Interview with ZVRS - FireFly at DeafNation World Expo 2012

Uploaded by DeafTechNews on 01.08.2012

SAMUEL: Hello, I'm Samuel with DeafTechNews. We have Phil from ZVRS here with us.
PHIL: I'm Dr. Z and I will demonstrate "FireFly", a new project by ZVRS. It will be ready to launch in the fall.
We have been working with NTID/RIT on this project. Gary Behm is the project leader and we have worked closely
with students. Actually, the students developed this project. We're proud to have worked with them.
SAMUEL: How long has this project been in development?
PHIL: For the past year. About 8, 9 months.
SAMUEL: Around 9 months?
PHIL: Yes, the students worked on this for 9 months.
SAMUEL: Let me show you what "FireFly" looks like.
PHIL: Watch closely. I will demonstrate. It's wireless. Bluetooth. This cell phone is connected to ZVRS.
Connect the FireFly device to the cell phone using Bluetooth. When someone calls you, FireFly will alert you.
Very strong and effective. I'll show you. All right.
SAMUEL: He will make a call to the cell phone.
PHIL: I will call the cell phone via tablet. This device has no wires, it's connected via bluetooth.
I'm going to call the cell phone now.
It's now calling.
Watch closely for the alert. Wait a second.
There you go!
SAMUEL: Very effective!
PHIL: The reason why the device moved is because it vibrates. It vibrates then moves. Vibrates, moves. Vibrates, moves.
Very strong. If you leave it in your pocket, you will feel it.
SAMUEL: Very strong. There's a strong vibration motor inside.
When will this device be released?
PHIL: Some time in the fall. We've developed ten FireFly units. This is a prototype. Once it's finalized, we will
discuss and negotiate with NTID/RIT about manufacturing more units. Once everything is agreed on, we will distribute
FireFly to the general public, including Z4.
SAMUEL: Is FireFly free or will users need to pay?
PHIL: We haven't decided. That's still in discussion.
SAMUEL: All right. Thanks!
PHIL: Great, thank you!
SAMUEL: This is your first look at FireFly by ZVRS. Thanks!
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