JourneyQuest - Episode 3: A Rather Unfortunate Turn of Events

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- I think he's dead. - Can you help him?
Probably not. I'm not a very good wizard.
Give us the Orcslayer!
I think they're looking for Glorion.
A Rather Unfortunate Turn of Events
Tell us where the Orcslayer be!
Where the Orcslayer IS, you mean.
"Orcslayer be" is fine, pink-skin!
No, it's "Orcslayer is."
Any form of "to be" takes the nominative.
He's right, you know.
That's just basic grammar.
You only use the infinitive in the rare formal vocative case when--
Shut up!
"Tell us where the Orcslayer IS!"
He's killing the river.
He's rutting with us.
Hey, humie!
You can go @#&% yourself!
That's anatomically impossible!
Go get Carrow.
What? Me go over there?
I'll cover you.
You are seriously overestimating my courage.
I'm gonna die.
I'm gonna die!
I'm gonna die.
How is he?
Still dead.
Do something.
Something magic?
Heal him!
Oh, right, heal. That is a spell.
>Breath of Life<
>Breath of Life<
Oh! No, no, no, no, no, no! Not now. Not now! Not--!
Did it work?
Not as such, no.
What did you do to him?
Sorry. Magic's not really my forte.
- You're a wizard! How can it not be your forte? - Well, I'm not a very good wizard--
No. No.
Brilliant. Well done.
Do not tell me you're hurt.
I landed on my keys.
What did you do to him?
You were supposed to heal him, not rot him like a fish in the sun.
Well, I botched the spell. All right?
You said you could heal him.
I can't read-cast under duress.
The runes start spinning around--
And he was already dead.
It wouldn't have done anything anyway.
Oh, gods.
Oh, Carrow.
- Nara, I am so-- - Don't talk to me.
- --sorry. - Don't say anything.
Don't do anything. Just stay there.
And do not contribute while I find us a way out of here.
Well played, river.
Greetings, warrior, and welcome to the mystical healing waters of--
I can't believe you stabbed me!
Bravely stabbed you!
Welcome to the temple of your doom.
Welcome to the Temple of All Dooms.
is... is that what I think it is?
Could it be?
Arkahn lu'ohr.
It does exist!
The Sword of Fighting.
Which means...
we just skipped the entire temple.
We just skipped all the dooms!
So, this is supposed to topple the Wicked Kings.
Well, don't touch it!
Oh, that's not good.
What did you do?
The fates have aligned.
What was augured has come to pass.
Hail, Chosen One.
Oh, my gods.
Oh, my gods.
Oh, my gods,
your hands are soft.
Do you moisturize? Is that lavender I smell?
Seriously, I feel like I'm getting a hiltjob.
This strikes me as a rather unfortunate turn of events.
You and me both, Man-Candy.
Damn it!
Quiet! Orcsign!
- Orcs? Where? - I don't know.
Why would you do that?
Oh, yeah, I see them.