How to Punt a Football : Proper Footwork for Punting a Football

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

My name is John Miller with Expert Village and I am here to teach you how to punt a football.
To do the foot work on your punt, the main goal for your punt is try and kick a ball
down field, get it off and get some field position for your team and avoid getting it
blocked. Do not over stride when you are stepping. It is important to make short and quick steps
which means that you will get the ball out faster. Your total operation time is approximately
2.1 seconds from the time the long snapper snaps you the ball to the time when you kick
the ball. Your hoping that he snaps it within eight tenths of a second leaving you 1.3 seconds
from when you catch the ball and kick it which is not much time. To shorten that time, you
begin the motions before the ball arrives to you. This is called a shuffle receive.
This is done by lifting the right foot while the ball is still in the air and put it down
in the about the same place where you started. You immediately lift up your left foot and
catch the ball while your left foot is still in the air then put it down in the same place.
This means you are not getting any ground and you are not getting yourself closer to
the rush and closer to the hands that are trying to block the ball. It also gives you
some rhythm since you are already moving. So when you catch that ball you only have
two steps to take in order to get the punt off. In order to take these steps, step with
your right foot remembering to keep your steps short and concise and then step with your
left foot. With your left foot planted, follow through and kick with your right foot. It
is two and a half steps. Step, step kick. You want to make sure you make these steps
in the shortest steps possible and as fast as possible. Another important thing to note
is that these steps are directly in front of you. If you veer off to your left or right,
you are not kicking behind your block point, your blockers are blocking directly behind
the center. If you veer left the defender on the end could probably get a hand on the
ball. You want to kick the ball straight up the field. It is also an advantage because
you want everything in a line. You want your leg swing to be in a line so it is important
to step evenly. A common problem most punters have is with the left planted foot they are
over striding it and that means for balance they are bringing it in side and across their
body. Therefore as he is about to kick the ball, and as he swings his leg, he over compensates
and swings across his body. He can't help it because he has already stepped across his
center line. It is really important to take short concise steps and do it directly in
a straight line.