Multicultural volunteering campaign

Uploaded by VolunteeringQldTV on 06.10.2010

April Adams (Journalist): Government and volunteer organisations are recognising
Queensland’s growing multicultural profile. A new campaign was
recently launched encouraging people of migrant and refugee
backgrounds to reap the benefits of volunteering. Karen Struthers MP: Well, these sorts of volunteering
programs and the one we are launching today will really spread the word
that there are great volunteering opportunities out there for people
from migrant and refugee backgrounds.
April Adams: ACCESS Services is one organisation leading the way in
multicultural recruitment. Kathleen Bierge: Nearly all my volunteers,
I would say about 90% come from diverse backgrounds.
April Adams: With 17.9% of the population born overseas and more than 220
languages spoken in Queensland, seeking volunteers of multicultural
backgrounds has become of increasing importance to the
community. Kathleen Bierge: The general community would
benefit mainly from, they would learn about other cultures and get the opportunity
to see the wonderful customs and cultures, and their food, and
how they live. It’s just such a great experience.
April Adams: I talked to two volunteers who say volunteering has helped them
settle into Australia. Martina T. Bush: I have been experiencing
a lot of things, like teaching some of the new migrants how to speak English.
April Adams: And how has volunteering helped you?
Atiwa Catherine Kpankou: It has helped me a lot. It has helped me to meet a lot of people
and learn new skills.
April Adams: Migrants and refugees aren’t the only people who benefit from
volunteering, the whole community gain from diversity.
Karen Struthers MP: It really increases the opportunities for their own job, but also
for them to be contributing to the community,
and that’s great. Kathleen Bierge: I think it has it enhances
Australia, by having you know people that come in from multicultural backgrounds.
April Adams: April Adams, Volunteering Qld TV News.