - In a railroad station.
It's in the paper.
He was being taken to another prison.
A cop locked himself in an office with Daniel.
He fell asleep, and when he woke up,
Daniel was gone.
They'll give that cop a medal!
Look at these photos. He looks like a murderer.
Monsieur, would you mind helping me?
If I can...
When you get to town, you'll see a blue garage.
Tell them to come help me. I'm Thomas, they know me.
- What happened? - I don't know.
I can't figure it out, and I do this for a living.
May I?
Are you familiar with these?
I fixed a racing Dauphine once.
A Dauphine?
We could push it up to 160.
Instead of someone who fixes race cars...
- You look more like a... - A vagabond?
I had an accident.
I puntured a lung and was in the hospital. I left a couple of days ago.
Ah, of course...
Great, thank you.
I got tired of the repair shop.
I couldn't stand being cooped up, so I decided to beat it.
I need fresh air.
So, you left with nothing?
I spent the night outdoors, in a haystack.
When I woke up, I discovered I'd been robbed of my bag, papers, my money.
I see...
I can't take you as far as the sea,
but at my place you can get a ride with a truck.
Monsieur Thomas!
We heard gunfire from your house
on Sunday night. It was your brother-in-law.
Tell him the Hunting Society is sending the wardens
to lock him up. - They'd be doing me a favor.
I'm getting fed up with him!
He's my first wife's brother.
A bum, does everything, but work.
You're like that, too?
If I like the work I'm doing, it doesn't tire me.
Here's the mail.
Another big-time criminal. Just the type to flee.
If we catch him, we'll have to tie him up.
How're you planning to sail without money?
I'll work in the machine room.
You'll need fresh air down there!
It's heating up, eh?
Come and see.
We're not lacking air up here.
Look there, that's my house.
Of course, the neighbors don't bother you.
Were I in your place, I'd think that if Thomas had work
I could stay a few days and earn some money.
Think of your lung.
My wife's a good cook. I married again.
Do you need an assistant?
I could get by without one, but I like you.
I like you, too.
You'll sleep here. It was a stable, made into a room.
It's for travellers who want a few hours rest.
Come and see.
Like it?
Better than the hospital.
And this...
If you want to wash up, you have everything here.
Come to the restaurant later, you'll be hungry.
I don't know your name.
Pierre Gilet.
I'm Thomas, my wife is Maria.
A guy without papers isn't reliable. Tell him to clear out.
Don't be anxious. Tomorrow, we'll see.
If he doesn't slit our throats.
You remember what happened to the Martins?
I can tell if someone is dangerous.
This one seems harmless.
Anyone here?
- You're hungry, eh? - Yes.
You weren't expecting to encounter a woman like that here.
I lost my first wife five years ago.
She didn't look in the least like Maria.
I like this place. I was born here. But the solitude's hard.
I closed for a few days and went to Marseilles,
to the Hotel de la Joliette. You know it?
- She was a waitress. - You're kidding.
I saw how she worked and asked if she wanted to be the boss.
I thought she'd say no, but I was lucky.
- Good morning, Madame. - Good morning.
- Coffee's on the stove. - Thanks.
I seem to have frightened you.
Takes more than that to frighten me...
Doesn't mean you can settle in here.
My husband and I don't need anyone. We can't pay any wages.
Sleep well?
Not bad.
If we had an employee, I could go with you to St. Sauveur tonight.
You won't always be alone.
I don't need you to go to the hairdresser.
While you have your hair done, I'll do the shopping.
I don't like you going alone
to St. Sauveur at night, with those preying types there.
You know I'm not jealous.
It's the police.
It's the patrol coming to fill their tank. Go on.
No, I'd rather he wash the dishes.
I haven't done them yet. And he's our employee.
You're right, I'll go.
You don't like the police much.
Why do you say that?
You don't like them.
You do?
I'm going to write to Paris to have my papers sent.
Can you put up with me 'til then?
The sooner you leave, the better.
Have you seen the road?
When there's ice in winter, the cars end up wrecked.
This cost me 25.000 francs.
I fix them up, and if I don't manage to get the motor going,
I take them to Girard in St. Sauveur and he'll repair and sell them.
But if you get it to work I won't have to take it to him
and you'll earn a commission.
It's smashed up. I don't know if I'll be able to stay long enough.
Why don't you start?
I'm coming.
Good, see you.
Don't take this as an opportunity to run off with the house.
By the way, bring me a couple of shirts.
Hello? Yes.
Yes, she's here.
Simone, it's for you. - Yes?
Excuse me a moment.
Hello? Yes...
Who are you?
You don't recognize my voice?
How's Paul?
He's well.
And you? You're...
Are you better?

Where are you?
On vacation. It's pleasant, but lonely.
Tell Paul I'll write him at the Rue du Louvre post office.
I need you to do me that favor. I think you owe me.
I hope we see each other again. Goodbye.
The refrigerator's empty, too!
Damn place!
What are you doing here?
And you?
If you want to eat, take a seat in the restaurant.
I'll sit, if I feel like it.
Come on, let's go.
- Who are you? - The employee.
- There aren't any employees here. - They hired me yesterday.
- I'm the owner's brother-in-law. - Of course!
Leave me be!
Give me a ham sandwich and another to go.
Good, two more and a beer.
And three more to go.
And make it fast.
- Nothing else? - Not for now.
- Do you have money? - I don't pay, it's on the house.
No money, no food.
They told me about you.
Who, the whore?
What did that whore tell you?
She won't put up with me 'cause she knows I'm not stupid.
But she's not in charge here, Thomas is.
Come on, serve me or I'll tell them to throw you out.
You're not getting anything.
They used to pamper me here. I was getting fat.
Since he brought that whore, I'm skin and bones.
Try to get them away from me!
Papa, here.
So, you're not that bad.
- Where'd Thomas go? - To St. Sauveur, with his wife.
I thought I saw him pass by with the whore.
Couldn't believe they'd leave the house unattended.
So, I came to keep an eye on it. Lots of thieves on the loose.
- Where are you from? - Paris.
Get ready to go back soon. You won't stay long.
She doesn't want anyone to bother her.
She's after Thomas's money.
When he signs it over to her, she'll take off.
Be long before that happens but she doesn't know where he hides it.
And I don't, either.
Maybe you're her accomplice.
You screwing her?
I just met her yesterday.
If she appeals to you, don't be shy.
My son who lives in Marseilles says she's well-known there.
I'd prefer to have a man between my legs, than a cactus.
- Good, you giving me those beers? - That's enough for anyone.
- Don't talk to me like that. - Don't...
I'm going to tell Thomas you want to screw his wife.

Fine, keep your gasoline.
Come, Hercules, come here.
I'll get you. This isn't the end.
I'm telling you!
I called Paris for my papers.
You can deduct it.
We had a visitor.
Your husband's ex-brother-in-law.
- Roux? - Yes.
What did he tell you?
A lot.
That I married Thomas for his money...
He did.
He goes around saying that.
The only money here is what customers bring.
Anyway, it's none of your business.
I know...
Are you deaf?
- Pierre, give me a hand. - Okay...
I have a buyer for this.
300. I wanted 400, if the motor was running.
Not a bad price.
I've been selling four a year, for twenty years.
Add it up. It's a tidy sum.

If I sell 100, I'll take Maria to Tahiti, or wherever she wants.
- Already have the travel brochures. - Does she know?
What do you think?
When I asked her to leave for this desert,
if I hadn't offered that, you think she'd have come?
Come on.
- You're not tired? - No.
Have one.
When I left the hospital, I had to be careful.
- You were in the hospital? - You don't believe me?
Don't say anything. It's your problem.
I only know, I'd like it if you stayed.
- I'd like it, too. - So?
It isn't possible.
We'll see later. I'd be glad if you stay.
Maria's here, but even if you love women,
you still feel a little alone.
A man needs his friends.
We've been waiting for you for two days.
Let's give it some water for our customers.
- You're not the only one. - No, not the only one.
Won't he exhaust you? He isn't aware of his own strength.
This will revive you.
Thanks. To your health.
To your trip. He told me it'll be in spring.
It might be earlier.
Peel some potatoes for me.
I like you more like this.
Like what?
Llke now. Before, I thought you'd bite me.
Women are like that. Fickle.
We don't have any brains.
Maybe Thomas told you?
He didn't say anything about that.
You respond better to that than to Pierre.
What's in your head?
Nothing, ask Thomas.
We'll talk this afternoon. Now, peel those potatoes.
Come in, close the door.
You have to open this for me.
Did you lose the combination?
No, it's in Thomas's head,
but not in mine.
You're going to open it, and give me everything inside.
If you say no, I'm going to the police.
- You're charming. - And you're an angel.
An angel murderer.
I'll give you some money, and you can get going.
Then Roux was right.
That old rat is obsessed.
He thinks the loot's still buried.
He dug through everything.
I can't take any more. Three years in the desert.
With that guy all over me.
I can't bear it any longer.
Could you open it?
I don't know, it's an old model.
Take a look.
Where are you from?
I'm from Nantes.
My father was a dockworker. I had five brothers and sisters.
We only had one room.
At night, we threw mattresses on the floor.
I got out when I was 14, but it was already too late.
It was the same, whether finding a place to stay, work, or food.
Women always pay with the same currency.
Marriage was the same. He bought me.
Like a steak.
You're going to open it.
You're going to open it, and give it to me.
That money is my first chance at freedom.
You know what freedom is!
Saturday, he's going to a banquet.

Soon as he leaves, get to work. He'll be back late.
Not me. I don't want to do that to Thomas.
I'm thinking about telling him. Then you'll explain yourself.
So, I'll call the police?
Did you see that car? Looked like your father's.
Her father's a sharecropper.
On our wedding day, he showed up in an incredible 1935 auto.
I married his only daughter, so he would've come on foot.
It's hot, eh...
Guess they'll wait for me.
You're not thinking of going in this weather?
- It'll stop, soon. - It isn't wise.
- You can go next time. - That'll be next year.
- Rain's never melted anyone. - Good, I'm leaving.
Don't drink too much.
- Take care of the house. - Goodbye.
Let's go.
It's raining like the day we did the Paris job.
- You superstitious? - I spent a year in prison.
In prison, you learn to distrust everyone.
Afterwards you can take the truck into the mountains.
The safe will be empty, and I'll be gone. I'll be the only suspect.
The police are already looking for you, aren't they?
Thomas will come back drunk and sleep 'til Monday. You've time.
It's a dirty trick. Thomas is a good guy.
That's a man's opinion. I sleep with him.
You're not getting your way.
When I have that money, I'll have gotten it.
I'll take care of it. Start.
What weather! Like a mountain poured on my head!
Get me a coffee.
In St. Sauveur, it's pouring.
It isn't stopping.
Think I'll spend the night here. Give me a room.
- It's taken. - What luck!
Put a mattress in the garage for me.
I don't have any mattresses.
I'll remember not to stop here!
Put up your hands!
Turn around!
Come on, continue.
Put it all in there.
Now, I'm getting nervous.
You didn't turn off the lights.
Why? It's a normal day.
I'm going.
What're you doing?
What's this mean?
I'll explain...
I told you he was unreliable and dangerous.
Be quiet.
Call the police. Hurry, go and call them.
Be quiet.
I'm afraid.
What do we have here? Explain.
I'm Daniel Boisset, a thief. I escaped.
I figured something like that, but not that you're a bastard.
She saw my photo in the paper and forced me to open it,
or she'd turn me in. I wrote it all down.
When you opened the safe, you'd have seen it,
and known she was the thief.
I'm not such a bastard.
I told you that you wouldn't get your way.
You wouldn't believe a guy who escaped from prison.
A killer.
Where were you while he was opening the safe?
In the kitchen.
There was no one in the kitchen. Or the restaurant, or the office.
I went to take a walk.
In the rain?
The road was cut off by a landslide.
A second earlier, and it would've crushed me.
Perhaps it would've been simpler that way.
My wonderful trip to Tahiti
has come to an end.
Do it for me. Take this.
I'll take care of my affairs. Get in the first car, and take off.
The money's mine! I've earned it every night for three years.
I'm taking the money and getting out. Put it in the bag.
And the rest from the safe.
It's not true.
It's not true. I only wanted to frighten him.
I wanted him to let me go.
How was I to know it would rain like this?
- My car isn't a boat. - No, it's a tortoise.
With a Citroën 2CV we'd have been in Italy.
I'm soaked!
- Let's see, honey... - Don't touch me!
We have to go.
I can't.
Don't move.
No one's here?
We should've had dinner in San Remo.
What a lovely Riviera!
- A handkerchief! - I don't have one.
Monsieur, Madame...
Were you asleep? Two coffees and a menu.
- The restaurant's closed. - Then give us some sandwiches.
My dear, take off your blouse.
Don't touch me!
If we sleep here, do you have a room?
A room? Very clever.
We stopped in the desert, and I screwed the girl.
That's obvious!
- I'm sorry, there are no rooms. - What luck!
Connect me to the police.
Go ahead.
Hello? Is this the police?
We wanted to notify you that the road's closed around St. Sauveur.
We already know, thank you.
You're welcome.
What'd you want to tell them?
About Thomas. There's no choice.
How do you plan to explain it?
- It was an accident. - Or murder.
Were you thinking of telling that?
Thomas caught his assistant robbing him, and he killed him.
Like he did before in Paris...
...and they'll throw me in prison.
You're the widow, so you inherit. A perfect plan.
No, I wanted to tell them it was an accident.
You'll have to say that.
You're forgetting this has your fingerprints, and the real motive.
You're a murderer. They won't believe you.
They won't believe you, either. I'll see to that.
It's stopped raining!
- Are we going? - Certainly, darling.
Thank God...
They won't be able to get through, they'll be back.
- What will become of us? - I don't know.
- First thing is to get rid of him. - I can't go back there.
I didn't want to kill him. You believe me?
I'll manage on my own. You have any sleeping pills?
- Yes. - Then, go and lie down.
And try to sleep.
- Hello? - Thomas?
I'm not Monsieur Thomas.
I want to talk to Thomas.
- Monsieur Thomas is asleep. - Call him.
Are you still there?
I can't wake him at this hour Who are you?
I'm president of the veterans.
Why didn't he come tonight? What happened to him?
Nothing, the road was cut off. He had to return home.
He could've called. Tell him to call tomorrow.
They're closed. Bastards!
Anyone here?
You'd think they'd be open at night.
Anyone here?
Do something. You're useless.
They don't want to open.
I don't care. I'm not moving.
Put the car in the garage. We'll sleep there.
It stinks in here!
I'm sick, I'm going home.
If you'd rather stay, then stay.
What a trip!
There's no way... Give me 100 liters.
- Is the road open? - It's been for a while.
I want gasoli... Are you asleep?
Sorry, I didn't sleep well.
Thomas? How is he?
He's been gone two weeks.
His wife and I are looking after things.
If you need help, ask.
Cover up a little.
The heat bothers me.
What'd you do with him?
What'd you want me to do? We all end up in a hole.
We should have taken the money and gone.
Just leave this place empty one morning...
They'll search here and catch us quickly.
- What should we do? - We're staying here.
Explain Thomas's absence and they'll believe you.
Be strong. It's Sunday, lots of people will be coming.
Good, four beers...
A soda, an orange juice, and two Cokes.
A ham and cheese sandwich.
Look what I have!
Thank you, lovely...
Don't you feel well?
I want to leave. I can't take it.
Open the safe. I'll give you all the money you want.
Stay at the gas station. I'll give it to you as a gift.
The owners disappear, and the employee's the heir.
The police will find Thomas in the workshop and lock me up.
- In the workshop? - Was I going to drag him a hundred miles?
If they find him, I want you there.
It wasn't me who killed him.
Monsieur, what would you like?
- Where's Thomas? - Monsieur Thomas isn't here.
I see that. Where did he go?
- Waitress! - He's on a trip.
He was here last night.
Madame Thomas, where is your husband?
- Excuse me a second. - Please...
Go see what that idiot wants...
What do you want? Who are you?
We met at Pujol's.
I'm Joubert, president of the veterans.
Your husband was supposed to come last night, but he says he's not here.
True, he left this morning.
He'll be sorry to miss you.
Not you, I want your boss.
- Why do you want her? - I'd like to "do her a favor."
Where'd he go on this trip?
He's looking at gas stations, to buy one.
- He wants to leave here? - He doesn't, but I do.
Who'll pay for the banquet? Your husband's the treasurer.
He'll pay you when he returns. Or have Pujol send the bill.
You have an employee...
While Thomas is gone, I need someone.
Of course. I'll give the message to Pujol.
- Goodbye, Madame Thomas. - Goodbye, Monsieur Joubert.
I'll see you out.
By the way, isn't that your husband's car?
He went by bus.
Of course.
What's he going to say?
That you're cheating on Thomas. No one will be surprised.
They'll wind up figuring he won't be back.
Then you'll say he met a woman, one his own age.
A little old lady.
When things calm down, I'll open the safe and go.
You'll have the money and do what you want.
- I don't know if I can bear it. - You've done perfectly.
A sandwich and two beers.
There's no change left.
I'm begging you, let's go. I'm afraid.
I am too, but we're staying.
We can't go together without them suspecting us,
and you can't go alone. I need you here, in case.
And if I leave, you'll call the police.
You'll accuse me of murder and robbbery.
- No, I swear to you. - Don't trouble yourself.
You want to stop now, animals?
Leave us alone!
Let the boss strip!
Get out!
I told you to get out!
Let's go, out!
If we say to him...
You'll see what happens, then...
Sports, yes. Sports, no.
Sports will never die...
So, you want to stay?
I don't want to. If I could, I'd leave here at 100 kilometers an hour,
but I can't do it, and neither can you.
If you refuse to understand, open the safe yourself,
and go to hell.
Since we're condemned to live together...
You should disgust me, but I disgust myself.
Thank you.
So, have you already forgotten Thomas?
Well, you seem to like it.
What do you want?! I've been sleeping alone for 14 months.
You're disgusting!
Leave me in peace.
Tell me why you came.
If I tell you I love you?
Don't make me laugh.
I'll tell you what you want.
It's these hands to open the locks.
Leave me!
You're afraid of the murderer, idiot!
Can you bring me the check, please?
- Yes. - Thank you.
I didn't want to be a nuisance.
What do you want?
I want to speak with Thomas, but I see he's not here.
- Where is he? - On a trip.
He leaves the two of you alone?
Where did he go?
Ask him, when he gets back.
- What do you want? - What's it your business?
Before, he used to give me money.
But maybe you want to give me some.
Or when he gets back I'll tell him.
- You've already told him many things! - The check, please...
If you have a llittle cash...
Cash and a kiss.
Come give it to me tonight.
Tell me what you want. I won't say anything to Thomas.
I'll tell him you touched me, and he's going to kill you.
Filthy slut, trash!
Shut up and get out.
Why do I have to keep telling you to leave?
I need some tools. Thomas lets me have them.
Get going!
What're you doing?
The earth is soft.
Did you bury something?
Crazy things you're saying!
Is this it?
Thomas's hiding place. I wouldn't have thought of looking here.
- Do you have a shovel? - Get out...
It's mine. I'm my sister's heir.
Aren't you ashamed of hitting an old man?
- He's a bastard, a thief. - Monsieur Curé...
You're a witness. I'm going to report you.
Report me.
When my son gets here, he'll come after you!
He'll blow your brains out, bastard!
If that idiot reports me and the police come,
I'll have to go and later we'll see...
Go? And the safe?
- I'll leave it locked. - Locked?
I don't trust you, the combination is in here.
Wwhen I'm in a safe place, I'll send it to you.
And if they arrest you before? If they kill you?
That's a risk we'll run.
Don't leave me! We'll both go.
- With the money? - Yes, take me with you.
How rotten, you are!
It's a pity you're so rotten.
Hello, Madame Thomas.
Does Monsieur Gilet live here? Monsieur Pierre Gilet?
Yes. What do want?
I'm a friend, a friend from Paris.
If you'd like to come in...
How long have you known Daniel?
Daniel? Don't know him.
Daniel Boisset. Don't worry, I know everything.
He mentioned you in his letter, but didn't say you knew.
- A lot's happened. - Oh?
I see. He's lucky! And your husband?
He won't be a bother.
You were in the same business as Daniel?
We began on the same day, in the same workshop.
Did you do the same work?
An interesting job.
What a surprise! Paul!
You devil!
I thought we'd never see each other again.
You're right. It could've been much worse.
Let me introduce you to Madame Thomas.
We've already met.
You didn't have to go to this trouble.
I'm on vacation. It's natural I'd come help you.
It would've been fine to send them by mail.
- Do you hold a grudge? - Are you kidding?
I'll never forget what you did for me.
- What did he do? - That's between us.
- And my papers? - How'd you expect me to find them?
I have a new passport and a camera. We'll make one up for you.
How long's your vacation?
- Only a month. - Will you stay with us?
I can tell you don't know Simone. She'd be furious.
- At least, for a few days? - Sure, if it's no trouble...
Get up, lazybones!
How well one sleeps here!
You didn't sleep much, eh?
Aren't you afraid the husband's going to return, unexpectedly?
Don't worry about the husband. Hurry and take that photo of me.
What're you going to do when you have a passport?
I'm clearing out. And you're leaving today.
Today? But she said that...
I don't care what she says.
Wait a minute, what's the hurry?
I can't explain it to you. You're leaving, that's it.
It'd be better if you do. There's a bus at two.
Look at me.
Give my regards to Simone. When are you getting married?
When I have a lot of money. I'm still waiting for the chance.
You want to do that again?
I don't intend to spend my life in a factory.
- You're an early riser. - I'd have thought the opposite.
- Shit! - What is it?
Is Thomas still asleep?
Maybe, but not here. He's on a trip.
It's true, someone told me.
He doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get back.
- He'll be having a good time. - Make the most of it while you're young.
Of course.
I heard you have a new employee.
- Yes - Can we see him?
Has someone complained about him?
No, but you know, we have to talk to everyone.
Does he sleep here?
- You wanted to see the employee? - Yes.
- That's me. - Do you have your papers?
- Gas station attendant isn't your regular job. - Only during vacations.
To earn a little money and breathe fresh air.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
The photos are quite urgent.
Isn't there anywhere to get them developed here?
Yes, I'm going there this afternoon to do some shopping.
I'll take you if you want. I didn't want to go alone.
He wants me to leave at two.
Maybe I don't want you to go.
Get up. Come and help me. The whore just went.
They're good, eh?
How good it is to see people!
I'd rather walk a little.
I'm with someone good-looking. I want to make the most of it.
- Don't you ever take vacations? - Never.
- Do you like to dance? - Of course!
I don't know the latest dances.
They're always the same.
Let's have dinner and go dancing! I'm so happy!
And Daniel?
He won't leave. He'll be happy you're keeping me entertained.
My father was a doctor in Lyon.
He was run over on his way back from a patient, at three in the morning.
I was 16 and didn't have a cent. The rest is easy to guess.
At least there were also some good times.
You say you could open a safe?
I've done it more than once.
And if I asked you to open mine?
- Do you have a safe? - Yes.
You lost the key?
There's no key, and my husband forgot to give me the combination.
Can't you wait 'til he gets back?
All the insurance forms are inside.
Why haven't you asked Daniel?
With everything that's happened, he doesn't want to touch a safe.
You don't have any hangups...
We don't want any chopped meat today.
I want a steak.
- Rare. - With pomme frites.
- And a salad. - Well-dressed.
- This is my son. - A pleasure.
Not bad. Big, but a little lonely. You married?
What for?
What do you do when you need a woman?
He gets hold of them.
get going...
Cartridges for wild boars.
Shoot with them, they'll make a nice hole.
Go start digging under the table.
It won't be very deep.
Make the potatoes.
When I saw the whore wearing a provocative dress,
I thought you'd be alone and tonight would be good to come.
Who was the man with her?
What are you three up to?
And Thomas?
You killed him, right? For the money...
You're not going to get it. The money will remain in the family.
You can't peel potatoes with that.
I fell asleep. Drank too much.
It'll be better if I drive.
I'd rather we rest a minute.
It's a lovely night. Let's stay out a while.
Whatever you'd like...
We have to go back.
Don't say anything to Daniel.
Why would I?
I didn't mean this...
I meant about the safe.
This safe seems interesting. What's inside?
I told you, some papers I need.
All the lights are off. He must've gone out.
It stinks in here!
Looks like the wild West!
- He's dead. - It can't be.
Who did this?
I can't do this alone. Phone a doctor.
No doctors... the police
It's better than the graveyard.
No doc...
Quick, do it!
You're both crazy! He's shot, and will die!
It's not possible, I can't.
You love him that much?
I'll watch him. If he doesn't bleed too much, he has a chance.
Your fever's almost gone.
Where'd you sleep last night?
- What are you imagining? - Where?
Nowhere. I was here with you.
Don't move.
What do you want?
I'm thirsty.
Didn't she ask for anything?
She asked about a safe.
It'd be better if you left.
Who's going to look after you?
Go. The husband, the safe, it's a nasty story.
Go, take the bus.
Where's the husband?
He's dead.
I knew something was strange.
What's in the safe?
Don't get involved in this, go.
- Give me your word. - Don't get upset.
It's fine. I'll get you a coffee.
How much?
How much, what?
How much to open it?
I ask a favor, and you ask for money.
How much do locksmiths charge?
I don't know...
Maybe, 100.000?
Maybe 200.
Or 300.
Or much more.
Dear locksmith,
I'll find one in town for 3,50 francs.
Then, go get him.
How much do you want?
A million, maybe.
A million?
Good, do it.
Kiss me.
Sit down and be quiet.
What's going on?
It's difficult, it's old.
All in all, a million isn't a lot.
How much?
- Half. - You crazy?
If it's only papers...
You're a bastard.
Fine. Open it.
I was joking.
These locks are old. I don't know how they open.
Ask Daniel, when he's better.
You have no right...
Jesu Christe...
Can you speak? Try...
- Can you? - Yes.
The police will be back. We have to get out.
We're taking you somewhere so you can get better.
For now, give me the combination.
You have to.
You remember what it was?
You'll give it to me?
After that?
Two, and then?
Don't you remember?
It can't be.

Darling, I love you so much.
We'll leave whenever you want. You and I, together forever.
What comes after the 2?
You think I'm going to stay?
You think I couldn't put up with that bastard, and killed him?
Yes, I killed him! Of my own free will, and with pleasure.
I'd have killed you, too, if you hadn't opened the safe.
I'd have lied to them, and blamed you for everything.
And you wouldn't have been able to object.
I'd have suffered a little and cried...
Two, and then what?
Why did you come here, why've you come into my life?
- You're going to kill him! - What?
I'm going crazy...
Go to the pharmacy.
We need saline, castor oil,
and a syringe so I can give him an injection.
It'll take three hours to go there and back.
You have to try.
It's fine, I'll go.
I'm going to give him an injection, and tomorrow, I'm taking the bus.
I don't want to be involved in this.
I see that.
Yes, lieutenant, but I couldn't find out more.
He's very bad.
He says he was at his brother-in-law's.
I went this morning, but there wasn't anything suspicious.
But truth is, Thomas is no longer here. There's another guy.
Yes, if you could, send three more men.
Good, thank you, lieutenant.
I want to speak with BPL, do you hear me?
This is BPL, I'm listening...
ANL just passed behind the station, but it was closed.
There was only one truck. We're putting up a roadblock in Michaux.
Don't let any cars pass.
Let's go to Michaux.
I opened the safe. When she got here, she threatened me.
I got the gun away from her. She would've killed me.
It was her or me. I didn't want to kill her.
We have to get out immediately. I'll hide in the back of the car.
My wound has opened. I'm bleeding, but I'll bear it.
No, leave that money.
If they catch us with the money, we won't get out of it.
They won't catch me. With this money I'll start a new life.
Good, I'll see you. You told me we were even when I got here.
- So, I'm going. - Paul...
Paul, you wouldn't think of leaving me here!
You're going to die, and you know it. Why would I take you?
I don't want to risk it. There are ten million.
You think you're worth ten million? No one's worth that.
Die here in peace.